• Title: Una Piedra Extraordinaria
  • Author: Leo Lionni Ekare
  • ISBN: 9788494171673
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Una Piedra Extraordinaria En una divertida situaci n de confusi n de identidades la rana Jessica y sus amigos descubren una piedra de la cual emerge una criatura larga y verde Jessica asegura que se trata de un pollo Escrita
    En una divertida situaci n de confusi n de identidades, la rana Jessica y sus amigos descubren una piedra de la cual emerge una criatura larga y verde Jessica asegura que se trata de un pollo Escrita e ilustrada por el incomparable Leo Lionni, esta c mica historia muestra que todo depende del cristal con que se mire.

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    1. I really liked An Extraordinary Egg, but I am such a huge Fish is Fish fan (one of my favorite books from my childhood), that I will pretty much love anything by Leo Lionni. My niece and nephew seemed to think this book was ok, but neither of them was particularly impressed with it. They were both so hung up on the fact that the "chicken" was really a crocodile, that they weren't able to see the humor in the story. I think they were mostly annoyed that the frogs didn't know a chicken from a croc [...]

    2. This is rather amusing and a great read to throw in while studying amphibians and reptiles. Update: 2015 An Extraordinary Egg is a story written about 1948 I believe. It is one of several by Leo Lionni that has entertained children for decades. Now for the summer of 2015, this story returns in a Step into Reading Level 3 reader right on key for students that are getting ready to read on their own. Reading this now, I'd say that it would a perfect one to add in when studying classifications in sc [...]

    3. Though I really enjoyed this book, something seemed off and so I gave it a 4 instead of a 5. The illustrations are typical of Lionni's work. In this story, a frog finds a "rock" which the other frogs call a chicken egg. So when it hatches, it turns out to be something other than a chicken. However, they never really realize that. This I think is the problem for me. I think for an adult it was a great joke. Need to think about this from a child's perspective.

    4. This is a funny story about three frogs, one of which always brings home something extraordinary she'd found. One day she rolled home a bog round pebble which turned out to be an egg. One frog said it's a chicken egg. Soon it hatched, so they called the little green four-legged animal a chicken. Funny ending. Great illustrations.

    5. It's such a welcome change when authors treat children like capable readers. Take a cue from Leo and leave some gaps in the story, people! The chicken mistake is never addressed, which is fun, funny and fabulous.A forerunner to Arlene Sardine, I do believe.

    6. The little ones think it is hilarious when (SLIGHT SPOILER HERE) the two frogs keep calling the baby alligator a chicken. "THAT'S NOT A CHICKEN!" they kept interrupting the story to tell me.Yes. I know. ;]

    7. An Extraordinary Egg is about a frog named Jessica who comes across an egg while looking for pebbles. She brings it back to her friends and they explain that it is a chicken egg. The egg hatches and it is an alligator. They frogs continue to call the alligator a chicken and Jessica and the alligator become best friends. Then one day a bird comes and tells the alligator that it's mom is looking for it and Jessica takes the alligator back to it's mom.I thought this book was hilarious! I love that [...]

    8. This book is about a frog named Jessica who finds an egg while looking for extraordinary pebbles. She takes it back to the other two frogs (Marilyn and August) and they tell her it’s a chicken egg! The egg hatches and an alligator comes out. Jessica and the chicken (alligator) end up becoming best friends. The frogs continue to call the alligator a chicken and then one day a bird comes and tells Jessica and the chicken that the chicken’s mother is looking for her. They go on a journey to fin [...]

    9. Requested birthday gift book. Love the art and the description of one of the frogs as "one who was always somewhere else." (view spoiler)[The scene where the chicken saves that frog from drowning is a little bit of a traumatic surprise, but so is the fact that the big chicken at the end of the book didn't pop the frog into her mouth for dinner. I thought that the reptile kind of chickens eat frogs. (hide spoiler)]

    10. This book was enjoyable and cute, but it did not contain a rich lesson or moral. It would be a great book for very young readers when they are learning to read as it contains simple language, a simple plot, and very little words on each page.

    11. Three frogs play together, but one of them keeps wandering off. On one of her journeys she finds what she thinks is a big rock, but it is really an egg. When it hatches one of the frogs says it's a chicken, but it's not.

    12. A frog finds an egg and shows her friends. When the egg hatches, the frogs are a little wrong about what it actually is.

    13. Super cute book! Kept me giggling the whole time I read it. I loved how curious the frog was, and how he was so brave!

    14. This is a quirky picture book about a frog who finds a crocodile egg and when it hatches thinks it's a chicken. Young listeners get the joke and think the confusion is funny. With signature Lionni art work, this would also be a useful book to use to begin a discussion about animal classification.

    15. (Spoiler Alert) In An Extraordinary Egg Leo Lionni takes readers on a fun-filled silly trip that just keeps getting better. The story tells about three frogs who live together on Pebble Island. One of the frogs, Jessica, has an extreme sense of wonder and loves to explore. While exploring one day Jessica finds what she believes to be a HUGE pebble, but when she gets home know-it-all Marilyn tells Jessica that the pebble is a chicken egg. Eventually the egg hatches and out pops a baby alligator, [...]

    16. An Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni Summary: An Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni is a book about a frog named Jessica, her two friends Marilyn and August and an amazing discovery. Jessica was the adventurous one who was always looking and finding something new. She likes to bring pebbles back to her friends to show them her extraordinary finds but they are never that impressed with her. One day she brings back a huge white pebble to show her friend, but to her surprise they are astonished by her f [...]

    17. In his creative and unexpected style, Leo Leonni tells the story of Jessica, a very curious frog. On Pebble Island, Jessica spends her days exploring looking for the perfect stone. MOne day, she finds an especially unique stone. Her frog friends, Mariyln and August realize that this is not just any pebble; it’s an egg! Without much world experience, the frogs name this animal a chicken. They spend their days playing together and having fun. This chicken can swim just like the frogs. This may [...]

    18. This is a sweet and humorous story. We enjoy Leo Lionni's books - the stories are good for children and the richly textured collage illustrations are colorful, with a distinctive style. This story reminds me of a coworker (or two). Once his mind is set, there's no convincing him otherwise. (view spoiler)[Despite being told by the alligator's mother that her baby is, indeed, an alligator, the frogs choose to think that she is just being silly. After all, he's a chicken! (hide spoiler)]. Overall, [...]

    19. It's an extraordinary day on Pebble Island for three frogs when one of them discovers a beautiful white egg. They've never seen a chicken egg before, but they're sure that's what this must be. So when the egg hatches and out crawls a long green, scaly creature, they naturally call it . . . a chicken! From award winning-artist Leo Lionni, here's a hilarious case of mistaken.It's an extraordinary day on Pebble Island for three frogs when one of them discovers a beautiful white egg. They've never s [...]

    20. This story is about 3 frogs. One of the frogs, Jessica, finds an egg one day. Her frog friends tell her it is a chicken egg. When it hatches, it is a baby alligator, but the frogs still think it is a chicken. One day, a bird comes along, sees the "chicken" and tells him that he knows where his mother is. So Jessica and the chicken follow the bird for a very long time. They finally reach the mother, a very large alligator. Jessica returns to her frog friends to inform them that the mother called [...]

    21. When Jessica frog finds an egg while out walking one day, she and her friends are sure it belongs to a chicken. So sure, in fact, that when an alligator pops out instead, they refuse to see it for what it really is.This book makes a hilarious read-aloud. The whole wink-wink-nod-nod when the frogs are sure the alligator is a chicken makes many children feel smart and like they're part of an inside joke. On a deeper level, there's plenty to discuss about first impressions, flexibility, trust, and [...]

    22. Three frogs live on Pebble Island and one named Jessica loves to bring back her pebbles to her siblings. One day she finds a big one and rolls it back. Her siblings say it is a chicken egg. One day it cracks and out comes an alligator, but they think it is a chicken. They love the chicken and it even rescues Jessica one day. A bird comes and Jessica thinks this is it's mother, but it isn't. Then the chicken sees his mother alligator and the mother says "come here baby alligator." Jessica says do [...]

    23. Three frogs are on Pebble Island when they stumble upon a stone. One day the stone hatches, it was actually an egg. The frogs believe it is a chicken because of its scaly nature. They care for their new baby chicken and have a wonderful time with him. I thought this was a cute book and story because if your different, you can still be welcomed loved. Lionni uses his cut out graphic style for the illustrations. There are no boarders and the illustrations bleed to the edges. Pebble Island is kind [...]

    24. I loved how this book was illustrated in scrape-like pieces of paper. It gave me many ideas on how to do "writing workshops". I liked that the frog, Jessica, in the story was a rock hound. My whole family has a jar of rocks setting in their book shelf because we all feel compelled to pick them up when we see a nice one. Why do we do that? Is it a compulsion from the days when we hunted with clubs and having a nice rock around could mean the difference between life or death? And what constitutes [...]

    25. It's easy for a child to think all eggs are chicken eggs. Those are the ones they are familiar with. Lots of other creatures lay eggs and not all of them are birds.A frog finds an egg. It must be a chicken egg. The creature hatching out of the egg must be a chicken. Or is it?The book is well illustrated. The frogs are definitely a humanized frog but cute. The medium used is different from many picture books and can introduce children to another way to draw.Small children will love the word play [...]

    26. My 6 year old and I read this today. It is the story of three frogs. One very adventurous frog, Jessica, finds an extraordinary egg and the other frog, Marilyn, explains that it is a chicken egg. Well, soon a "chicken" hatches and becomes great friends with Jessica. (view spoiler)[One day, the "chicken" and Jessica find the "chicken's" mother and Jessica thinks it is hilarious and surprising that the mother calls the chicken her little alligator.(hide spoiler)] Cute and funny and my 6 year old l [...]

    27. Three frogs find an egg and once it hatches they are convinced that it is a chicken (which in reality it is an alligator). This is a great book that provides children with a chance to make predictions. It would be great to discuss that since the animal that came out of the egg was not a chicken, the author's purpose was probably to entertain the audience, rather than to inform. Furthermore, this would be a great book to discuss that chickens are not the only animals that lay eggs.

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