• Title: Origins of the Alphabets: Introduction to Archaeology
  • Author: Joseph Naveh
  • ISBN: 9785550154304
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
  • Origins of the Alphabets Introduction to Archaeology Read about the development of alphabets and scripts the evolution of modern letter forms
    Read about the development of alphabets and scripts, the evolution of modern letter forms, .

    One Reply to “Origins of the Alphabets: Introduction to Archaeology”

    1. A concise and copiously illustrated introduction to the story of how we humble Semites invented phonetic alphabets during the Bronze Age, when every other self-respecting civilization - such as Egypt and Babylonia - were using pictographic ones, which used many hundreds of symbols for words or concepts, limiting literacy to a tiny class of scribes. With less than 30 letters, a phonetic alphabet allowed anyone to learn how to read, even merchants and women. The Phoenicians spread the idea to the [...]

    2. I picked up Origins of the Alphabets by Joseph Naveh at a booksale because it seemed to be the type of thing I would be interested in. I was not disappointed. I love anything to do with archaeology and classical history, so it was a treat for me to read about the origins of alphabetic systems of writing. The author traces the developments of the Phoenecian, Hebrew, Greek, Roman, Aramaic and Arabic alphabets from their common origin to their later stages. The book is full of great photographs of [...]

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