• Title: Random Lucidity
  • Author: Dave Adair
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Random Lucidity alternate cover for B LLR WA When Reggie Hatcher decided to chase his dreams by launching his own literary agency he expected to spend his days wooing prospective clients and his nights wooing the l
    alternate cover for B00LLR3WA6When Reggie Hatcher decided to chase his dreams by launching his own literary agency, he expected to spend his days wooing prospective clients and his nights wooing the lovely Meghan James His chance encounter with a troubled, yet brilliant, writer in the park appears to offer a golden opportunity for the struggling agent Reggie quickly realalternate cover for B00LLR3WA6When Reggie Hatcher decided to chase his dreams by launching his own literary agency, he expected to spend his days wooing prospective clients and his nights wooing the lovely Meghan James His chance encounter with a troubled, yet brilliant, writer in the park appears to offer a golden opportunity for the struggling agent Reggie quickly realizes that the spiral bound notebooks of Jerry Travers, far from being the scribbling of a madman, contain the plot of a riveting murder mystery Anxious to make a name for himself and his agency, he signs a contract with Jerry and Jerry s violently unstable caretaker, Rita Miserly As Reggie struggles to convert Jerry s rambling thoughts into a coherent novel, he also must juggle Rita s increasing demands and outbursts and the strain these challenges place on his floundering relationship with Meghan Events in his professional and personal life continue to spiral out of control, confronting Reggie with a series of decisions with no good choices until a pivotal night when he is forced to choose between his past and his future, his dreams and his love.

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    1. An exceptionally well told story. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, from the opening three word paragraph to the finely crafted ending. It didn’t take long to get lost in the story of Reggie’s planned opening of his own literary agency, his last bid at living his dream – or is it his dream? The plot is driven by Adair’s fine writing style, along with his engaging, well drawn characters: Reggie’s father, girlfriend and a seemingly mentally challenged man, Jerry, who scribbles stories in n [...]

    2. A bitter-sweet urban fableReggie is one of those anti-heroes who bumbles his way through the disasters that he has come to expect from life and yet he had me rooting for him from the start. Dave Adair finely balances the comedy potential of failure (as in Reggie’s pick-up lines with the beautiful Meghan in a bar) with the heroism of fighting fear and doing it anyway (not only getting a date with Meghan but also quitting paid work to make his dream come true). A modern Everyman, Reggie is bulli [...]

    3. "Random Lucidity" is unlike any other book I've ever read, and that's a wonderful thing. Cleary author Dave Adair is a student of the human condition as his insights of his characters, both their mannerisms and actions, are very insightful. However, he doesn't waste time on overwrought descriptions of these characters, rather their persona form as the story builds--and boy, does it build! I found I really cared about the self-driven Reggie, entertained by the adventurous Ronnie, loathed the deme [...]

    4. It is difficult to put into words just how much I enjoyed Random Lucidity and, days after finishing it, I found myself missing the main characters and their stories. It is a great read and I found the author's style of writing drew me in quickly to the plot. It was refreshing to meet a number of characters during the early stages of the story rather than slowly throughout the course of the book and I was particularly fascinated by Ronnie. Without revealing anything, Random Lucidity is worth read [...]

    5. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest thoughts.This story began a little slow for me, with the scene of the father and son conversing in the assisted living home; but that plot came full circle smoothly toward the end. I connected with several of the main characters, except for one--Meghan. Typically, I find myself empathizing and sympathizing with female characters--girl power! However, I wasn't particularly fond of this one. She seemed flaky and cold; but perhaps that's how [...]

    6. Sometimes you come across a book that makes you sit up and take notice from the very beginning. Random Lucidity by Dave Adair is one of those books. The title grabbed my attention right away. Then I was introduced to characters so true to life I felt as if I knew them personally. Reggie Hatcher is young and idealistic; an aspiring literary agent, in love with Meghan, and devoted son of Ronnie. When he meets the strange Jerry Travers and his sociopathic “caretaker” Rita Miserly he thinks he h [...]

    7. I found myself thinking about the characters after I’d finished this book. Adair has skilfully crafted a story that expertly weaves around an ‘inner’ story. It’s not confusing but endearing, both plots equally intriguing and quickly get under your skin.Reggie’s character is expertly revealed through his dealings with colourful characters; his journey makes you question, and analyse your own goals and morals.Taking risks, seeing possibilities and juggling a personal and business crises [...]

    8. Random Lucidity was a wonderfully emotional read, with a twist that I didn't see coming, making the this the second novel I finished this week that took me by surprise. As a writer that is saying something, because I can usually figure out where a story is going. This novel is about a man who suddenly decides to changes careers. He doesn't necessarily switch to the one he wants, as he doesn't feel confident enough to do it, but he puts himself into the field and on the path toward his dream. In [...]

    9. A lucid thriller, and primer on life!All of us ambitions, whether we admit it or not. In our heart of hearts, we have goals. Some goals are unrealistic, and some ambitions we lack the courage to bring to fruition. Dave Adair has written a well-crafted thriller, and I don’t often expect such books to deal with complex human emotions in a subtle manner. The author, though, surprises me. He keeps the reader spell-bound with the plentiful twists in his tale, but also explores the reasons people fa [...]

    10. This is a story that held my attention from start to finish. Each of its characters is believable and there are enough unexpected twists to keep the reader turning the pages.I particularly enjoyed the author’s ability to draw you in to each relationship. A romance under pressure, a father and son and their roles as they are inevitably reversed when age takes its toll, a caregiver that is plagued by greed and vice and a writer of notes that is far from what you would expect.There are several ex [...]

    11. A thoroughly unique book, one I had a difficult time putting down at night, one I could have read in one day if real life hadn't gotten in the way. I loved the characters, not stereotypical characters but most definitely realistic. The plot blew me away! I will definitely will read more of Mr. Adair's books.

    12. Emotional and spiritual story.Parts of Reggie character is in all of us, challenges we face. Narratives full of light bulb moment, some parts did go back to read it again. Unpredictable ending, but glad for the second chance.

    13. Outstanding Outstanding, one of the best books I have read in a long time. Only he should have ended up with the girl

    14. Dave Adair writes really well and this novel is filled with finely wrought characters, each with their own set of problems. The book dragged a bit toward the middle but, ultimately, I'm very happy I stuck with it. The surprise twist at the end was something I never saw coming and brought the book to a nice end. I recommend this book for those who like a literary novel with more action and character development.

    15. I thought of a lot of clever remarks I could make about this book, but in kindness to the author I'll keep it short and simple. Skip this one. It is easy to find a better written book with a more plausible plot and more realistic characters.

    16. I found this book to be so so. I felt like the overall arc of the story never really goes anywhere, and I had a hard time liking the main character. He seems to make a lot of poor decisions and then whines and worries about them. Looking now back at the glowing reviews for this book, I just don't get it. More detail here:(view spoiler)[Ok, I kept waiting for the "twist" that is mentioned in other reviews. How disappointed I was when I realized how weak the "twist" really was. There were any numb [...]

    17. Random Lucidity is a meta tale about writing a novel. Author Dave Adair tends to wordiness and not in a way which helps the story much. His style often reads as an attempt to meet a word quota versus an effort to provide texture or details.The major plot development near the book’s finale seems more like a cop-out than a clever twist. (view spoiler)[A famous and successful writer reveals himself as having impersonated a mentally-challenged rube who’s somehow managed to pen a ground-breaking [...]

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