• Title: The Boy Next Door
  • Author: Josie Lloyd Emlyn Rees
  • ISBN: 9780434009060
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Boy Next Door The brilliant new novel from the bestselling authors of Come Together and Come Again soon to be a film from the producers of Four Weddings and a Funeral It s the s in the sleepy English village o
    The brilliant new novel from the bestselling authors of Come Together and Come Again, soon to be a film from the producers of Four Weddings and a Funeral.It s the 1970s in the sleepy English village of Rushton, and Mickey Maloney and Fred Roper are next door neighbours and best friends In and out of scrapes from childhood, they share everything from their first cigaretteThe brilliant new novel from the bestselling authors of Come Together and Come Again, soon to be a film from the producers of Four Weddings and a Funeral.It s the 1970s in the sleepy English village of Rushton, and Mickey Maloney and Fred Roper are next door neighbours and best friends In and out of scrapes from childhood, they share everything from their first cigarette to their first kiss They re convinced that nothing will ever keep them apart but they re wrong Fifteen years later, Mickey is beginning a new phase of her life with a small flower shop in London Squeezed into the tiny flat upstairs, she s a loving, if chaotic, single mother, trying to build a secure life Fred s about to get married to Rebecca, but when he bumps into Mickey in the aisle of Toys R Us, his whole world turns upside down The Boy Next Door is a warm, funny and moving novel about second chances and falling in love and learning you re never too old.

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    1. Even with the bad writing style and the bland narration style, this story somehow managed to captivate me. I fell in love with this book. I ended up buying this book on whim. The reviews hadn't been particularly hopeful and neither had the rating but I've always been a sucker for second chance romances so I ended up ordering this. At first I was sure I had made a bad choice, the writing style grated on my nerves and I was skimming some sentences. There was too much thinking and not enough doing. [...]

    2. Харесвам много книгите на Джози Лойд и Емлин Рийс , поне малкото , които съм имала удоволствието да прочета.Даже тяхната лична история е много сладка.И докато серията "Заедно" е типично младежка,щура , пълна със секс, алкохол и пак секс, тази е в другия край на скалата.Въпреки , [...]

    3. I loved the story of Fred and Mickey but I didn't like so much that it was presented in two perspectives.It was a little bit boring to read about the same thing again and sometimes the flashbacks in time bothered me. They were confusing becasue they weren't separated in a new chapter, and the intertwisting of the present with the past made the stroy so ambiguous. I didn't like the characters so much either because I felt that they weren't so well-presented, so I didn't sympathize with them. The [...]

    4. Tenía tantas, pero tantas ganas de leerlo Lo empecé con toda la ilusión del mundo, y al poco de empezar El chico de al lado, me di cuenta de que esta novela no era lo que esperaba. Josie Lloyd me defraudó profundamente. Tenía las bases para crear una bonita historia de amor, pero solo uso sus ingredientes base para explotarlos a base de drama, traiciones, y estupideces humanas.Fue un libro con el que no conecté, sus letras me parecieron sosas, frías, insípidas, aburridas, y la historia q [...]

    5. Stāsts par diviem cilvēkiem, kuriem bija pirmā mīlestība, bet pēc tam nelaimīgi notikumi un cilvēki viņus izšķīra. Pēc 15 gadiem nejauši viņi satiekas un viss tiek uzjundīts no jauna. Ir o.k.

    6. 3.5 stars - Yet again realised halfway through I'd already read this! But I much preferred it this time around, possibly because last time I was too young to be reading it. I really loved the dual perspective, going between past and present. I think that's probably my favourite narrative structure.

    7. In't kort: Mickey en Fred wonen in dezelfde straat, in het ingeslapen stadje Rushton, en delen alles, als beste-vrienden-voor-het-leven. Tot een dramatische gebeurtenis (die pas naar het einde toe duidelijk wordt) een abrupt einde maakt aan hun vriendschap.Vijftien jaar later staat Fred op het punt te gaan trouwen, wanneer hij Mickey opnieuw tegen het lijf loopt. Na de initiële onwennigheid lijkt het alsof ze elkaar nooit hebben moeten missen. Het mag uiteraard wel duidelijk zijn hoe dit afloop [...]

    8. Being the second book of that same name I’ve read, I would like to point out that I liked the other book very much. Well the other book being The Boy Next Door by Fitzpatrick, I guess it would be quite hard to reach that level. This book is a typical book about second chances. Boy and girl meet and become friends when they are kids, falls in love during their teenage years, get separated due to a huge problem the boy or the girl has to keep a secret, they meet when they are older, One of the t [...]

    9. I have this thing for romantic Brit lit. I don't know what it is, or why it happened, but I know that it started here with this book. This was the book I picked up on a whim while I was in the midst of all the classics and modern dismal depression of Required Reading in school, and it was here that I fell in love with a different sort of story. I loved Fred and Mickey. Going between the past and present was done seamlessly and in a way that had me wanting more NOW. Why did this happen? Where did [...]

    10. I really love when Josie and Emlyn write together! I love seeing the two sides to a relationship! The only problems I had with this story was that the chapters were long, it's silly but because I'm OCD I need shorter chapters so I can go to sleep at night! Also it would have been nice to have the past and present separate. I liked it how it was but I would have preferred that. I understand why they wrote it like they did but it's more personal preference. But the ending was so sweet and it kept [...]

    11. The blurb on the back of this made me think I would really enjoy it, but I was slightly disappointed. The constant switching between the past and present felt out of place in a way. It was too jolted - not a smooth transition between the two. I found it a hard book to read for this reason. I had to force myself to carry on until the end, as it would have been so easy to stop and give up on it altogether - something which I hate doing. The story had potential, but this was lacking a certain somet [...]

    12. I also read this on holidays and the story line was interesting. It was hard to juggle the book as it changed from Frd back to Mickey and the flashbacks they had as they remembered their childhood with each other. I thought that the storyline at the end was a bit rushed and 'far fetched' with the incident with Freds dad Miles and his business. After Rebecca tells Fred about her affair with his best friend, we do not hear of the conversation of the break up but we are left to presume that the wed [...]

    13. Una narración que algunas veces se puede tornar lenta y cansadara, pero que de alguna forma es necesaria para ingresar al mundo interior de cada uno de los personajes, lo que significó para ellos el pasado y que de alguna manera los hace ser hoy lo que son.Es una historia muy linda y tierna, de un amor puro, de esos que se mantienen y fortalecen. Esos que lo llevan de nuevo a uno a la época de la adolescencia y a las mariposas en el estomago.Muy recomendado.

    14. storia carina, ma senza carican mi ha entusiasmato molto, una letture lenta, e poi nn aveva quella carica che un libro di solito trasmette, anzi un po scadente a tratti. mi aspettavo che l'incontro con il suo passato cioè il suo amore era più dettagliato nel presente, è stato senza grandi colpi di scena

    15. More gimmick than whole novel. Predictable romance, as long-separated childhood friends and neighbors reconnect. You can pretty much see the plot points -- and ending -- approaching from a mile away, and about the only real interest lies in the alternating he said-she said chapters.

    16. I really enjoyed reading this story about mickey and fred and i found the characters understandable and i liked the way it ended and i liked the fact the friendship was something i could picture people saying to their friends at that time.

    17. Fred is soon to be married, when he meets Mickey, his old next door neighbour and best friend who he hasn't seen for years. The story skips between past and present, describing his relationship with Mickey and what split them apart. It was slow to start with but the second half was good.

    18. Eh, a nice short read in a book that I will soon forget reading. I did however enjoy the love story and the characters were endearing enough, although maybe a bit plain. Not a masterpiece, not gripping, just a nice, feel-good book to enjoy by the pool.

    19. Probably my first book that I read in English, since High school. Lost it though.But it was so sweet, and wonderfull and romantic I like it a lot! I read it over 8 years ago but still remember the cover.

    20. This was a very quick and easy read and quite enjoyable. A bit fluffy and light. I loved the flashbacks in time as well.

    21. I really enjoyed this lovely easy to read love story. I am a sucker for romance and this certainly did the job! Its a story about first love and revisiting that first love years later.

    22. He said - she said A very predictable story about first love, meeting again. Somewhat like bland popcorn

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