• Title: Happy
  • Author: Emma Dodd
  • ISBN: 9780763680084
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Happy This new addition to Emma Dodd s much loved sequence of animal books features a tenderly composed rhyming text heartwarming illustrations and flurries of foil throughout Exploring the loving relatio
    This new addition to Emma Dodd s much loved sequence of animal books features a tenderly composed rhyming text, heartwarming illustrations, and flurries of foil throughout Exploring the loving relationship between one little owl and his mommy, this beautifully designed, padded picture book is certain to become a bedtime favorite.

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    1. and when you are not happy and the sky seems rather grey. I'll do my very best to chase the gloomy clouds away.I love it when you cuddle close and whisper, "I love you" and I am happiest of allwhen you are happy too love the illustrations, soo cuteee especially the last two pages

    2. Well, if this isn't just the cutest thing I've ever seen. Great rhyme and adorable illustrations, complete with gold foil accents.

    3. This book is GORGEOUS. I saw it during check-in and had to check out to myself so I could take it all in. The story is told in the voice of the momma owl talking to her little chick. The text is beautiful (and for some reason made me a little sad) but the real star is the art. The illustrations are nicely textured and the colors are varied without being overstimulating. The super most exciting part for me though was the gold foil on the front cover and every other spread! It's so stunning. Even [...]

    4. Through illustrations of a mama owl and a baby owl, this book tells of a mama being happy when here baby is happy.

    5. My kids really enjoyed the illustrations and wanted to touch all of the pretty gold parts of each spread. A sweet book.

    6. Sweet rhyming story of the emotional bond between parent and child as illustrated by adorable birds. Lovely gold accents shine throughout.

    7. A bit disappointing. Some portions include: "I know that you are happy when you giggle while you play. I know that you are happy when your games are fun and loud. I know that you are happy when you act grown-up and proud. And when you are not happy and things are looking gray, I'll do my very best to chase the gloomy clouds away." I don't know, I don't think these things necessarily equate happiness. So quiet children can't be happy children? And someone has to "chase the gloomy clouds away"? I [...]

    8. As many parents have come to realize, their own happiness is often measured by how happy their offspring are. Written in simple but appealing rhyming text, this book describes the signs that indicate that a little owl is content. The digital illustrations, enhanced by bits of gold foil in the form of tree bark, a puddle, and sheets of rain falling in the forest, are pretty and worth noting. Together, the text and image make a lovely package perfect as a gift for a family with a new addition. The [...]

    9. One of Emma Dodd’s “Love You Books,” Happy depicts an owl and its owlet engaging in activities around the forest that make the owlet happy, such as flying and playing in the trees. The text, however, describes activities and qualities found in humans, like playing games or trying something new, making the book applicable to the reader. This sweet, rhyming text is sentimental, but not overly so, and can be enjoyed by children as well as parents. Dodd’s digital illustrations are endearing, [...]

    10. This is a very cute book that can be shared between caregiver and child. It also works to answer complicated questions about happiness and how to understand that emotion. It isn't something I think I would personally read over and over, but I think it's one that will be that book for someone else.For: read alouds with parents and caregivers; talks about happiness and emotions/feelings; snuggle reads. Possible red flags: potential character peril.

    11. Screamingly cute, and not cloyingly so, either. It features a very sweet poem and not much of a plot. As with many of Dodd's offerings, the illustrations are the star of the show. Bold, adorable, and in this case, making use of shiny gold paper to bring delightful accent to the full-bleed spreads, they sparkle with life. The spread in which the owlet plays in a gold puddle lit by the moon is particularly beautiful.

    12. This book was heartwarming, but not overly sentimental. The text was somewhat standard, nothing thrilling in the story or concepts. However, the illustrations were wonderful. This book definitely appealed to the book artist in me. I love the gold leaf accents, as well as the texture in the drawings and the tonality in the colors. Even the pages with mostly cool colors have a warm welcoming feeling. It's a book that I would enjoy holding and looking at (no need to read) over and over again.

    13. This tender poem is a parent owl's wish for his or her owlet. With its gentle rhymes and foil-accented illustrations, this makes a lovely read-aloud for a younger child. Because genders are not specified, it provides a lot of flexibility for both reader and audience. Would make a great Christmas or birthday gift for a toddler or pre-schooler.

    14. One of the newer iterations of Emma Dodd's series, and I'm hoping it'll go over well in storytime! I like the more subtle gold highlights that aren't as blatant as the silver ones, as well as the dark, twilight feel of it all. Writing has a nice beat to it and repetitive nature.

    15. Another gentle and beautiful win from Dodd, which perfectly illustrates the meaning of happiness as expressed between a mama owl and her cherished baby. Sweetly illustrated with soft tones and lavish gold highlights, this makes for a wonderful one-on-one read. Highly recommended.

    16. Adorable mother and chick owls traipse through the beautifully illustrated pages of this picture book as mother owl describes all the ways she knows when her chick is happy. Gold accents highlight their forest home. The rhyming story would make a lovely lullaby.

    17. 4.25 StarsLove the pictures! Great gold embellishments and the story! Warm and squishy and artistic! I recommend this book!

    18. Normally I barf at the "baby you mom loves you" genre, but this is done right. And foil brightness!

    19. A beautifully illustrated book, highlighting in gold plate paper. It's a great bedtime read as it is quiet and sweet with cuddling between a mama owl and her owlet.

    20. Lyrical text, gold leaf illustrations, and a sweet sentiment. This book is perfect. Emma Dodd succeeds again!

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