• Title: Alice of the Rocks
  • Author: E. Graziani
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Alice of the Rocks Promise that you will come back Born in and raised in Alice Ferro s life has been anything but normal The only problem is she doesn t know it As a year old in she has an ideal lif
    Promise that you will come back Born in 1495 and raised in 2012, Alice Ferro s life has been anything but normal The only problem is, she doesn t know it As a 17 year old in 2029, she has an ideal life, complete with loving parents, the latest technical gadgets, and a summer vacation in Italy Upon arriving in Florence, sensations of surreal memories begin to surface, Promise that you will come back Born in 1495 and raised in 2012, Alice Ferro s life has been anything but normal The only problem is, she doesn t know it As a 17 year old in 2029, she has an ideal life, complete with loving parents, the latest technical gadgets, and a summer vacation in Italy Upon arriving in Florence, sensations of surreal memories begin to surface, leaving her puzzled and confused Knowing that reconnecting with his lost love could be dangerous for both of them, but willing to take the risk, Claudio Moro seeks out Alice in her new world His very existence in 1512 is at stake Having been accused of both treason and murder, he needs Alice to help clear his name and redeem his family s honour The question is, will Alice remember their love and care enough to leave her perfect future to redirect his doomed past

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    1. Disclaimer: I received an e-copy in exchange for an honest review.Elisa is a scullery maid in the castle’s kitchen in Florence, Italy, 1512. She is forbidden to speak to any of the nobles, and she must keep her face hidden and eyes downcast for fear of drawing attention to herself. But one evening, her path crosses with Count Claudio Moro who protects her from the roaming hands of another nobleman. It is highly improper for the two to converse, let alone have a relationship, but there is just [...]

    2. I'm a sucker for a good time-travel story. This did not disappoint. And it has a brilliant twist with the travelling, which I won't give away, but which I haven't seen done before. I loved the action, the setting, the inclusion of Da Vinci. However I'm not a romance reader, so that actually took away from the story a bit for me (though I'm sure it was well told for people who like romance). I will read the sequel though, and am looking forward to seeing how the story continues to unfold.

    3. Elisa lived in 16th century Florence Italy as a scullery maid in the Medici household. Accosted one day by two courtiers, her honour remained intact when she was saved by Count Claudio Moro.Alice lived in the late 2020's and was on holiday in Florence with her aunt and uncle as her parents had to return early to their home in Canada. They were staying in a villa that belonged to friend of the family.Alice of the Rocks is part historical fiction, part science fiction/fantasy and part clean romanc [...]

    4. This review originally appeared on my blog at gimmethatbookICE OF THE ROCKS is many books at once: it’s a romance novel with time travel, with some history and suspense thrown in for good measure. We are thrown into the world of Leonardo Da Vinci and the grasping and evil Medici empire, mixed with present day Italy as Alice enjoys a summer vacation. The two worlds collide when Alice becomes enamored of a hotel employee. Her strong feelings confuse her, and when she learns she is just a sculler [...]

    5. I went into this book the way I usually do - without much of a clue what it was about. I'm the world's worst blurb reader. All I knew was, it's YA, there's time travel, and there's a character named Alice. That was enough to get me interested.And now I'm here on the desperate quest to somehow convey just how absolutely wonderful this book isHalfway through, I tried to force myself to slow down. It didn't work. It's the kind of book you just can't leave, you only put down if you absolutely have t [...]

    6. This is a time travelling romance. Who can resist a time travelling romance? It is difficult to say much without giving away spoilersAlice is going for a holiday to Florence, Italy with her parents in 2029, while in the same place but 1512 Elisa is a scullery maid working for the Medici family.The connection between these two women may surprise you. There was a moment early on where I thought to myself, 'Oh, no, this author hasn't gone and done what was obvious, has she?', only to turn out that [...]

    7. UPDATE: I don't know when the sequel of this book is going to be released but I've been re reading some parts of it and my brain has already set up a world of possibilities of what could happen next with Alice and Claudio's story. It is the first time I read a book both set in Renaissance Italy (Medici Era) and the future (a future not very different from our time) . What a fantastic story! It's even better if you read it alongside Romeo & Juliet's Soundtrack (2013 movie)A wonderful blend of [...]

    8. Alice of the Rocks is a heart warming book that shows you the past and the future. It is a fantasy and Love story, and mixes the beauty of Italy and Canada as it's location. It takes you on a journey and keeps you in suspense. You find yourself routing for the characters and what is just. In the end you hope that Love will conquer. The addition of a Historical Character is an added pleasure and is most believable. It will make you want to visit Italy soon!!

    9. Unwilling to break his promise, Count Claudio Moro follows his love from Renaissance Italy, in 1512, to a future Florence in 2029. His love for Elisa is one that not even lies, jealousy, treachery, or time can dissolve. I recommend Alice of the Rocks. It is sweet, but not lacking action, and adventure. It is a wonderful journey for the imagination.

    10. My 5 star review of “Alice of the Rocks”Edy Graziani, is a prolific writer and the author of “Alice of the Rocks.” A teen romance/suspense, time travel novel. From the very beginning to the very end, you are left spellbound. Leaving you on the edge of your seat. Wanting to read every page in anticipation of what is to come next. Set in 1512 in Florence Italy and in 2029 Canada, from the Renaissance, to the 21st century. Each chapter grips you in a heartfelt way. Elisa Beatrice de Povri i [...]

    11. I just began to gradually lose interest in this story and I don't think I made it more than two chapters before I just gave it up.

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