• Title: Alack the Ashen Waves of the Sea
  • Author: Hibah Shabkhez
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 439
  • Format: ebook
  • Alack the Ashen Waves of the Sea A silken string of quatrain chaunts to be read in the space of a smileazon dp B W GBHTE
    A silken string of quatrain chaunts, to be read in the space of a smileazon dp B00W6GBHTE

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    1. I’ve been on a poetry kick lately. Fiction is great. One can never get enough of being transported to another time or place and seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. But every now and then, I need to slow things down and allow myself a chance to savor the English language in its most musical form. Poetry is more than just words set to meter. Its words breathed with life—or better still, the human experience transformed into words.To be honest, I’m picky about the poetry I read. I [...]

    2. I was impressed and moved by Alack the Ashen Waves of the Sea, A Book of Quatrains by Hibah Shabkhez. I liked its title, for a start. The word alack is seldom, if ever, used by writers in the English language today, for it is considered to be archaic. Maybe Hibah Shabkhez, who is from Lahore, Pakistan, came upon it while reading the works of William Shakespeare. However she came upon it, it works well in the title of her book, and sounds dramatic and appropriate. I like the way she decided to ke [...]

    3. Alack, The Ashen waves is a smallish collection of four-lined poems. The lines of the poems are of varying lengths and rhyme in either alternating or sequential lines. As with all concentrated, lyrical, focused thought distilled into such a form, the content and message conveyed may or may not speak to the depths of the reader depending on the reader's previous experiences. Unlike literature and prose, where the writer has much time to develop a narrative into which the reader can lose his or he [...]

    4. Well Read!I like a good poem, same as the next person. Thoughts of reviewing the relative value of poetry that I did not generate myself is a completely different level of intimidating. This book of poetry looked to be about a Three-Scotch task, but at 22 pages, I thought that I could survive it.I was delighted with the content of 'Alack', a book of quatrains that actually seem to mean something. I pride myself on not being too 'touchy-feely' in my readership. The Author is quite a Linguist, and [...]

    5. I’m not a great fan of poetry but I found this book of quatrains (four line poems) oddly engrossing / satisfying – the poems seemed to have some meaning, but I suspect everyone will have a different interpretation.If you enjoy poetry this book is probably worth a look.

    6. "Alack, the Ashen Waves of the Sea" is a book of poetry inspired by nature and the tumult of the human experience.**"Love to hatred, hatred to loveWe are one soul, the viper and dove"- Hibah Shabkez, "Alack, the Ashen Waves of the Sea"Shabkez is a formidable poetic voice. No way can this review do her justice. Just read the book, it's a fast read, and you won't regret it!I enjoyed this compilation a lot. The poems were very evocative, the imagery ranging from medieval to modern. The author explo [...]

    7. Hibah Shabkhez's collection is composed of whimsical and rhythmical quatrains. I think this book reflects the author's appreciation for literature. Moreover, it manifests Hibah Shabkhez's interests and culture. It has a little bit of everything - from Middle English words to allusions I don't really understand (forgive me). Nevertheless, I think these words represent what poetry is all about. There are simpler and far more mundane ways of describing ordinary events. But poetrypoetry just tickles [...]

    8. Hibah Shabkhez’s ‘Alack, the Ashen Waves of the Sea’ is a short cycle of existential quatrains in varying rhythm, predominantly in the deceptively simple ABAB form. Although at times light and playful, the overall tone of this work is sombre, and Ms Shabkhez’s language is rich and uncompromising. The writing demonstrates her love for Early Modern English, which some readers may find challenging, but with so much meaning to explore even a skim read of this work should prove rewarding.Ms S [...]

    9. I think that talking too much about poetry can spoil it. Poetry is such a personal experience and, when well done, can evoke surprising emotions, or memories, in the reader.I enjoyed this varied, short collection which, in my interpretation, included themes of love, loss, death, the existential, the beauty of nature. The book description above gives a glimpse of the treats instore- Alack, The Ashen Waves of the Sea is a book of quatrain poems that would have you sing softly of love and light and [...]

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