• Title: What If God Were the Sun?
  • Author: John Edward
  • ISBN: 9780641590580
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Hardcover
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    What If God Were the Sun Since the s psychic and medium John Edwards has brought solace to millions by helping them to communicate with their loved ones who have passed away In his debut novel What if God Were the Sun
    Since the 1980s, psychic and medium John Edwards has brought solace to millions by helping them to communicate with their loved ones who have passed away In his debut novel, What if God Were the Sun , Edwards uses his skills as an author and lecturer to tell the moving story of a family confronting death for the first time Informative, enlightening, and ultimately upliftSince the 1980s, psychic and medium John Edwards has brought solace to millions by helping them to communicate with their loved ones who have passed away In his debut novel, What if God Were the Sun , Edwards uses his skills as an author and lecturer to tell the moving story of a family confronting death for the first time Informative, enlightening, and ultimately uplifting, What if God Were the Sun will appeal both to the readers of Sylvia Browne and to fans of visionary fiction, such as James Redfield s runaway bestseller The Celestine Prophecy.

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    1. I read this 141 page book in one sitting. I bought it recently for 25 cents at my annual book sale. I like John Edward so I decided to give it a try. In the cover of my copy was a post note : "To Del- Thank you for the book, I cried and laughed-often at the same time. De". Well I also cried and laughed at the same time. This is a story of an Irish/Italian family,Catholic but they also strongly believe in the afterlife as John Edward describes to us. I was raised Catholic as a child but gave up i [...]

    2. A one day read. Given to me by a co-worker, I found the opening chapter intriguing. It's pop-spirituality and by a psychic at that, but nevertheless, I don't dis-believe that our emotions are strong forces for the good or harm of others we love. This book could well be helpful, a cathartic read for someone suffering a delibitating loss of a loved one, so long as it was moderated by theologically sound counseling.

    3. This is a book about death and grief. It has inspiration to discuss it with children and deal with it as adults.

    4. An Excellent Example of Letting Go With GraceJohn Edwards in one of those extra-ordinary people who live their life in grace and consequently seem to be able to project that sense of calm at the passing of our loved ones, for we will all experience such a loss at some time in our life. What if God Were the Sun is a short novel that does just that shows how to live, and let go, with grace and dignity, in love and joy. The novel does have a slightly 'semi-autobiographical' quality to it, but that [...]

    5. I would highly suggest this book for anyone who is dealing with grief. It doesn't matter if you have lost a family member, a friend, or a pet, grief is an emotion we all experience in our own way, but it is also universal. This short story covers many forms of passing in a heartwarming and touching way, following the family of one man, who certainly seems based on the author in many ways. This is a book that you will keep and be able to read whenever you need that uplifting reminder that life co [...]

    6. A quick read. I bought this at a book store, The Third Place, in Seattle, thinking it would be a bit more philosophical or speculative. The story is a novel about death, family, and the strength and power of belief in God, as learned from an older generation and passed to a younger one. Many good quotes and observations. Many would consider it sappy; I thought it nice. And, yes, well written.

    7. It is such a good Book I recommend to anyone who lost someone they love, I couldn't stop crying, it such a surprising ending, and it was a very quick read. I read it in an hour and a half and I enjoyed it very much !:) and I want to thank my mom for nagging at me to read it because it's a favorite :)

    8. An enchanting tale of love and tenderness, several generations of the same family whose love guides them through heartache and loss. Beautifully written, a light style that is easy to absorb and so close to reality that one feels as if reading the story of our neighbors next door!I loved it.Maria Carmo,Lisbon, 21st. October 2013.

    9. This is a quick easy read. I enjoyed it so much the first time, that I read it again sometime later because I couldn't remember what it was about. It's been a couple of years since I read it nowd again I can't remember much about it. I know I enjoyed it, but can't figure out why it doesn't stick in my head. Maybe I'll read it a third time?

    10. I mooched this from Bookmooch thinking it was a non fiction by Edwards. It turned out to be fiction. I read it anyway thinking it would at least have his perspective. I think it did. It was a very quick read and I enjoyed it.

    11. I thought this was an excellent quick read. If you have ever lost someone who is close to you I think this book can help. It confirms what I already believe to be trueat our loved ones aren't ever really gone and that they do show us signs that they are still around watching over us.

    12. This book might be too painful for some people to read, but for me it was quite meaningful. It's not a book I would recommend to anyone if they've just lost someone though. It could bring forth a lot of emotional grief if you haven't given yourself enough time to heal even a little.

    13. A look at traditions and values that have been passed on through generations. Beliefs around life, death and God are weaved into the story. There is an in-depth look at passing between the two veils of lived and unlived, and how this may effect people. Good quick read.

    14. I was not able to finish this book which is rare for me. It is depressing and I only read one chapter and did not want to continue. It may be that I am not in a place to read a book regarding illness and death.

    15. One of THOSE books where I kept reading it, read the WHOLE story, hoping it would get better, didn't work for me.

    16. This book offers an easy to understand explanation about life, and what to expect when we die. It would be great for people who are afraid of dying, or someone who is grieving a loss.

    17. I've read quite a few books on the subject of grieving since I can't seem to stop grieving my mom's death. I wouldn't say this is the best book about grieving that I've read.

    18. it was a heart warming story i even cried a few time i couldn't put it down i take my hat off to john edward he knows how to reach his readers i recommend this book

    19. Not impressed. I thought it was going to be good at first with the sharing of some honest feelings with the loss of a relative, but then the author got a bit confused as to his message.

    20. Get your Kleenex ready! This was a really great book matter what your religion. If it makes you think's a good book!

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