• Title: Spiritual Citizens: A Christian Fiction Anthology
  • Author: Kim Bond
  • ISBN: 9781311954527
  • Page: 357
  • Format: ebook
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    Spiritual Citizens A Christian Fiction Anthology Spiritual Citizens A Christian Fiction Anthology includes short stories by Jan Ackerson Michael Austin Joseph Courtemanche Voni Harris Judy Haught Nancy LaRonda Johnson John Mark Miller Tolulop
    Spiritual Citizens A Christian Fiction Anthology includes short stories by Jan Ackerson, Michael Austin, Joseph Courtemanche, Voni Harris, Judy Haught, Nancy LaRonda Johnson, John Mark Miller, Tolulope Popool, Esther and Richard Provencher, Chong Shipei, Charles W Short, Gerald Shuler, and Lynn Wehmeyer Stories vary from literary to adventure.

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    1. It's terrific to know there's an anthology out there that honors the creativity and diversity of Christian writers, and this anthology is a great platform for these stories.

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