• Title: The Killing Files
  • Author: Nikki Owen
  • ISBN: 9781848454415
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Killing Files No matter how fast you run the past always catches up with youDr Maria Martinez is out of prison and on the run Her mission To get back to the safety of her family Little does she know that this migh
    No matter how fast you run, the past always catches up with youDr Maria Martinez is out of prison and on the run.Her mission To get back to the safety of her family.Little does she know that this might be the most dangerous place of all

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    1. This is a stupendous sequel to Subject 375 and it is a non stop thrill ride from beginning to end. The Asperger's Syndrome affected Maria gets to the bottom of who she is, and there is an immense amount of knowledge which shakes her to her very core. She becomes acquainted with the deepest of betrayals as she learns who is responsible for putting her in the hands of the Project. What is touching is that she has a tightly knit group of friends who both help and support her in their different ways [...]

    2. Brilliant non-stop action and thrills! A fantastic sequel to the first book in this fabulous series.which was republished as . If you have not yet read the first book in the series then you must, both are excellent book and the first book will give you good background to the sequel that will make for better reading.Dr. Maria Martinez has Aspergers Syndrome and we met her in the first book whilst she was in prison with all sorts of things going on around her. She is no longer in prison but she is [...]

    3. The Spider in the Corner of the Room was the first in this series that will be a trilogy, and introduced us the the world of plastic surgeon and Aspergers sufferer Dr Maria Martinez and "The Project". It was a brilliant read, a book I throughly enjoyed, so I was really looking forward to reading the sequel "The Killing Files". If you haven't read the first part in this series then I highly recommend doing so as otherwise this novel will be totally confusing to you, as the back story from the fir [...]

    4. The Killing Files – An Exciting ThrillerThe Killing Files from the author Nikki Owen is the second book in the Project Trilogy, and this needs to be read after Subject 375. If you try to read this as a standalone book or out of sequence the characters and storyline will not make much sense, so please be warned.Dr Maria Martinez is not only the main character but also the narrator of the story, so we see the world through her eyes and at the same time need to remember that Maria is on the autis [...]

    5. We first met Maria in Subject 375 or The Spider in the Corner of the Room (as it was previously called). Maria returns in The Killing Files, part two of the trilogy. It really is important to read this trilogy in order and to share with Maria, a growing sense of what is happening. I have high hopes for the final part. Maria is up against The Project once again, battling those who seek to control and betray her.Maria is now free from prison and is living anonymously in Spain. She allows herself t [...]

    6. I was a huge fan of the first book in this series – Subject 375 (Originally titled The Spider in the Corner of the Room) so I was REALLY looking forward to The Killing Files and once again I found it to be an intelligent and absorbing read, mostly it has to be said because of our main protagonist, Dr Maria Martinez – who is clever, brilliantly portrayed and often hilarious – plus in all sorts of troubleSubject 375 was mostly set within the claustrophobic confines of a prison – now Maria [...]

    7. No matter how fast you run, the past always catches up with youDr Maria Martinez is out of prison and on the run.Her mission? To get back to the safety of her family.Little does she know that this might be the most dangerous place of all… Harper Collins very generously sent me an ARC of this book for review.I haven’t read the first in the series, Subject 375, but I sometimes feel like the reading experience of reading the second book of a trilogy can give you a good feeling for the quality o [...]

    8. Firstly I must say that I had not read the first book in the series and at times especially at the beginning I did feel very out of my depth. I would therefore strongly recommend that Subject 375 is read first to get the full enjoyment from the series so far. The writing is brilliant and there are certainly those sit on the edge of your seat moments throughout the book. The novel is set around Dr. Maria Martinez, a woman with Aspergers and this creates some very memorable moments in the book. Th [...]

    9. This is the sequel to Spider in the Corner of the Room (renamed Project 375). If you haven't read the first book I recommend you go there first as you are in for a treat with that one and this one will make more sense. Maria is still as complex, as infuriating and (because of her Asperger's) as literal as ever. The books are not an easy read as the story is told from Maria's viewpoint and her decision making is sometimes unexpected. In this story she is betrayed and finds herself losing everythi [...]

    10. I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI have been waiting for a year for this book and the wait was definitely worth it. Another beautifully crafted thriller with a difference from Nikki Owen. As with the “Spider in the Corner of the Room” the prose is wonderful and the imagery spectacular, but the real draw is the main character of Dr. Maria Martinez, through whom the action is narrated and experienced. Maria is on the Autistic spectrum, and h [...]

    11. After the whirlwind mind games and faltering allegiances in Subject 375 (Book 1) Dr Maria Martinez is coping pretty well considering she’s been poked with a very pointy stick for years in the name of National Security. Not only does she have Asperger’s, she’s previously been accused of murdering a priest and has narrowly survived an assassination attempt, while her impressive IQ has been unwittingly taken advantage of for years by ‘The Project’.She can find no hard evidence of the fals [...]

    12. The project trilogy (2) by Nikki Owen.No matter how fast you run, the past always catches up with you.Dr Maria Martinez is out of prison and on the run.Her mission? To get back to the safety of her family.Little does she know that this might be the most dangerous place of all…A very enjoyable read with great characters. Maria was my favourite character. I loved how she wouldn't stop until she got the truth. Can't wait for next part. 4*. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book from [...]

    13. Firstly, this is book two of a trilogy. You really need to read book one before this one and then be prepared to invest in book three when it is out. They don't really work as stand alone books, that's not what they are defined as or designed to be.Like book one, this book also has a time-hopping narrative. There are two main starting positions. One being a little while after the end of book one and the other a while later. I found this much easier to follow than in book one as, apart from the t [...]

    14. I really enjoyed The Spider in the Corner of the Room when I read it last year (which has now had its name changed to a more appropriate Subject 375) so was really keen to continue following Dr Maria Martinez in book 2 of The Project Trilogy-The Killing Files.I will start by saying that you really do need to read the first book before you head off into the madness of book 2 as there is a lot of background information to take with you on this journey! Maria is now out of prison and on the run fro [...]

    15. Taut, tense and totally terrifying, don’t miss the second heart-pounding installment of best-selling author Nikki Owen‘s Project trilogy, The Killing Files!Dr Maria Martinez is a smart, clever and intelligent professional who does not miss a beat. As Maria has Asperger’s, she notices everything and remembers and recalls every single tiny minute detail which she comes across. But Maria is a woman with a price on her head. After being imprisoned by The Project, a secret governmental agency t [...]

    16. This is the second part of the series The Project by Nikki Owen. The first part is Subject 375 (it was called Spider in the Corner of the Room, but has been renamed).I think to get a clearer idea of the whole concept and Maria’s story I would suggest reading the first book. It will put the story and characters into perspective.What I initially found really interesting about the premise was the fact the main character has Asperger’s Syndrome. The first book focuses on this aspect of Maria a l [...]

    17. For anyone who has read the first book in the Project Trilogy, The Spider in the Corner of the Room (now Subject 375), it is not a surprise if this is the very next book that you read. For me, the finishing of one, dove-tailed with the publishing of this and like this, the story follows straight on from where the first installment leaves us. This is a fast-paced, explosive, thriller never lets up as it flits between a recent past and an uncertain future. Dr Maria Martinez might have thought that [...]

    18. Killing Files is the second novel in Nikki Owen's 'the project' trilogy, and it is outstanding!Dr Maria Martinez has finally broken free from 'the project' a top secret government project who have been experimenting on her since an early age.Maria thinks she is safe in her Spanish home, hidden away from the Project. Or is she?Despite her best attempts at total security she is rumbled by the project and back in their capture before she realised what has happened.Maria realises that she recognises [...]

    19. How excited was I to hear that The Killing Files is the second book in the project files series. Having read The Spider In The Corner Of The Room which has been renamed Subject 375 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I couldn't wait to get started and i sure as hell wasn't disappointed and devoured it in one afternoon I simply couldn't put it down.So in this second book we continue the journey of Dr Maria Martinez who is out of prison and on the run. And her mission is to get back to the safety of her fa [...]

    20. An excellent psychological thriller.This is the second book in the Project Trilogy. I think that having read the first book in the series Subject 375 helped me get hooked from the outset and my understanding of the main character, Dr. Maria Martinez, her Aspergers and her attention to detail was already established. The storyline jumps from periods when she is captive to the period of time before that event and keeps you gripped, it is an intense read that keeps you guessing. Maria Martinez is a [...]

    21. Who did what - and why?What is the truth? Is she imagining what is happening? Who is the ‘baddy’? Is she mentally ill?All these questions come and go as you read each of the beginning chapters.I hadn’t read the previous book in the series so I was coming at this story from a totally innocent of expectations perspective – it may be if I had read the previous book I would have known the answers to a least some of these questions butIn my mind however the fact of not knowing the answers for [...]

    22. Firstly, let me caution you. This is not a intended to be a standalone book. To get the maximum benefit, I recommend that you should read Subject 375 first (previously titled "The Spider in the Corner of the Room" - my review HERE)But oh my, this book. The narrative style of the author means that as a reader, I was constantly off balance. Flicking back and forth between the recent past and the present, the slow release of information which was fed through ensured that I was never fully confident [...]

    23. This is a roller coaster of a book that had me sat on the edge of my seat. Nikki Owen really knows how to ramp up the tension.I hadn't read the first in the series but that didn't matter at all as I got to know everything I needed to know in this book, Dr Maria Martinez wakes up to find herself restrained and confined in a very dark place with no recollection of how she got there. Aspergers sufferer Maria is disorientated and cannot understand where her friends are. We find out the details as th [...]

    24. A very descriptive and intense read. From captive to being captured. This is in vivid detail by this logophile author without anything being unnecessary. Depth of portrayal gives this an excellent feel.Maria is on the autism spectrum having Asperger’s syndrome but has been raised by “The Project” a part of MI5 that they now wish to cease all knowledge of and anyone who knows anything about her. She is of high intellect (She is now a Dr and an IT expert) and has the precision of a robot:” [...]

    25. It was a joy to slip back into the world of Dr Martinez for this, the second book in the trilogy. Nikki Owen has retained the fast paced and addictive writing style from the first book. I really had trouble putting this book down as the short, punchy chapters keep you saying "just one more". The characters are well created and you develop a true sense of feeling for them. The scenarios that take place, also, are well crafted and you can tell that these books are well researched. If you are looki [...]

    26. The second part to the enthralling Project series doesn't let you down as we are plunged back into Dr Maria Martinez's life, where she is being held and drugged, but by who and how did she get there? Concurrently we are also given a temporal account of what has happened to her since her acquittal. Even more thrilling than the first part this thriller expertly feeds your curiosity as we learn more about the Project and those involved as well as find out more about Maria. There are gripping suspen [...]

    27. Having read Project 375 and now The Killing Files, I feel less enamored with Maria Martinez than I was in the earlier book, I'm sorry to say. There's lots of action and drama, as new information is revealed, but it felt more simplistically elementary. The first 1/4 of book rehashed all that happened in the previous book in an almost juvenile fashion. I found that tedious. But, if you haven't read book one, this would certainly be helpful in bringing you up to speed, so not a drawback.The Killing [...]

    28. This is the second book in the Project Trilogy. Thanks to Harlequin and NetGalley for an ARCPlastic surgeon Dr Maria Martinez has Asperger’s, she doesn't know who to trust and after her release from prison she is on the run. The book starts with her waking up, tied up in a dark room. it then switches between present day and the hours leading up to her imprisonment. It includes lots of flashbacks that give us an insight into her earlier life.This is brilliantly written with a very unusual main [...]

    29. Adrenaline pumping story-line. Breath-taking and non-stop action from start to finish. An extremely well formulated plot which keeps one guessing till the end. Even though I have not read the first book I found it an excellent read, as the author cleverly incorporates previous incidents to remind readers of it. In this book, Maria actually finds out who she really is. Her memory gradually helps her identify her true self with the assistance of her friends (Balthus, Patricia and Chris).

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