• Title: Liam Takes Manhattan
  • Author: Thea Harrison
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 299
  • Format: ebook
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    Liam Takes Manhattan Warning This story contains a major spoiler from SHADOW S END book released December st If readers do not want to be spoiled they should read the stories in order of their release dates Thi
    Warning This story contains a major spoiler from SHADOW S END book 9, released December 1st, 2015 If readers do not want to be spoiled, they should read the stories in order of their release dates.This is a short story 15,000 words or 50 pages intended for readers of the Elder Races who enjoy Liam Cuelebre as a character.Reeling from a deep loss, the magical princeWarning This story contains a major spoiler from SHADOW S END book 9, released December 1st, 2015 If readers do not want to be spoiled, they should read the stories in order of their release dates.This is a short story 15,000 words or 50 pages intended for readers of the Elder Races who enjoy Liam Cuelebre as a character.Reeling from a deep loss, the magical prince of the Wyr, Dragos and Pia s son Liam Cuelebre, turns inward and withdrawn as he struggles to come to terms with who he is, along with the challenges that lie before him.Hoping to ease his heartache and offer comfort, a concerned Dragos and Pia offer him a gift, something he has desired for a long time Liam s response has a ripple effect across all of New York Soon miracles of all kinds start arriving just in time for Christmas, along with a visit from a mysterious person who gives Liam hope and a vision of his futureAM TAKES MANHATTAN is the third part of a three story series about Pia, Dragos, and their son, Liam Each story stands alone, but fans might want to read all three DRAGOS GOES TO WASHINGTON, PIA DOES HOLLYWOOD, and LIAM TAKES MANHATTAN.

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    1. Well, this is a super short, fifty page novella about a whole lot of teenage rebelliousness and you can't help but feel sorry for all parties involved. Liam is literally only one years old but has grown to an adult in that time. He is highly intelligent and handles most things well but there is so much that he simply hasn't had time to experience and grow into. I liked how he finally handled things although I'm scared about what might happen between him and Dragos! I was surprised that he was wi [...]

    2. Liam Takes Manhattan is the 3rd and final novella in a trilogy and book #9,5 in the Elder Races Series.I have loved this Dragos/Pia/Liam Trilogye first two being Dragos Goes to Washington and Pia Does Hollywood. These are three of the characters in the series that have a special place in my heart.Liam is growing up big time!!!! It's been amazing taking a peek or two into his head and get an idea of what he thinks about life around him.Adore the relationship he has with Dragos and Pia beautifully [...]

    3. SpoilersLiam's story was a bit too angsty and self-pitying. I couldn't really take him all that seriously because he was only actually a year old yet had magically grown into a teenager in that space of time, all it did was remind me of Renesmee from Twilight. I did like that there was no romance or bad-guy-of-the-week plot, it just would have been more enjoyable had Liam been more likeable instead of a self-pitying, privileged, spoilt brat.

    4. Ok I will be honest and say this is extremely short and I'm well aware that many readers will rate it quite low because of the brevity. My take is that I adore this family and Liam aka the Peanut is a character that is rapidly changing ( in more ways than one!) and to delay or dilly dally with a long drawn out story wouldn't do his own personal growth any favours. Liam is when you think about it in oh so many ways just a baby and yet being Wyr means the possibility of accelerated growth and beli [...]

    5. Talk about your growing pains. Liam, prince to the Wyr Nation, has gone from birth to adult in 30 seconds flat, well,it’s more like a year, but seriously how is a mother to cope. That is the pretty pickle, Pia and Dragos, the Dragon Lord, are facing.Before they have a chance to get Liam his first puppy he is sprouting his wings and getting ready to fly out of the nest. Battling the predatory instincts of his dragon, Liam must decide the man he wishes to become…with a little help from his fri [...]

    6. Blog Review: sweptawaybyromance/2015 "Rebellious Child Dragon" Stars!!I absolutely love Dragos, Pia, and Liam!! This was a great little novella, only 50 pages or so, but it packed a powerful punch, and left off with a few burning questions that will leave you wanting much more!!!Young Liam Cuelebre, Prince Cuelebre, is actually only about a year old, but in the Wyr world he is almost fully grown, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. He will soon be as big (if not bigger!) as his da [...]

    7. Originally posted at SmexyBooks-smexybooks/2015/12/review-Liam Cuelebre is experiencing some growing pains. The events of the past few weeks has taken a toll on him and he finds himself drifting along aimlessly as he struggles to understand exactly what happened and his place in the world.Pia and Dragos are at a loss on how to cheer up their son so they decide on a gift that Liam has wanted forever. His response is worthy of the prince he is and it leads him to make a choice on that will change [...]

    8. 3.5This was a short, quick read. It also contains a MAJOR spoiler, so make sure that you have read Shadow's End before this one. Liam is Dragos' and Pia's magical son. And you just can't help but think he's growing up so fast. Too fast. Of course it doesn't help that he's a one year old in the body of a young adult. The process and why this happens to him is explained well and - since this is a paranormal series - it's credible. Liam is butting heads with his autocratic father - being his father [...]

    9. "So many people think love is an emotion. I love you, they say, and that is supposed to excuse all their bad behaviors and elevate them to a higher level just because they happen to feel something. That isn't love; it's an excuse."What you'll read in this book:○ Liam's biggest decision.○ Dragos' as a father to a "rebellious" teenager. Like, he's the coolest and the strictest dad ever.○ A possible spoiler or development for the next story.○Puppies.

    10. My only complaint is that it was too short. I want more, more, more of my sweet baby dragon boy who is not a baby at all anymore. I love reading about Liam. I really hope he gets a full length novel in the future. In the meantime updates on what he's up to will be good. Can't wait for more from the Elder Races. Happy reading!

    11. Hmmm, well I finished Liam Takes Manhattan (Elder Races) and without saying a lot, the price is $1.99 and not sure if it is worth that much. It really is more of a slice of life for Liam, Pia and Dragos with a touch of "coming of age" mess. A few cute things but really nothing much happens but a LOT of stuff point towards a future book or spinoff for Liam that might be really interesting and this novella gives you some insight while setting it up but does not actually take much of anything to f [...]

    12. Liam is like what? 18 years old externally and has conflicts with how will be his life (welcome to the human grownup life)He was less than a year old. To them, he was a gigantic, dangerous child.But he wasn’t a child. Not any longer. He was young, very young and inexperienced, but no longer a child. Bitterness whipped through him at the thought. He throttled that back too. He was fast growing tired of this constant battle with himself.Though I enjoy with cute Peanut, I'm not sure to be prepare [...]

    13. Liam Takes Manhattan is the last in Thea's second Dragos family trilogy following Dragos Goes to Washington and Pia Does Hollywood. In it, we see a young man (very young - (view spoiler)[He was less than a year old. To them, he was a gigantic, dangerous child. But he wasn't a child. Not any longer. He was young, very young and inexperienced, but no longer a child. (hide spoiler)]) struggling with some major life changes. He, like everyone else, is reeling from a recent loss (in Shadow's End, (vi [...]

    14. It's hard to rate this higher than a three star, it's very short and Liam's personality changes jarring.But I love reading about the Cuelebre family, so there was never any question I was going to read it.So this focuses on Liam, and the aftermath from Shadow's End. Do not read this one until you've read the other first.Liam is now a young man. I'd either forgotten, or just wasn't following along closely enough to realize that he is not even a year old yet. So his "maturity" is quite discomforti [...]

    15. The third and final book in a trilogy of novellas about the Cuelebre family. Liam has been growing up really fast, due to another growth spurt, his body and Dragon are young adults and it is taking him and his parents a little time to adjust. He acts like a lot of teenagers in this book, he's feeling rebellious, resenting parental guidance and he is trying to figure out his place in the world. On top of that, he and everyone else are still struggling with the outcome of events in Shadow's End an [...]

    16. For me, this was a bit of a sad read, even though I enjoyed it. Liam is growing up at an exponential rate, and with that aging comes issues no one has foreseen. I admit parts of the story made me teary eyed. Recommended if you're a fan of the series.Note: this should not be read until after book nine, as it opens with a major spoiler from the previous book.

    17. I love Liam stories and TH has set him up to have his own adventures without impacting the main Elders ARC. So yea for that. This is a good coming of age story short and I look forward to where she leads Liam in the future. I can related to the rebellious teen scenes.

    18. This short story is a must read if you love the series and I do. I love what we get of Pia and Dragos. Liam coming into is own is wonderful. I can't say much without spoiling.I wish there had been a sub plot of a secondary romance in here but a fine read.

    19. ~ 4 Liam Takes Stars ~Liam Takes Manhattan is a shot story in the Elder Races series by Thea Harrison.This short is meant to be read after Shadow's End. Yes, their are spoilers for Shadow's End in this story, so read the novel first or be warned.I enjoyed the insight into Liam. He’s such a unique being that it puts him in a tough situation. Add in that he is now a teenager in less time then it takes other Wyr to grow and you have a character trying to find their place in the Wyr world and batt [...]

    20. I really love Liam, and watching him grow and change has been a delight. I was looking forward to this story for many reasons, not the least of which is the way things ended for Liam in Shadow's End. While I really enjoyed the story itself and liked seeing things from Liam's perspective, the end really frustrated me. Usually I finish these novellas feeling satisfied, but this one left me frustrated and wanting more. That isn't to say it wasn't a good story, but why did it have to end the way it [...]

    21. Growing up at warp speed, that's Liam. So crazy in love with this short story. Since I've never read Harry Potter, I'm not going to speculate on Liam's future plan. But my friends who have read HP, believe that we'll get to read Liam's experience at a kind of imitation of Hogwarts next. Ah, sorry, a review not a speculation :( An amazing short story. Anyone who loves Inanna, the goddess of Love, will be happy to get a glimpse of her again.

    22. if this story was longer and actually went through Liam and him being at Glenhaven and we got a chance to see whether or not he wanted the job he originally wanted or even got it it would be a lot better. these tasters/filler stories kinda leave me discontent you know?although. if this all plays out to have a book about Liam and Phaedra in the future I'm all for it.

    23. ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date December 22, 2015Warning: This story contains a major spoiler from SHADOW’S END (book #9, released December 1st, 2015). If readers do not want to be spoiled, they should read the stories in order of their release dates.This is a short story (15,000 words or 50 pages) intended for readers of the Elder Races who enjoy Liam Cuelebre as a character.Reeling from a deep loss, the magical prince of the Wyr, Dragos and Pia’s son Liam Cuelebre, turns inward and withdrawn [...]

    24. Originally Reviewed For: Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy***WARNING**** Liam Takes Manhattan takes place AFTER Shadow's End and has some definite spoilers in it. Suggestion, read Shadow's End first*****Liam is growing up. He's not your average boy, he's Dragos heir and he has some challenges that he needs to meet. Not to impress Dragos but to fulfil a need in himself. But just like every other child he first needs to leave the nest. Liam has to decide how it he is going to accomplish hi [...]

    25. This was the said to be the 3rd of the trio of novellas at the end of 2015, including Dragos Goes to Washington, Pia Does Hollywood, and this one. I feel it really was a stand alone and more a transition from Shadow's End. If you haven't read Shadow's End, you should not read this as there are 2, pretty big spoilers from that book reveled. Though the over all story of the book is not affected, you would get the whammy at the end taken away.This is Liam's book of transition from the baby and kid [...]

    26. I feel conflicted. This is a solid short story and a necessary one after the events of Shadow’s Fall. Liam Cuelebre is almost fully grown and chafing at the shackles built by the love and protection from his parents. He wants to spread his wings –to get out from under his father’s massive shadow. But that’s a tall order when you’re only a year old.And there’s the rub. He’s a year old. Yes, he is nearly six feet tall and he’s a powerful dragon. But try as I might, I can’t ignore [...]

    27. I have been salivating for the final book in this miniseries of The Cuelebre Family. We get such a holiday treat from Ms. Harrison with this way-to-short-I-wish-it-were-longer-but-I’ll-read-anything-she-writes story. Liam is growing up FAST. Well, his body and his dragon is anyway. He’s still relatively young in every other area and his dragon is pushing him to mature faster than his mind can. Liam is struggling with the immense power his Wyr form holds and he is experiencing some monumental [...]

    28. Reviewed for: Where the Night Kind RoamThis is a pretty short novella, I definitely wanted more from this story; mostly because I love this family so much! We were there when Liam was conceived to his birth, to his first day of school, his first shift, his first crush; our baby is growing up too damn fast Literally. Liam is technically only about a year old but he grows in leaps and bounds and is now closer to a 19 year old in temperament and appearance. Liam makes a decision that will take him [...]

    29. Liam Cuelebre has never been a normal kid, and following the events of SHADOW'S END, it's clear this young dragon may not be any type of kid at all anymore. With his accelerated growth and highly unusual origins, Liam can be a tough character to relate to and believe in. Harrison has carefully developed him through the Elder Races novellas, however, and from a cameo in DRAGOS TAKES A HOLIDAY to center stage in PEANUT GOES TO SCHOOL, his point of view has kept apace with his accelerated maturatio [...]

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