• Title: Murph
  • Author: Dale Murphy Brad Rock Lee Warnick
  • ISBN: 9780884945987
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Murph None

    One Reply to “Murph”

    1. One of my childhood heroes and an all-around good man. Though he hasn't played ball in years, his story is a must read for every young man.

    2. Without a doubt, my favorite all-time sports star is Dale Murphy, #3 for the Atlanta Braves, aka Murph. As a kid hungry for heroes, and a baseball fan and card collector, I quickly latched on to Dale Murphy. And I avidly followed his career from the mid 80s through retirement. My fascination stemmed initially from my Mormon upbringing and Mr. Murphy’s affiliation with the LDS Church. But my fan-status was assured when my parents purchased cable TV. I began watching Atlanta Braves games on TBS. [...]

    3. I liked this book, but I wanted to love it. If I was not such a big Dale Murphy fan I probably would have given the book only two stars. The content of the book was great. Dale tells about his experiences from his first few years in the major leagues. He talks a lot about the importance of his faith and how it plays a major role in his life and career. The reason for the low rating is simply the writing style. It reads like it was written by a 20-something-year-old without a college education (w [...]

    4. Dale Murphy was the first player in Major League Baseball that I really looked up to as both a star of the game but an all around great guy. Murph is a good quick autobiography of Dale. My only issues with it are that it was a little heavy on his love of his Morman religion (however, I expected this as it was published by a LDS publishing company) and that he wrote this so early in his career. I'd love to see a more extensive biography by Dale which followed his whole career and life after baseb [...]

    5. The theme of this book is persistence. One example of the theme is when Barry Bonnell spent multiple bus trips to convert Dale Murphy. Another example is when dale was continuously recruited by Atlanta Braves scouts. This symbolizes that even an ordinary person from an ordinary background can achieve their goals. People should read this book because of the insight into one of baseball's greats path to greatness.

    6. I don't give out 5 stars very often, and the book really isn't that good, but Dale Murphy is. He may not be the greatest player of all time, but he most certainly is the greatest man to be a player. Thus, 5 stars!!!!

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