• Title: Blocks
  • Author: Irene Dickson
  • ISBN: 9780763686567
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Blocks A stylishly illustrated ingeniously simple picture book debut perfect for teaching young children about colors and sharing Ruby has red blocks and Benji has blue blocks They both build with their blo
    A stylishly illustrated, ingeniously simple picture book debut perfect for teaching young children about colors and sharing.Ruby has red blocks and Benji has blue blocks They both build with their blocks, until Benji takes one of Ruby s red blocks and, in the tussle that follows, all the blocks CRASH to the floor But now Benji has blue and red blocks, and Ruby has red anA stylishly illustrated, ingeniously simple picture book debut perfect for teaching young children about colors and sharing.Ruby has red blocks and Benji has blue blocks They both build with their blocks, until Benji takes one of Ruby s red blocks and, in the tussle that follows, all the blocks CRASH to the floor But now Benji has blue and red blocks, and Ruby has red and blue blocks, and together they build and build until Guy comes with his green blocks

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    1. This is a super simple story about sharing, perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Ruby and Benji each build with red and blue blocks, respectively. When Benji takes one of Ruby's red blocks, hijinks ensue! My daughter was definitely RIGHT THERE with the kids and loves shouting "Mine!" when they are arguing, then says "Uh-oh! Mess!" when the predictable mess happens. The die-cut cover is a nice touch and lends some visual interest.Notes on representation: Ruby has dark skin and hair, Benji appea [...]

    2. May 27 - The parents seemed interested in this one as much as the kids. I overheard some parents whispering about "sharing" throughout the book, and I picked up on that. All the kids were old enough to guess what was going to happen throughout but still seemed invested in the story despite it's predictability.May 13 - This one will go by fast, but it has an opportunity for some interaction about "what's next?" I'll try it out since I really like the moral and the art style.

    3. Read this book w the 18 mo old I babysit, and she's obsessed.I want to delve into the illustrations more when I have a spare moment.

    4. Very brief text, but it is the large uncluttered illustrations that carry the message of sharing to the toddler are group. The basic colors of red and blue imposed on a white background easily illustrate the concept of sharing.

    5. Two kids with separate color blocks are building next to each other. One child takes another child's block and there is a bog fight until they realize they can build together. And then a third child comes along. What will they do? The end papers are nice on this book because the first page shows creations building with one color of block ( red creations and separate blue creations - one from each child). At the end of book, the end papers show creations build with 3 different colors of blocks (r [...]

    6. Very, VERY didactic--the description blatantly says "to teach children about colors and sharing." Nice goal, but you'll generally do better with the colors than the "sharing" thing with young kids. This is, of course, "diverse," with a little girl who is probably Latina, a little white boy, and then, for the punch line, a little African American boy, and the art is attractive in a Helen Oxenbury sort of style, with bright colors and a simple,bold style. My one caveat emptoris that the book has t [...]

    7. Blocks by Irene Dickson is a great book that introduces sharing and diversity for toddlers and pre-K children. The story starts with two children, a little girl who has darker skin and a little boy with light skin. The children are both playing with blocks the little girl, Ruby, with red blocks and the little boy, Benji, with blue blocks. When Benji takes a red block, the children have to learn to share. The book ends in a cute way that can be a great discussion topic for your pre-K kiddos about [...]

    8. My three-year-old is fascinated by this story of two kids fighting over then sharing blocks. As a parent, I appreciate that the kids worked things out themselves. The illustrations are just perfect. They're very simple, so there are no distractions from what's happening in the story. The blocks are shaped like standard unit blocks, so they look familiar to my son, which he loves. The use of color is so clever and really helps my son understand what's going on in the story. And of course he is cr [...]

    9. diverse picture book (colors, sharing, emotions; for toddlers ages 18 months and up?)*Prominently features diverse characters: Ruby has dark skin and dark brown, straight hair; Benji has light skin and light hair. A third child, Guy, introduced at the very end, is Black.* Would work for toddler storytime (or a short book for preschool storytime). Dynamic pictures and very short, simple sentences, plus a "sharing" theme that parents of both groups will appreciatee also everydaydiversity/2016/09/a [...]

    10. I love the simplicity of the story and the message in this book! I see so much potential as a read aloud for teacher, counselors, and parents in conversation and extension activities. Can't wait to share it!

    11. Ruby and Benji learn to share when their red and blue blocks get mixed up. What will happen when Guy brings his green blocks?Good for preschool or toddler storytimes.

    12. A simple story about kids playing with different color blocks. The ending asks a question that has the reader make an inference. Could be good for introducing the skill.

    13. A great book about sharing for any parent of a "MINE, MINE, MINE" kind of toddler. Also it helps them learn their colors, which is amazing!

    14. A cute way of explaining how sharing can be better. The cut out on the cover for the blocks in two kids' laps and the sweet illustrations are what caught my eye.

    15. This is a great book for story time! I plan to use it in the next few weeks with my preschool-aged children. It's a great book to finish with because it's bright, short and has great meaning!

    16. Perfect baby storytime book! Great simple clear illustrations. Diverse group of kids. Fantastic message about sharing. Good for shapes also!

    17. An amazing story that captivated a room full of two year olds and their parents! The pictures are clear and easy to see from a distance, the story is simple, easy to follow and very relatable. I also read it to a mixed ages group and the older kiddos had fun telling me what was happening and what was going to happen. It can be a nice intro for block play and also good for discussions about sharing/playing together/making new friends etc.

    18. Blocks shares the story of Ruby and Benji who build with different colored blocks. Benji takes a red block and a mine fight erupts. The results are an explosion of blocks, but a decision to work together. Simple story with beautifully simple illustrations in mixed media. The cover is very eye catching with two block cutouts. This book would work well for storytime and it did!2017 storytime theme: building blocks / Build a Better World Reviewed from a library copy.

    19. This is a very short, simple book about - you guessed it - blocks! It's a great introduction to colors and sharing for a toddler storytime. But it would also work well with preschoolers because you could go deeper into a discussion about sharing and working together. This should be a hit with library summer reading programs this year, as the national theme is "Build a Better World."

    20. Ruby is building with her red blocks while Benji has a wagon full of blue blocks. Benji tries to take a red block and - uh oh! CRASH! Can Ruby and Benji learn to share their blocks? And what happens when Guy arrives with his green blocks? This book is perfect for little ones that are just beginning to learn how to play cooperatively. It would be a great story time read aloud.

    21. July 2016 - deceptively simple. This looks like a toddler book, and toddlers would enjoy the big, clear pictures and simple story, but the whole message about sharing is spot-on for preschoolers, who are actually learning to play cooperatively. Ben has picked it a few times and loves to point out all the shapes and colors.

    22. Loved this. Maybe because the illustrations were larger and the text was larger and simple and the color palette was simple that everything seemed to communicate the message much more effectively? Really quite lovely.

    23. Building, sharing and growing are the themes of this picture book. The simple text and clean visuals make this a stand-out. Recommended for toddlers, daycare, preschool and other environments where young children learn to engage each other.

    24. Ruby has red blocks. Benji has blue blocks. When Benji wants a red block, Ruby doesn't want to share. But then the blocks get all mixed up and they end up building something together. Very simple drawings, both in shape and colors tell the story of the possibilities of sharing and working together.

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