• Title: Written in Dead Wax
  • Author: Andrew Cartmel
  • ISBN: 9781783297672
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • Written in Dead Wax He is a record collector a connoisseur of vinyl hunting out rare and elusive LPs His business card describes him as the Vinyl Detective and some people take this literally than others Like the beauti
    He is a record collector a connoisseur of vinyl, hunting out rare and elusive LPs His business card describes him as the Vinyl Detective and some people take this literally than others Like the beautiful, mysterious woman who wants to pay him a large sum of money to find a priceless lost recording on behalf of an extremely wealthy and rather sinister shadowyHe is a record collector a connoisseur of vinyl, hunting out rare and elusive LPs His business card describes him as the Vinyl Detective and some people take this literally than others Like the beautiful, mysterious woman who wants to pay him a large sum of money to find a priceless lost recording on behalf of an extremely wealthy and rather sinister shadowy client Given that he s just about to run out of cat biscuits, this gets our hero s full attention So begins a painful and dangerous odyssey in search of the rarest jazz record of them all

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    1. FULL DISCLOSURE - MY FRIEND WROTE THIS BOOKBut. I remember reading this as he wrote it and waiting impatiently for the next chapter to arrive. I recently reread it when I ligged my free copy off Andrew and found that it was even better read all the way through in one go. So - for what it's worth - I really liked it. So there.

    2. An effort better in conception than in completion.Cartmel earns a few points for a truly original idea for a murder mystery, and his characters are better than two dimensional, so good on him. His background in editing and writing for TV shows to good effect as well. The scene setting details and flow of the story are enjoyable and make reading this frothy book feel more substantial than it would otherwise. The audiophile geek-out moments are spaced out nicely, and are minimally dull. So again, [...]

    3. Andrew Cartmel's Written in Dead Wax, the first book in the adventures of the Vinyl Detective, is a special book. It is exciting in a special way, written by a writer who has been a script editor for the Dr. Who television series and a writer of comic books. That brings a specific set of skills, which isn't necessarily the ability to create cliff hanger scenes, but it does involve the ability to create a story line full of vivid scenes that stick in the mind. The plot is simple enough. The Vinyl [...]

    4. 3.5 stars.This is a debut mystery novel and it shows in some ways, in the sense that the book is written in two parts and there are two mysteries going on. They could have probably been condensed into one tighter story, and would have been more interesting and shorter.The unnamed main character is fun, a record collector who made business cards one day in desperation, selling himself as the "vinyl detective." Magically people with money and power find these business cards and hire him to locate [...]

    5. Really a 3.5 for the story itself, but rounded up for the excellent narration. Tough to review this one without spoilers, and I hate rehashing plots, so I'll try to give a plot structure in terms of what to expect . . . Our un-named hero is slogging along from paycheck to paycheck (not enough money to heat his flat) selling rare records when he's made an offer to track down one the 1950's. So, off he goes on his quest, along with a "minder" from his new employer, Nevada. Unfortunately, there are [...]

    6. The quote from Ben Aaronovitch on the front cover actually is a fairly good clue as to what’s inside. Not the quote itself, but the source. ‘The Vinyl Detective’ couldn’t have drunk anymore obviously from Aaronovitch’s ‘Rivers of London’ series if the hero had been named Grant Peters. There’s a detective involved in atypical investigations, the detailed geographic knowledge of London and a whole load of jazz references. Fair enough, Aaronovitch has carved out a successful templat [...]

    7. A record collector, describing himself as the Vinyl Detective, gets involved ine hunt for a rare jazz recording, romance & danger. Cartmel's novel is teriffic fun with some nice touches of humour. A little editing would have tightened the story, but a promising start to the series.

    8. The unassuming, unnamed hero of this book is known simply as the “vinyl detective:” he finds records for a living. When he finds an especially rare title, he flips it for a tidy profit, which allows him to pay the rent and feed his two cats. His world gets upended one day when a beautiful stranger appears on his doorstep and offers him a large sum to find a rare American pressing of a 1950’s West Coast jazz album. As it turns out, though, there are some other people searching for the same [...]

    9. 4.5 Stars Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes When I first came across this novel in the bookstore, I expected to like it. It sounded very British, and the recommendation from Ben Aaronovitch, author of the Rivers of London series - another favourite of mine, made it all sound very good. There was a single slight hesitation on my side though as I don't know the first thing about vinyl, and this being the Vinyl Detective, I wasn't sure this wouldn't bother my reading experience. I needn' [...]

    10. This is a delightful and unusual mystery. The author is a friend and colleague of Ben Aaronovitch, author of the Rivers of London series, one of my all time favorites. He encouraged Cartmel to begin this series, and I thank him for that. I look forward to the next books in the series!

    11. A record collector who describes himself as the 'Vinyl Detective' is always on the search to find rare records in charity shop to sale for a profit. But when he is approached by a mysterious women with he's business card as for a specific record, he was about to embark on a dangerous mystery for he's sinister client.Cartmel is best known for being script editor on Doctor Who during the Seventh Doctor's era, during that time Ben Aaronovitch (author of Rivers of London) wrote two stories. The two [...]

    12. When I first started reading, I thought this was it, I'd finally found the mystery that was going to hit all the right buttons for me, it was clever and quick and well written and featured a really interesting slant. Of course, for the first forty or fifty pages I also mistakenly thought the protagonist was a woman (I'm not sure how I got that notion in my head, and my opinion of the novel increased every time I slipped back into it). The reason that matters more than just my personal taste, is [...]

    13. I have never heard of this author but I always enjoy discovering new ones. So glad I did with this author and book. I have listened to a few records from my parents. They owned a record player and it was from my parents that I was introduced to music and developed my love for some of the greats from artists like the Dobbie Brothers, Allman Brothers, and Alabama to name a few. However this does not mean I could relate to the love that the Vinyl Detective had as a connoisseur. Yet the more that I [...]

    14. This book was such fun!Purchased at Powell's in Portland. As bookstores are one of my favorite things. And mystery books are my favorite books. And music is one of my favorite things. I'm always looking to add to my music collection. So a mystery book involving LP's? Yes. And the lead character has and loves cats. Cats are another one of my favorite things.I highly recommend this book if you love mysteries, music, records stores, and cats. Book lovers often talk about how much they love the smel [...]

    15. Britská detektivka, neotřelá honba za vinyly Londýnem i LA. Jak je něco britské, zavání to humorem. A ani Poslední deska není výjimkou, je to svižná knížka, která lehce plyne tak, jak ji všichni ze zúčastněných s nadhledem glosují. Exkurze do britských obchodů a bazarů s vinyly byla opravdu zábavná. K tomu zápletka se vzácnými jazzovými deskami a pár docela dobrých překvápek. Bavila mě zvlášť "Strana jedna", v druhé části chvilkami příběh ztrácel dec [...]

    16. This book is an example of hipster noir. I Bought this on the recommendation of Ben Aaronovitch. He included a bit of logrolling for it in the Afterward of Rivers of London: Body Work. That Cartmel is a crony of Aaronovitch is obvious from the beginning. They are similar style-wise, especially in the use of genre music and London geography edutainment. In addition, I found an almost identical snippet of prose in this book as found in The Hanging Tree. It regards the location of London hospital a [...]

    17. This is one of those frustrating books that might so easily have been brilliant, but sadly fell short in the execution, As is so often the case, I think that the biggest problem arose simply from it being rather too long. The first couple of hundred pages or so were very entertaining, with a clever, engaging and humorous plot peopled with some appealing characters, coming together to yield a quirky and original novel.The first person narrator collects vinyl records, specialising in classic jazz [...]

    18. The fact that I've belted through Cartmel's Written in Dead Wax is only partly indicative of its quality. Wax is the sort of novel that will appeal to a fairly wide range of fans, because aside from being loaded with details that I think a lot of vinyl collectors will enjoy (at times, it read like the discussion boards on Discogs on a good day), the story cracks on at a fair old pace. Audiophile references - including those to high end turntables like the Roksan Xerxes and costly cartridges and [...]

    19. I picked this book as an alternative when I learned that the sixth Rivers of London book wasn't coming out yet after all. In the end I decided that it was a suitable replacement, but not quite as funny or good as the Hanging Tree would have been. The protagonist, whose name the reader never learns, is an engaging everyman caught up in events bigger than himself. This makes him sympathetic, but it also makes it feel somewhat over the top when he is hired by not one but two beautiful, mysterious [...]

    20. Behind the slapstick style jacket of Written in Dead Wax lies an extremely complex plot which Andrew Cartmel delivers with both ease and humour.I absolutely loved the way this book has been written, it is plain, straight-forward and down to earth.  Even though it has a lot of information about vintage record collecting, all it's quirks and anomalies, it is never once dull, boring or pretentious.  This is all down to the protagonist, the Vinyl Detective himself - an ordinary, run of the mill, c [...]

    21. This was a fun read. I am sure the plot won't stand up to much scrutiny, but that isn't really the point. We are in the world of audiophiles and collectors, where the right label and the first pressing is everything. Of course, there is a particular record that everybody wants, and which people will kill to get there first. Finding it is one thing, finding out why people are so keen to get it is another.

    22. He is the record collector — a connoisseur of vinyl, hunting out rare and elusive LPs. His business card describes him as the “Vinyl Detective” and some people take this more literally than othersThey call him The Chef. You don't want to know why, but if you get in his way, you might find out.I found this book the perfect confection of breakneck, page turning detective noir (or perhaps, detective gris?) on the one hand and absorbing, geeky exposition of a subculture on the other. The subcu [...]

    23. Its not often I pick up a good old fashioned Murder/Mystery which is pretty much what this is but I was intrigued by the concept of the Vinyl Detective and with 2 more books in the pipeline it looks like this could be the start of an interesting series, especially if this one is anything to go by.At its heart this book is a detective novel, a music obsessive novel(though any comparison to high Fidelity is lazy)and brings in elements of subterfuge, hitmen(and girls)and a mysterious message with i [...]

    24. I really liked this book. For those who say that this book is too long, I think you missed the point that it is actually two stories; one just builds on the other one. I was about halfway through the book and was seriously confused. Everything just pointed to the story being over and I had no idea how the author was going to string this along for another couple hundred pages. Then I got to the page that said "Side Two" and it all made sense. Since this is obviously the first book of a series, Ca [...]

    25. Inspired by the magic crime stories of Ben Aaronovitch, this is a light detective story based around the character of a unnamed jazz enthusiast and vinyl record collector. Good holiday read, although so horribly implausible at many points you laugh at the absurdity of it all. Basically a crime in the 1950s is solved through the acquisition of a set of rare jazz records and research into their history. It is one of the original jazz records that our hero is initially engaged to track down by a my [...]

    26. First & foremost, big thanks to Kathleen for making me read this (leaving it on my desk after enthusing about it) because I would never have picked it up otherwise, since it doesn't seem to be about anything I care about. Cartmel's dialogue alone would carry this book, though it doesn't have to - the plot is deliciously twisty and turny, and even the shallowest love story ever seems to have a deeper, more resonant tone by the time all is said and done here. Unadulterated fun, and the first b [...]

    27. Make no mistake, this is the wet dream of a fictional (and probably actual) geek who is jobless and survives on finding collectible vinyl LPs and reselling them to other almost-geeks. We all know how real geeks get on in life, but that is all corrected heree geek gets the beautiful, sexy girl(s) and beats/outsmarts the baddies. The plot is inane and horribly misogynistic but Cartmel does know how to write and the story gallops along. I don't think I have ever dumped so badly on a four-star revie [...]

    28. This was a lot of fun. Good characters & details, really looking forward to the next installment.

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