• Title: Jane_E, Friendless Orphan
  • Author: Erin McCole Cupp
  • ISBN: 9781411690509
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jane_E Friendless Orphan Born not in a past of corsets bonnets and arranged marriages but in a future of human cloning bioterror and fleeting relationships could Jane Eyre survive
    Born not in a past of corsets, bonnets and arranged marriages but in a future of human cloning, bioterror and fleeting relationships, could Jane Eyre survive

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    1. An interesting futuristic retelling of Jane Eyre. It took a while to get into the intricate world McCole-Cupp created, but it did work well. At times the book was a bit too close to the original, making it a bit predictable. The proposal was awesome, but the Jane/Thorne parts after that could have been better. I got the feeling Thorne loved Jane more than vice versa. Also the reason for leaving wasn't as strong in this version. I liked the translation of Jordan's (St John's) crisis of faith, alt [...]

    2. Let me first say that Jane Eyre is my favorite book and I've read it more times than I can remember. To say I'm familiar with the story would be an understatement. I'll come out and say it: I was skeptical of Jane_E when I heard about it. However, my interest became more and more piqued as Erin McCole-Cupp shared excerpts, designed contests and offered promotions leading up to the release date. After reading a few chapters I was totally sold and preordered the book, eager to hold a personally au [...]

    3. Wow, this has become my favorite modern take on Jane Eyre. There were enough nods to the original, while also giving to the characters and the story unique spins to make the book intriguing and absorbing in it's own right. I especially thought the development of the romance was well done and enjoyed these particular characterizations of Jane and Thorne.

    4. I thought it was a blast to write, and I hope you have fun reading it (and by "fun" I mean "enjoy having your heart ripped out"). In fact, eight years after it hit oxygen, I still go back and read the second to last chapter to make sure Jane and Thorne still have their happy ending.

    5. Jane Eyre in the 24½th Century! Jane Eyre retold in a future of fleeting relationships, cloning, and bioterror.Jane_E is Erin’s debut novel. Erin revisits Charlotte Bronte’s classic Jane Eyre: An Autobiography. She resets the 19th Century, semi-Gothic romance in the 30th Century. Resurrecting this dark classic produces a challenging and complex tale. In the course of retelling the romantic story of forlorn love, Erin reprises Bronte’s concerns about morality, spirituality, fulfillment, an [...]

    6. Being extraordinarily fond of Bronte's novel and free things, ever filled with curiosity of how other view things, I was eager to sign up for the drawing of this novel, some time ago. I received it while attending University, and so my review, and my completion of this review were both, tardy. The primary reason I entered for this novel is my love of science fiction, and the possibilities afforded to the author by the genre. I was curious as to how Cupp would blend the two.I was however, less th [...]

    7. A futuristic take on a familiar classic, Jane_E explores life as seen from the perspective of an all-grown-up "unclaimed embryo" trying to find her place in the world.

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