• Title: The Berenstains' B Book
  • Author: Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain
  • ISBN: 9780001712874
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Berenstains B Book In the B Book the youngest child will be entertained by a hilarious build up of words beginning with the letter B It s an ideal introduction to the realisation that letters represent sounds and end
    In the B Book, the youngest child will be entertained by a hilarious build up of words beginning with the letter B It s an ideal introduction to the realisation that letters represent sounds, and end with a bang Ages 3

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    1. A book reminiscent of the Dr. Seuss tongue twisters!I love this book. My kids love to hear me read it as fast as I can. Very easy read for new readers too! The actual book we have is my book from when I was a child (um-hm the 1970's) but I was reintroduced to this particular book when my son was in Speech Therapy. This gave us B words to practice the Bah sound.Love the Berenstains!

    2. It's an automatic 5 stars for books from childhood, folks. No exceptions. In retrospect, these books seem as a capitalist marketing scam to me. Devoting an entire book to the letter 'B'. This means that if you want your kid to be well-rounded in the ways of the Englische alphabet, you have to get (translate: buy) 25 more books. Alas, mom could only afford this one book of 'B' words. As a result, ever since I was but a babe, my babbling speech was a bundle of blundering bumbles that baffled many. [...]

    3. A wonderful book to introduce the letter B and all the silly and common words you can make starting with "B".

    4. A fun book filled with B's. The story grows so absurd you can't help but laugh. My family can still quote this book 20+ years later, and we still love it.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    5. Fun and wacky book! I loved it as a kid and it still tickles me as an adult. No one should "B" without it!

    6. I love books like this. It seems like they're not going to make any sense, but somehow they do. They push you along to get you to read faster and you end up getting tongue tied. They might not be the greatest in literature, but they are fun.

    7. This reminds me of the Dr. Seuss "flow" in his books. The build up of 'B' words are great for children just learning to read. The illustrations are great.

    8. Had many fun nights when I was a kid having adults read this. I still love this book. It's a blast watching and listening to an adult try to read it without missing a word and without cracking up.

    9. The Berenstain's B Book, by Stan Berenstain, is about a couple of silly animals doing unexpected things together. It starts out with" Big brown. Big Brown Bear." The author continues to do so for other animals, naming specific adjectives about themseleves. Then, as the story goes on all of the silly animals get into a bit of a jam because they got caught up in all of their fun! But you will need to go get the book yourself and read it with your child to see what they do to get out of that jam!Th [...]

    10. During the night, my little boy tipped over his toy bin and used it to scale his bookshelves. This morning there were a pile of about twenty books on the floor and he wanted me to read every one of them. For the most part, he would lose interest after a page or two, but a few he listened to right until the end. Those books deserve a write-up.That he listened all the way through The Berenstains' B Book surprised me. I did lose interest after about the fourth page, but he was loving all those Bs, [...]

    11. This story was published in 1971 by Random House Publishing and is one of the Bright and Early series. It is a story comprised completely of words that start with the letter B (for the exception of a couple "ands" and a "and that's what"). The story starts out with a big brown bear who befriends a blue bull and the "B" words build from there. The animals end up driving a bicycle backwards blowing bubbles and have an accident with a bunny and a bus and cause baby birds balloon to burst. The take [...]

    12. I have always loved the various Berenstain books! I first encountered this book a year ago when I was working in a Kindergarten classroom. The students ALWAYS wanted me to read this. When I saw that it was a Berenstain book I could not resist, but once I started reading it was a lot of fun trying to spit out a repetitive story in which all of the characters and the things they encounter start with the letter B. So when I found a copy at a used book store, I just had to buy it! I think this is a [...]

    13. This is a perfect book for learning the phonemes for the letter B. The book uses a repetitive sequence that builds upon its self as you continue to read. Students will love to listen as much as you will love to try reading it correctly. The book is a tongue twister that could be used to ensure students read each word of the story. They will no doubt have fun trying! I would use this in a preschool or kindergarten classroom when students are learning to identify letters and the sounds they make. [...]

    14. Although I didn't care for the Berenstain style of drawings, I got a kick out of the contents of this book, and it only took a few short minutes, while reading this to my younger siblings, to memorize it, which I still remember (practically verbatim) to this day, 40-ish years later.Here it is, minus the repetition of particular phrases:"Big Brown Bear, Blue Bull, Beautiful Baboon, blowing bubbles, biking backward, bump Black Bug's banana boxes, and Billy Bunny's bread basket, and that's what bur [...]

    15. This is a fast-paced, fun little add on counting book with adventure and surprises enough to keep the attention of little ones. A favorite of our family - a great book when children are learning the look and the sound of the letter B.It is so funny to see my children discovering anew the books I love reading in my early childhood. It is amusing that they often think they are the first to discover the things they love: whether it is books or songs or food. I'm sure we were once the same way.

    16. You know what is great about this book?It's a pain in the butt to read but it sure is fun to yell, once you've got the whole thing memorized.Big brown bear, Blue bull, BEEEYOOOTIFUL baboon biking backward, blowing bubbles(you really have to hyper-flourish the word "beautiful" because, well, why wouldn't you?)If you have super annoying children who like to torture you with stories they know by heart, keep this far away from them.

    17. A book about the letter "b". It wasn't amazing from an adult's perspective, but I'm sure a child will love it. It's colorful and having all of those "b" words would be helpful for kindergarten. After the first time reading it, however; I don't think the kids will want to read it over and over again, but you never know. The pictures were not my favorite pictures either. They had a vintage feel to them. On the whole, it was just okay. Especially since it was just about one letter.

    18. I loved this book. Along with Dr. Seuss' "500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins" and "Hand Hand Fingers Thumb" these are the holy trinity of beloved childhood books from my youth.For kids learning to read this book's focus on the letter B and words that start with it make for a simple and fun way to start sounding words out.

    19. A classic beginning reading book, this book has words that even my pre-two-year-old could recognize and read. This book should be on every beginner reader's shelf. Simple and playful, the letter "B" abounds, teaching the sound of the letter as well as reinforcing words that begin with "B". A cute, funny story ensues with rhyming, repeating words and simple pictures that would appeal to even the youngest of readers.

    20. "Big Brown Bear, Blue Bull, Beautiful Baboon, blowing bubbles, biking backward. . . ."I suspect that there are many adults out there (and probably some kids), who, on hearing this phrase, might just chime right in. The "B Book" is one of those books that stands up over generations of readers. My parents shared it with me and I shared it with my son. On a side note: This is also one of the few children's books I can think of that shows a banjo.

    21. One of my all time favorite children's book. I read it so much that I have it memorized. Just about every word starts with a "B" so it is like a tongue twister. Each page builds on the one before it, almost like the 12 days of Christmas. The repetition isn't boring but makes it a great book for early readers. You will get so caught up in the words and pictures that you will never expect the surprise ending.

    22. My favorite thing about reading this book is that when it was over, the little girl I was reading it too looked up at me with big blue eyes and said, "Oh! That book was sad!" The book is really very silly, with lots and lots of animals beginning with the letter B sort of running into each other, causing a calamitous crash. The result of this crash is that a baby bird's balloon gets burst. When you're two, I suppose this would be a pretty darn sad end to a book.

    23. I knew this whole thing by heart as a childwhich is why my mother bought it for me now, as an adult. What is not to love? Big brown bear, blue bull, beautiful baboon blowing bubbles biking backwards? This is great stuff! Spoiler alert: They bump black bug's banana boxes AND Billy Bunny's breadbasket AND Brother Bob's Baseball Bus AND that's what broke baby bird's balloon. Tragic!

    24. This was an absolute read every single night for my kids. They would not go to sleep until they heard this story. They thought it was the funniest things they've ever heard. I can tell you now since it's been two years since we've read it my husband and I can still recite it word for word. Have a great time reading kids!

    25. This is a fun story that involves the Berenstain Bears. They introduce the letter B along with some silly words that start with the letter b. This book can be used in a classroom when b is the letter of the day/week. The students can read this story then add on their own line to the end where each word starts with b. They can also draw a picture to accompany the line they made up.

    26. I remember reading this to my oldest son - he loved it- Especially the BAM!!!! part in the middle. My husband and I could recite the entire thing - I wonder if I still could! The pictures were great, the crash scene was funny and the feeling that all kids get when a catastrophe is about to happen - great!!!!

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