• Title: Arcadia
  • Author: Iain Pears
  • ISBN: 9780345810847
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Arcadia In a major suspense novel set to surpass the internationally bestselling An Instance of the Fingerpost comes a dazzling story of youth love and murderous ambition a novel of time travel spanning thre
    In a major suspense novel set to surpass the internationally bestselling An Instance of the Fingerpost comes a dazzling story of youth, love and murderous ambition a novel of time travel spanning three beautifully detailed worlds the intellectual spires of Oxford in 1960, an ancient Arcadian world, and a dystopian future.In 1960, Henry Lytten is an Oxford don who dabblesIn a major suspense novel set to surpass the internationally bestselling An Instance of the Fingerpost comes a dazzling story of youth, love and murderous ambition a novel of time travel spanning three beautifully detailed worlds the intellectual spires of Oxford in 1960, an ancient Arcadian world, and a dystopian future.In 1960, Henry Lytten is an Oxford don who dabbles in espionage and fiction writing Rosie Wilson is the quick witted, curious 15 year old girl who feeds Professor Lytten s cat Several hundred years in the future, living in a dystopian society on the Isle of Mull, is Angela Meerson a brilliant psychomathematician who has discovered the world changing potential of a powerful new machine Somewhere, sometime, is Jay a scholar s apprentice in an idyllic, pastoral land Who these people really are, and how their stories come together, will be revealed in Iain Pears s fascinating great puzzle of a novel.

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    1. The most entertaining Shakespearean time-travel dystopian science fantasy spy thriller romance I've read in that terribly overcrowded genre.

    2. There are so many ways I'm tempted to tackle this review, nearly as many ways as there is to read this novel, and that's not a bad thing. Indeed, it means that there's so much going on in here that I simply want to keep talking about.I could simply say that I was delighted and I can continue to be enthusiastic about this novel for ages, but instead I'll try a few of my ideas out, perhaps calling it the Cloud Atlas that's better than Cloud Atlas, pulling together a narrative that is not only inte [...]

    3. It was the teenager rather than the adult in me that enjoyed this. Arcadia is a novel brimming with mischief, a kind of YA romp featuring stories within stories, time travel and alternative universes. As I understood it, the novel is like a dramatised archaeological dig in search of the beginning and the end of its own story. It’s not going to be easy to summarise the plot premise but here we go: Professor Henry Lytten, a retired Oxford Don, nurtures the ambition to write a novel about a rural [...]

    4. What an utterly delightful, absorbing tale this is, one that blends several genres, although technically it would be speculative fiction. It’s light in tone but complex in plotting, and is adventurous, romantic, suspenseful, and rich in time-honored themes…or, wait, I mean, time travel themes, with a parallel universe. Pears creates a world (or worlds) so thoroughly believable and accessible that even the convolutions aren’t difficult to follow. He builds his narrative so gradually and kee [...]

    5. And read #4 was just as wonderful! I love this book :)This book has become one of my go-to books when I really want to get lost in something. I've now read it four times and I can comfortably say that it's one of my top 5 favorite books ever.As I was reading this I was trying to figure out what makes it so perfect for me. I love the humor, the characters, the literary references, the plot, the story… It's a perfect book. The humor is definitely my favorite. It's that wonderful understated humo [...]

    6. 4.5 stars.You need to have some patience to get the most out of Arcadia. There are three separate strands in the book - a future sci-fi dystopia, a medieval-feeling fantasy world, and 1950s Oxford (not forgetting to throw in a little espionage and romance!) For at least 200 pages, the reader has no idea how the three worlds fit together. However, because the writing is so delightful, that never felt like a problem or a chore, and slowly seeing how everything fitted together was rather lovely. Th [...]

    7. Wonderful, wondrous, delightful, enchanting! All of these words are too small and commonly used to explain my reaction to this beautiful book. It's one of the best books I've read all year and I will revisit it often. I've decided that needs to create invisible shelving because I can't properly shelve this one and keep it spoiler free.This wonderful story starts with a man named Henry meeting with some friends and discussing the books that each wants to write. As Henry is writing his story, we [...]

    8. 5.0 stars This tops DARK MATTER by Blake Crouch! I have been in a bit of a book drought, looking back. You know, those GOOD FOR YOU books , or SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD books that you've earnestly taken on because they are about your country's history,or because they've ended up on the shelf from NetGalley, or perhaps were the latest book by a favorite author. The ones that left you with sand in your eyes and a reluctance to tax your tired close-up vision with the next grind-your-way- through book on [...]

    9. An Oxford don is writing a fantasy book like his colleagues Lewis and Tolkien did. He’s visited every now and then by a young girl who helps around the house and who discovers a magic mirror in his basement that leads into a pastoral wonderland – almost like the fantasy landscape the don is creating. A couple hundred years in the future, a psychomathematician has discovered a portal to parallel universes – which are real – and has chosen to hide in one because she's nuts. The magic mirro [...]

    10. Дълго обмислях как да започна този текст, а и имах нужда от време, за да разплета кълбото от емоции, които книгата породи у мен. "Аркадия" на Иън Пиърс прилича на онзи чудат реквизит за магьоснически номера, състоящ се от привидно несвързани по между си метални обръчи, които о [...]

    11. Wow this book has had me going in circles all the time I been reading it , it is so complex, so well thought out that even if it was boring I would have had to the massive amount of work done by the writer, but alas this book is not boring at all, it is a massive epic of adventure, science, multi universes and different timelines all walking alongside each other without touching until they needed it to . Slow start until you familiarize with all the characters but it becomes addicting after that [...]

    12. 4.5 stars! It took me almost 3 weeks to read this which is a REALLY long time for me. This book is a complicated genre bender that takes some patience but the reward is huge. Pears has a crafted a beauty in Arcadia and when I finished I immediately wanted to start it again because I know I missed stuff. It starts out in 1960 with a girl named Rosie who goes in a basement in search of a cat and ends up in another world. Or is it another time? There is also a scientist trying to probe that time do [...]

    13. I've read all of Iain Pears' novels, and enjoyed all of them. I felt a little bit of trepidation about this one, after hearing that it was designed to be read in an electronic app, with alternate endings available. (washingtonpost/entert) I found the wisdom of this idea doubtful, as in general, I feel that it's the author's job to make those kind of decisions and to stick with them.However, the printed version of the book, which I read, has no "choose your own adventure"-type elements. And I lov [...]

    14. finished the novel and got the Ipad App and while the main points noted below stand, I will add a few conclusion:- book - loved the ending which was in a way the only one that made sense and kept the suspense of disbelief; less sophisticated than the main works of the author (Instance of Fingerpost, Dream of Scipio and Stone's Fall) and the quasi-solipsistic nature (universes, societies and people as bubbles, now are here, now are not, but obviously there is someone from the outside to observe t [...]

    15. Description: Henry Lytten - a spy turned academic and writer - sits at his desk in Oxford in 1962, dreaming of other worlds.He embarks on the story of Jay, an eleven-year-old boy who has grown up within the embrace of his family in a rural, peaceful world - a kind of Arcadia. But when a supernatural vision causes Jay to question the rules of his world, he is launched on a life-changing journey.Lytten also imagines a different society, highly regulated and dominated by technology, which is trying [...]

    16. Reading this novel was pure fun for me.An Oxford professor in 1962, who was a spy in WWII, turns his hand to writing a fantasy novel that contains no magic. His teenage neighbor Rosie, who feeds his cat, stumbles through a portal into another world that turns out to be the world the professor imagined for his novel. A rebellious psychomathematician from the 24th century uses her own invention to escape from her boss, returns to 1939 and becomes a temporary spy herself.Many time periods; real and [...]

    17. People who have finished reading ‘Arcadia’ are scratching their heads trying to decide whether to describe this story as a science fiction or fantasy. I pick Fantasy, with speculative science bits. The novel is also a literary read, not that most readers will notice as the author is sneaky! Whatever it is, it is a delight! There are no bleak noir betrayals or horrific chopped body parts. It also is a novel best enjoyed as a cold read, so, if I were you, I’d try to avoid spoilers!A new secr [...]

    18. Аркадия е от онези редки книги, които показват, осъзнаване на своята дълга история на научна фантастика и фентъзи. Романът също функционира като произведение на експериментално писане: историята първоначално е била замислена като интерактивно приложение, което позволява [...]

    19. Докато четях тази книга се чувствах все едно съм в центъра на литературен пинбол, в който всяка глава ме захвърляше в неизвестна територия за кратко, а после ме запращаше към друга, после хаоса се превърна във време, сложността стана по-сложна, но изключително добре обмисле [...]

    20. A Brilliant Juggling ActScience fiction, fantasy, and dystopia are not normally my favorite genres. But I do respond to intelligence and culture and the ability to dance across boundaries as though they didn't exist. And I am a sucker for a good story well told with interesting characters, all guided by a strong moral sense that is not too simplistic. Iain Pears enfolded me in mystery and delight from the first few pages of his new novel and held me in his spell for five hundred more. In the fir [...]

    21. Como todos los que reseñan, tengo mis sesgos. Uno de los más conocidos es que castigo mucho el hype. Otro que manejo muy mal las expectativas de lo que leo y eso incide directamente en la calificación de mis libros. Pero uno de los más bonitos es mi tendencia a sobre-recompensar la metaficción. Yo me hice lector con uno de los libros campeones de esta estratagema literaria, así que caigo como menso con cada libro que toma un camino similar. Por supuesto que si conjuntamos esto con cualqui [...]

    22. Every so often, you read a novel that knocks it out of the park. And I’m not talking about the obvious classics, or the much-hyped new releases that also deliver on what they promise. I’m talking about the ones that sneak up on you. Arcadia is one of the best time travel stories I’ve read in a long while—more than that, it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a year already burgeoning with good reads. Iain Pears takes what could have been a good, converging story of multiple characte [...]

    23. With Arcadia Iain Pears is trying an experiment: He wrote a novel whith several interwoven storylines which can be read in the traditional way from cover to cover. At the same time he created an app which depicts how the storylines are interwoven and which enables the reader to read the different stories independently and switch from one to other whenever feeling like it or one two or more of the characters' meet. All of this sounds great and it was great to read and to work my way through the a [...]

    24. Okay bumping this up to five stars, I have one small issue with it but it's all I can think about and it has intellectually exhausted me.

    25. Is it just me? Writing is good, but it is also insipid and spiritless, academic and boring. Too many plotlines that are interwoven, but not exactly exciting or riveting, and the author was definitely overreaching in his approach. It is not a secret that Iain Pears often uses multiple plot lines, and quite often successfully, but this time, as i mentioned earlier, he really overreached. in addition, it was not sci fi - sci- fi, but something that is had to define - medieval historical novel, the [...]

    26. Bulgarian review: bookishipster.wordpress/2Actual rating:4.5 stars Such a fantastic read! 'Arcadia' was a lovely mixture of genres, which made one amazing story! I was really impressed by everything Iain Pears included in his book, the plot was so complex and breathtaking. This really is a book for everyone - it combines so many things, it's impossible not to find anything that you would enjoy. I take half a star only because at times it was a bit slow, i was having some difficulties to get into [...]

    27. 2,75 / 5Situados en el Oxford de 1960 nuestra historia comienza de la mano de Henry Lytten, un profesor de literatura en la universidad que se reúne cada fin de semana con sus amigos para hablar sobre literatura en general, y recitar algunas partes de sus escritos. Lytten lleva veinte años creando una obra situada en un mundo pastoral llamado Anterworld, un mundo aún en construcción de sus fundamentos y que parece nunca terminar de arrancar. Al profesor Lytten suele visitarlo una joven de qu [...]

    28. OMG, защо си го причниних това мъчение, лист след лист!?! Едвам довърших този книжен мастодонт, определено и само заради ината си да не оставям много книги недочетени. А трябваше да не си губя времето и нервите Надявах се поне нещичко интересно да се случи, но уви!Ужасно слаби и [...]

    29. It's a masterpiece. 1) This is the first book of Pears' I've read. Other reviewers thought it paled in comparison to his others, namely An Instance of the Fingerpost2) In terms of storytelling, its three storylines/genres (Anterwold, 1960s Britain, and dystopic Mull), are each absorbing, well-plotted, woven together beautifully. The book is more than 600 pages and I wished it were longer.3) Some hardcore fans of speculative fiction may not be as impressed as I was. Fans of David Mitchell should [...]

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