• Title: 2043 A.D.
  • Author: Edward M. Wolfe
  • ISBN: 0692470611
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • A.D by Edward M Wolfe Share book I was honored to receive an ARC advanced review copy of A.D by Edward M Wolfe My copy had a different title than the final product, but I m assured that the content remained unchanged. A.D Edward M Wolfe Books A.D Edward M Wolfe on FREE shipping on qualifying offers year old Deron just wants to be left alone and if at all possible, be reunited with the girl of his dreams Not too much to ask for under normal circumstances Customer reviews A.D. A.D is a high grade, science fiction, dystopian society thriller for which I offer the highest recommendation You ll recognize current events that could lead to the revolution and it will take very little imagination to picture the world Mr Wolfe describes. a.d BIBLE Students DAILY A.D to A.D The words of Hosea is thus about natural Israel not about Spiritual Israel the Bride of Christ because in verse one, we read that God has smitten them. Books similar to A.D Best books like A.D Tick The Tick Series Book Digital Rapture The Singularity Anthology The Death Row Complex Katrina Stone Home My Books U.S Code Transfers for insufficient For purposes of section relating to expenses, indebtedness, and taxes , a transfer of property which satisfies the requirements of paragraph of section relating to certain property settlements shall be considered to be made for an adequate and full consideration in money or money s worth. John Paulding s Over the Top, Model A The E M This view of a Paulding Model A clearly shows the brace supporting the right leg, and right foot completely free of the base, a Paulding hallmark for this work These features are common to all versions of the Model A D. MMXLIII will be a common year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar, the rd year of the Common Era CE and Anno Domini AD designations, the rd year of the rd millennium, the rd year of the st century, and the th year of the s decade Predicted and scheduled events. D.C Law Library Who may be guardian priorities. Who may be guardian priorities a Any qualified person may be appointed guardian of an incapacitated individual a Except as provided in paragraph of this subsection, a person will be deemed by the court to have a conflict of interest and may not be appointed as a guardian if the person S. Security and Financial Empowerment Act of Text for S. th Congress Security and Financial Empowerment Act of Access to Accounts, Saved Searches, and Alerts may be temporarily unavailable during planned maintenance on Saturday, February , .

    A D In after riots looting martial law and then civil war the economy was crippled and the upcoming elections were delayed indefinitely Well armed citizens fought against anti gun citizens Surviv
    In 2016 after riots, looting, martial law, and then civil war, the economy was crippled and the upcoming elections were delayed indefinitely Well armed citizens fought against anti gun citizens Survivalists bugged out, leaving the city folk to fight to the death The military was called in to handle what the National Guard couldn t America s enemies saw this as the perfIn 2016 after riots, looting, martial law, and then civil war, the economy was crippled and the upcoming elections were delayed indefinitely Well armed citizens fought against anti gun citizens Survivalists bugged out, leaving the city folk to fight to the death The military was called in to handle what the National Guard couldn t America s enemies saw this as the perfect time to strike Large population centers and capital cities were nuked Bio Chemical weapons were unleashed on the east coast America s allies and enemies attacked each other, launching world war three, which stopped soon after it began The devastation was too overwhelming The combatants ceased in horror The least damaged areas in the U.S began to pick up the pieces and rebuild over the years Many instituted new forms of government Orange County in southern California took over governing the state after the nuclear annihilation of Sacramento and Los Angeles The county administrator who declined to call himself Governor implemented a new monetary system, a new justice department, a plethora of new laws, and new methods of law enforcement He also formed the Department of Equal Opportunity which he tasked with creating solutions to eradicate inequality and economic disparity so as to prevent the social injustices that had plagued the U.S before the many wars and eventually made the destruction of a once great nation possible By the year 2043, Orange County was considered by other territories to be thriving and leading the way to the rebirth of America After succeeding in nearly eliminating violent crime, the next goal of the DEO was to identify young citizens who seemed to be normal now but could possibly become the criminals and sociopaths of the future If they could find them, they believed they could fix them They started with four teenagers.

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    1. I was honored to receive an ARC (advanced review copy) of ‘2043 A.D.’ by Edward M. Wolfe. My copy had a different title than the final product, but I’m assured that the content remained unchanged. Having read and reviewed two previous novels by this author (‘In The End’ and ‘Reaching Kendra’) I expected a great reading experience. I didn’t get a great reading experience. Instead, I enjoyed a brilliantly written, completely realistic story about how our world might look just twent [...]

    2. 4.75 starsHas the Big Brother ever left us?How will America be in 2043?Edward M Wolfe brings us an interesting story about a high IQ teenager who does not conform to the new society rules, as does not his grandfather.A wrong look to the EGG, the new police, and boom! His life will never be the same anymore.Should I classify this book as dark? Or hopeful? Or thoughtful?Maybe all the three together, tending to the darker side of a dystopian sci-fi novel. The reflection on nowadays society is what [...]

    3. Wolfe always chooses thought-provoking story lines. Deron is the introverted teenager of a single mother. He has a crush on Michelle, who wants to fit in with the popular crowd, and Charlie is Deron’s grandfather, who remembers the last war and is disgusted with the current authoritarian government. These three will soon find themselves on the run after an incident searching for a “free zone” where a person’s every action isn’t monitored. This is a page turner and I had no idea how the [...]

    4. Once again Edward Wolfe delivers a real page-turner of a novel that had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end wondering what was going to happen next. The central characters, Deron, Charlie, Kathleen and Michelle are beautifully described and I was immediately absorbed in their lives and hoping that things would turn out well for them. We are not meant to like the two main villains, Drake Austin and Dr. Fielding, and we don’t, and they have been skilfully drawn so that each is evil b [...]

    5. 2043 is a wonderfully written, suspenseful, and terrifying book. The story is about a seventeen-year-old boy who marches to the beat of his own drum. After nuclear war and the fall of civilization, the government is rebuilt in Orange County, California, where they monitor every minute of the lives of its citizens in order to ensure equality for all. Which is a huge problem because no one has a shred of privacy anymore. The main character, Darren Young, lives a life of solitude, spending his free [...]

    6. Edward M. Wolf is a talented writer with an ability to dig out a current social theme and then extrapolate, pushing the idea's envelope to the extreme. The story in 2043A.D. doesn't shy away from its premise and this allowed the writer room to develop some intriguing situations. Although I have only given the story 3 stars I did enjoy it. But as I read I found myself asking for more depth, more insight into the speculation. If I were asked, who the book was aimed at, I'd say it was Young Adult. [...]

    7. It’s hard to describe this book. Not much happened until the end, which was then rushed as if the author realised that he had been rambling on without any real direction. It tries to be an observational piece about a possible future, but fails in this area too. There is little action, little character development, with many of them being bland boring images and only certain interesting things being revealed at the end. There are attempts at recreating an Orwellian society in the book, it doesn [...]

    8. Thank you for sending me this book. I absolutely loved this read. I had not read the authors previous novels, but that did not matter. The book is obviously set in the future after a nuclear war, and it is very believable, whilst at the same time very frightening and at times unnerving. It certainly made me think the main character Deron really has to fight for what he believes & for his survival. The book deals with many moral issues. Once again, thanks for sending me this book; I thorough [...]

    9. I received this book on a good reads give away. The protagonist, Darren Young, lives a life of solitude spending his free time reading. Unfortunately, he gets flagged by the government for being anti-social, so he's forced into a rehabilitation program that will surely ruin his lifeThe story was realistic and I enjoyed the journey but I feel it lacked depth and was rushed near the ending, hence 4 stars.

    10. The dream police, they're coming to arrest me, oh noA little like 1984, a little like Minority Report.In the future, people are sheep, becoming less intelligent, and more 'politically correct'.A program is started to identify and 'modify' those considered at risk for future problems.Results: interesting and fairly well-written, though not on par with '1984'. I'd probably try something else by this author.

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