• Title: In the End: A Pre-Apocalypse Novel
  • Author: Edward M. Wolfe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    In the End A Pre Apocalypse Novel Four college students head to the Colorado mountains for two weeks of rest relaxation and winter fun on the bunny slopes What they get instead is the end of the world as they know it as the city of D
    Four college students head to the Colorado mountains for two weeks of rest, relaxation and winter fun on the bunny slopes What they get instead is the end of the world as they know it as the city of Denver is destroyed by a nuclear explosion shortly after their arrival No electricity, no cell phones or communication They are isolated on the mountain top They don t knowFour college students head to the Colorado mountains for two weeks of rest, relaxation and winter fun on the bunny slopes What they get instead is the end of the world as they know it as the city of Denver is destroyed by a nuclear explosion shortly after their arrival No electricity, no cell phones or communication They are isolated on the mountain top They don t know if this was a nuclear accident or a deliberate attack If it is limited to Denver, or the start of World War Three.In the absence of law enforcement, with no threat of punishment from the criminal justice system, those with anti social, criminal urges are free to do as they please The former guarantees of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are gone Now it s up to every man and woman to provide and secure these things for themselves Or die trying

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    1. Seems that a lot of apocalyptical books are coming my way recently.This is the third I read in a roll. It makes me think what people are afraid, but why wouldn't them (we)? with such lack of respect, morals and ethics that are surrounding us these days THE END is about what happens to a group of people that find themselves stuck in the mountains after Denver is nuked. In a very interesting way, the author shows and tells us the reactions of: - Regular friends in holidays, one of them a nihilist [...]

    2. A deluge of dystopian and apocalyptic novels have hit the market over the past several years, but none are as exciting, honest and fast moving as “In The End”. The novel begins with a catastrophic event that would normally establish a plot driven story; but, that changes quickly as Mr. Wolfe gives the individual characters free reign to plunge the reader into a series of actions and events that culminate in a shocking conclusion.“In The End” is a roller coaster ride, in short chapters, t [...]

    3. 3.5 stars!I love that the book starts with the characters in the opening scene looking at the mushroom cloud, so I could dive right into the story. Jim and Angela are with friends in a ski-resort condo cabin, and there is immediate stress as Jim’s reaction to events is perceived as inappropriate [while his consideration of survival first is natural, he’s not unduly disturbed by the possible death of millions; his general demeanour is reminiscent of a sociopath, which makes him immediately in [...]

    4. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even though it's not the genre I usually read. I confess I read it in 2 days, couldn't put it down, it was a fast yet addictive reading that kept me going to find out more about all the characters stranded in this pre-apocalyptic story.Descriptions are vivid and flow well between chapters. Wolfe did a great job with the characters. I hated Carl and wanted him dead as soon as possible, while I had lots of sympathy towards Monica and Tori. They felt real, and I foun [...]

    5. How An Apocalypse Should Be  Wow!  As they say, you should never judge a book by its cover.  I will admit that I was a little bit put off by the cover of this, but the story inside more than made up for it.  Characters and situations that felt real, and evoked real emotions.  I'm so used to reading apocalyptics with mud-for-brains characters (or worse, shallow ones), and situations that are so convoluted that it kills the story, but that's not the case here.  In particular, I enjoyed the c [...]

    6. "One plot with four sub-plots that converge."Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent? Why or why not?It was interesting. I doubt I will listen to it again because of the poor quality of the narration, but the story was worth the time. Unlike the last book I listened to, I don't regret the time I took to listen to this one.Would you be willing to try another one of Christopher James Young’s performances?Mr Young's narration was poor in that I honestly think I could have do [...]

    7. IN THE END: A Pre-Apocalypse NovelAuthor: Edward M WolfeType of Book: Audiobook - UnabridgedNarrator: Christopher James YoungLength: 5 hours, 34 minutesGenre: Post-Apocalyptic FictionRelease Date: January 8, 2015Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐* I received a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Jim and Angela and two other friends are on vacation high in the mountains of Colorado when a mushroom cloud rises over the city of Denver. What was supposed to [...]

    8. In The End is the story of a disparate group of individuals trying to survive in the immediate two week aftermath of a nuclear attack on nearby Denver. Allegiances and friendships are forged at the same time as violent conflict is unleashed between the group, as their true colours are shown.Edward M Wolfe has written a pacy and compelling narrative; not a single chapter occurs without excitement and movement of the plot forwards. The characterisation of some protagonists, particularly Tori and T [...]

    9. In the End - a small apocalypse.In the End is a small novel (only 218 pages ) from Edward M Wolfe, following a limited number of survivors after an apparent nuclear attack on Denver. The writing is paced beautifully; in a clear, no nonsense style that pulls you along, tantalising with some lovely hooks as it goes. Once I was half way through, I needed to finish, because I was so wrapped up in the character’s situations. The plot felt realistic in its mechanics, resolving all the threads nicely [...]

    10. Very enjoyable read. Well written, nicely paced, all the good things other reviewers have said. I really liked the way that the characters emerged through what they did and said rather than through physical descriptions. Similarly, the resort setting was lightly sketched and this enabled Wolfe to get straight into the story and so sparked my interest straightaway.Some have said that too much was left hanging, however, the author billed this as a pre-apocalypse novel – it’s about the beginnin [...]

    11. In The End is one of my top five favorite post-apocalyptic novels of all time (and I read a lot of doomsday fiction). This story follows four groups of people who are brought together by a nuclear bomb that goes off in Denver. Edward Wolfe takes the reader to a special place by making you feel like you know the characters that are living through the apocalypse.Most of the characters are decent people caught in a bad situation, but there is one particularly evil man who will stop at nothing to ex [...]

    12. This book was AWESOME!! The characters were from every back ground and you really relate to them!! Everyone knows at least one of these characters. They have a friend like Jim or a relive like Tori. and some have been terrorized by people like Carl. This story is great because its not far fetched. Everything that happens really would happen if this ever occurred. I love seeing how the characters intertwine and you get to see ho everyone comes together!! I love the ending! I can't help but hope t [...]

    13. Perhaps this is simply not a genre of reading I like, but I am still giving it 3 stars because I feel that it was well-written. Another person who is interested in real-life apocalyptic text may very much enjoy this book and I would be willing to offer it to anyone who would like to read it. I read over half the book and realized I just could not get into it. That is not the author's fault as this book is engaging and has very interesting scenes. It just did not keep my attention.

    14. Loved this book !!!!!!!This is my first book by Edward M Wolfe but it won't be my last.I have never wrote a review before. The only bad thing I can say is the book wasn't long enough. The way it ended their has to be a sequel and I can't wait for it to see what happens next. If you like apocalyptic or end of the world books you will like this book. I was given this book for free for an honest review.

    15. The author had a mix of all kinds of characters, morally speaking. Of course there is the one that would even be difficult for his own mother to love. Living in this day of 'rumors of wars' as well as actual wars it isn't too far fetched to realize the events of the story could easily become reality.

    16. Good readI really liked this book. I received this book in exchange for a honest opinion. I highly recommend this book.Essie

    17. The characters were pretty stereotypical. The writing was OK. The epilogue was almost as if he needed some more words to fill some imaginary quota. It would have been better off without it.

    18. A great book by a great authorMr Wolfe seriously knows how to pull in readers. This book was amazing,I couldn't put it down once I started. It is so well written with a variety of very dynamic characters - each with their own story. The plot was well thought out and very intense; he definitely knows how to incorporate current events and ideas into his stories to get people thinking, without being boring. I can't wait for book 2. I would recommend this book to anyone. Seriously READ IT!

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