• Title: A Louca do Sacré-Coeur
  • Author: Alejandro Jodorowsky Mœbius
  • ISBN: 9789896824921
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Louca do Sacr Coeur Alain Mangel professor de filosofia na Sorbonne seduzido por uma das suas alunas Elisabeth Possu da por verdadeiros del rios m sticos ela arrastar o professor para um furac o de acontecimentos ine
    Alain Mangel, professor de filosofia na Sorbonne, seduzido por uma das suas alunas, Elisabeth Possu da por verdadeiros del rios m sticos, ela arrastar o professor para um furac o de acontecimentos inesperados e delirantes que ir o p r prova a racionalidade de Mangel Par dia m stica, farsa sagrada, caminho inici tico, exorcismo, o percurso do protagonista vai lev loAlain Mangel, professor de filosofia na Sorbonne, seduzido por uma das suas alunas, Elisabeth Possu da por verdadeiros del rios m sticos, ela arrastar o professor para um furac o de acontecimentos inesperados e delirantes que ir o p r prova a racionalidade de Mangel Par dia m stica, farsa sagrada, caminho inici tico, exorcismo, o percurso do protagonista vai lev lo a abrir os seus olhos para outra realidade.

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    1. “Contém spoilers”Ao longo de 25 anos o jornal “Público” tem publicado em parceria com inúmeras editoras um conjunto de colecções de Banda Desenhada de qualidade e interesse inquestionável.Como não sou um leitor regular de Banda Desenhada aproveito para adquirir e ler essas edições. O lançamento de uma “colecção inédita e exclusiva de Novela Gráfica” iniciou-se no dia 26/02/2015 (quinta-feira) com a publicação de “Um Contrato com Deus” de Will Eisner a que se segui [...]

    2. Alejandro Jodorowsky's graphic novels, much like his films, ambitiously try to show his protagonists' entire spiritual awakening from earthly confusion. In the Jodorowsky-verse, gunfighters, private detectives, professors, and madmen traverse landscapes populated with cults, drug cartels, materialism, gurus, arcologies, circuses, etc. The protagonists face techno-fetishists, annihilation, rebirth, apocalypse, transgendered Jesuses, etc. Despite all the weirdness, orgies, blasphemy, religion and [...]

    3. This book damaged my bias towards admiring the work of Jodorowsky. Yeah, it's got a plot based on hermetic-ish principles and eventually one of the characters takes ayahuasca. But the implications of the plot go unexplored, in favor of using it for a thin porn premise. The main character is an irritating and unattractive old man who keeps shitting all over himself (a running gag in the book) but gets to continually have sex with a couple of gorgeous women because, although he's just drooling ove [...]

    4. For their first non-Incal collaboration, the creators of the legendary science fiction graphic novel ventured into radically different territory. Popular philosophy professor Alan Mangel appears to have it all: A tenured position at the world famous La Sorbonne university, academic acclaim, a seemingly happy marriage, and wealth. On his sixtieth birthday his world crumbles. His wife leaves him for another man. His students lose respect for him. Only Elisabeth, a beautiful and young student, stil [...]

    5. An egotistical philosophy professor gets sucked into a bizarre religious experience that has enough sex and explosions to make even Michael Bay happy. Since it takes place during the 1980's on Earth, Moebius was not able to go completely crazy with the art like his SF comics. Don't carry this book in areas with a strong, righteous Christian population, you may be burned at the stake as heretic. One strange read.

    6. Moebius, Bilal e Angeli foram os primeiros autores de BD "a sério" que li e de que gostei muito muito muito. Moebius e Jodorowsky são os autores de "O Incal", que continua a ser um dos meus álbuns favoritos de banda desenhada.Esta novela gráfica, no entanto, foi feita num registo completamente diferente (não há ficção científica, tão omnipresente na obra de Moebius), mas o argumento é fabuloso! Assim sendo: 5* pelo argumento + 4* pelo desenho

    7. 2º volume das novelas gráficas do jornal Público/Levoir.Um livro feito em parceria com argumento de Alejandro Jodorowsky e desenhos de Moebius (Jean Giraud).A parceria deu à luz um livro bem divertido e filosófico. Os 3 capítulos foram feitos em épocas diferentes e nota-se bem nos desenhos com diversas fases do Moebius.Um texto bem estranho por vezes, mas coerente na sua loucura.

    8. Reading this felt like an insane person was telling me their life story, complete with awkward sexy parts. Real disappointed with this. Moebius' art kept getting more and more smushed in. Recommended only for die hard Jodorowky and Moebius fans.

    9. The first book is pretty good but it gets really repetitive and boring after a bit. It should have been half the length it is. Moebius's art is pretty dull here. Jodorowsky is overtly spiritual. This is probably the worst thing I could imagine these two doing.

    10. One star is already too much. I can't believe that this has been published, and bought and even less actually written. I found it in my local library and tried it. I wasted my time with poop and fuck jokes. I could have liked it if I was a sex deprived teen, or could I ? Considering the "hero" is an old dude who keeps repeating comment as deep as Facebook memes about philosophy I don't know. I think you need to be wasted to enjoy the book. Or maybe just enjoy being wasted cause anything will be [...]

    11. Eww.An old dude who keeps crapping himself and yet gets to fuck young, beautiful women. Apparently all his students are hot for him too. There are a lot of religious nutters in here and OMG their preachings were so repetitive and towards the end I was so bored and fed up that I simply skimmed the rest. Oh, and to top things off: language is misogynistic, all women are whores, sluts, skanks, bitches and so on.Also, all the philosopher-name-dropping and quotes were tedious. So, yeah. Not my cuppa. [...]

    12. Neste segundo volume da colecção "Novela Gráfica", Jodorowsky juntou-se a Moebius para uma aventura no universo da BD. Já havia lido a série dos Bórgia, que mostrou um Jodorowsky visceral e realista ao extremo (absolutamente repugnante a morte do antecessor de Alexandre VI, o filho de César/Alexandre e Lucrécia, etc.). Igual a si mesmo, portanto, pelo pouco que explorei (ver: "A Montanha Mágica"). Parte-se do princípio que, para Jodorowsky, não existem tabus nem restrições. Com esta [...]

    13. Um filósofo de meia idade, óbvia caricatura dos super-académicos e pensadores da França moderna, debate-se com um problema ético: deverá ceder às tentações da carne e envolver-se com uma aluna que lhe confessa a sua paixão? No meio de um divórcio humilhante, cede e aí começam os problemas. A aluna leva os seus ensinamentos místico-filosóficos demasiado a sério, e vê no filho que gera do filósofo um profeta de um novo misticismo quase cristão. Envolve-o com um ex-muçulmano que [...]

    14. W sobotę byłem na ślubie, gdzie odczytano fragment "Hymnu do miłości": "Gdybym mówił językami ludzi i aniołów, a miłości bym nie miał, stałbym się jak miedź brzęcząca albo cymbał brzmiący."Ten fragment przypomniał mi się, gdy czytałem "Szaloną z Sacre-Coeur". Główny bohater to intelektualista, profesor na Sorbonie, który wyrzeka się seksu, a razem z nim także Miłości. Jego życiem rządzi Rozum.Wkrótce jednak traci wszystko, na czym opierało się jego dotychczaso [...]

    15. Jodorowsky and Moebius deliver as usual - I don't doubt the two, especially as a duo. It was interesting to see Moebius outside of science fiction - his detail is definitely at work in this graphic novel, especially with Mangel's character. Jodorowsky stays close to his usual philosophical themes and religious imagery, favoring a more natural approach as opposed to life in academia. It might sound tedious to some, but it's actually a fun read. Minus one star for the fairly unsatisfying ending.

    16. Fascinating, complex storytelling that asks for another read immediately after the first (I didn't, but I want to again at some point). Much more going on beneath the surface, though I didn't start to become aware of that until probably the third volume. It's easy to dismiss this as an old-man-young-woman sexual fantasy (though I won't lie, that plays into it) but Jodorowsky does tackle deeper issues by the end.

    17. It was weird. I guess there is some kind of message in there somewhere, but I have no idea what it is.

    18. Heady mixture of low humour, explicit sexuality and esoteric philosophy. I think the best term to best describe this work is "bananas".

    19. Uma sátira à espiritualidade, à religião e à natureza humana, A Louca do Sacré-Coeur de Moebius e Jodorowsky é também uma espécie de reflexão pessoal do Homem enquanto ser que erra e se deixa influenciar pelo pensamento coletivo. De certa forma autobiográfico, o que se percebe quando Moebius desenha o protagonista do álbum como o próprio Jodorowsky, este livro deixa claramente uma mensagem de que todos pagam o preço pelas próprias escolhas e todos somos falhos enquanto seres human [...]

    20. I was expecting too much from this BD and I was left disappointed mostly on the plot. Jodorowsky is known to me from his work on Incal, Bouncer and his movies and the premise of "Madwoman of the Sacred Heart" was interesting. Unfortunately, although I understand that "Hermetism VS. Reality" was the main linchpin of the first two issues, I was eye-rolling the entire time while reading the third and final act. The sudden jump from the slow esoteric journey of Alan Mangel to the -almost hollywood p [...]

    21. Yes this is a bit wild, yes it's full of deus ex machina, and at points, it's silly. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. While not as stunning as some of Moebius's other work, or as deep as Jodo goes, this has plenty going for it, and in my opinion can be forgiven for its weaknesses.Read it, accepting its whacky simplicity, and enjoy the melding of Jodo and Moebius, (but expect a more 'earthly' story than The Incal, or Edena, for example). We could all use a bit more presence, and maybe in an egomania [...]

    22. not the most impressive illustration work by Girarde story is by Jodorwosky and seems to be somewhat of a reflection of how he sees himself, in an ideal universe and how one can reach some kind of spiritual satisfaction.

    23. The artwork started out strong and then felt more and more rushed. The story such as it was, was pretentious and all over the map. Not a fan.

    24. This is: a crass delight; a trashy pleasure; elegantly made foolishness; and reprehensible mind-food.

    25. I came across this strange saga by the sheerest of chance - saw it in passing and couldn't help but pick it up because of two reasons:Jodorowsky and Moebius.Personally I'm a HUGE fan of every single image ever crafted by the man who called himself Moebius. He is to my mind the finest comic artist ever - his style, his visuals, his panelling and especially his designs are truly the stuff of legend. And the pairing of this creative powerhouse duo has given rise to some real landmarks in the comic [...]

    26. A mad farce of inner desires dressed in hypocrisy of philosophical knowledge - that would be the gist of this comic book.A comic book that many adults should probably read. And it is definitely an adult story, and not because of depicting carnal pleasures or genitals ( number of which was much less than I had expected to see, truth be told), but because of the substance of the tale itself that only those with a bit of life experience that has gone into mundane, but in accordance to the "choice a [...]

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