• Title: Manners at the Table
  • Author: Carrie Finn Chris Lensch
  • ISBN: 9781404835535
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • Manners at the Table Why should you chew with your mouth closed Find out how good manners make mealtime nice for everyone
    Why should you chew with your mouth closed Find out how good manners make mealtime nice for everyone.

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    1. This was a great book to read with my 4-year-old. The illustrations are cute and there are opportunities to talk about manners.Each page gives an example of someone doing something and ends with a sentence that reinforces that they used good manners.Example: "Lucy washes her hands with soap before she comes to the table. She is using good manners."It talks about:Napkin in lap and staying seated for the meal.Taking small bites of food.Chewing with your mouth closed.Sipping slowly instead of gulpi [...]

    2. This was a great book to remind the kids of the manners they should use at the dinner table and their manners have gotten even better after reading it! They are so polite and ask to pass things and put napkins on their laps and use them correctly. They even ask to be excused. All things I enforced but were never remembered. I think reading them in books someone else wrote helps enforce that since it's not just coming from mom or dad. Like sometimes they thunk your the only one who does it lol.

    3. Manners at the Table is a story that uses characters such as Lucy, Peter and others to model appropriate table manners. The book begins with Lucy washing her hands before dinner. Peter the next character shows the correct way to lay down a napkin. Georgia another little girl, takes small bites of her food. The book continues to use different children of colors and genders to display good table manners . The story ends with fun facts such as how different countries display good table manners. For [...]

    4. Cute pictures and my students loved the series. They even practiced! Unfortunately, my ex's child didn't grasp the concept (which is why I am now single).

    5. Great illustrations! This book lets students know about table manners. Great book to use when teaching about manners.

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