• Title: Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life: Life-Changing Tools for Healthy Relationships (Nonviolent Communication Guides)
  • Author: Marshall B. Rosenberg Deepak Chopra
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nonviolent Communication A Language of Life Life Changing Tools for Healthy Relationships Nonviolent Communication Guides The latest edition of the communication guide that has sold than copies An enlightening look at how peaceful communication can create compassionate connections with family friends and othe
    The latest edition of the communication guide that has sold than 1,000,000 copies An enlightening look at how peaceful communication can create compassionate connections with family, friends, and other acquaintances, this international bestseller uses stories, examples, and sample dialogues to provide solutions to communication problems both at home and in the workpThe latest edition of the communication guide that has sold than 1,000,000 copies An enlightening look at how peaceful communication can create compassionate connections with family, friends, and other acquaintances, this international bestseller uses stories, examples, and sample dialogues to provide solutions to communication problems both at home and in the workplace Guidance is provided on identifying and articulating feelings and needs, expressing anger fully, and exploring the power of empathy in order to speak honestly without creating hostility, break patterns of thinking that lead to anger and depression, and communicate compassionately Included in the new edition is a chapter on conflict resolution and mediation.

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    1. This is the type of book that I would never pick up in a store or library. The design (the earth inside a flower), the subtitle "a language of life," the emphasis on the "Phd" after the author's name - all cues to me of a likely unhelpful, overly cutesy "self-help" book. Blech.But so many people have recommended this book to me that I looked past these things and recently ordered a used copy. For a moment, I thought I was about to be punished for relaxing my previous resistance. Beware: there is [...]

    2. I wish I had read this book a long time ago. "Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life" by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. is full of wisdom.The book starts off by explaining the process of Nonviolent Communication which boils down to four steps:1. Observe what's happening - what's really going on? What is happening or being said that you either like or dislike?2. Identify your feelings about it - anger, joy, hopeful, inspired, lonely?3. Figure out what need you have that is driving that feelin [...]

    3. I've read this book before, years ago and was enormously impressed with the ideas in it. However, I found it difficult to put the ideas into practice. Am now currently taking a course in Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication theory and have renewed hope about my ability to put the ideas into practice. I figure if I can learn to communicate with compassion it will be the first step towards being a wise person! :) A warning about this book: If you'd rather remain blissfully ignorant of your own emo [...]

    4. In some of the circles I move, this book (or rather NVC in general) frequently gets a bad rap for being focused on communication and how sometimes it feels manipulative and stilted for those on the receiving end of someone practicing it. About 2/3rds of the content of the book is dedicated to the how's of the communication, so I think its easy to see why folks feel this way and to then dismiss it as a specialized form of talking. But focusing on the remaining 1/3rd of the book (which is spread o [...]

    5. I listened to (i.e did not read) this book in the car. Without any doubt, the concepts contained in it should be taught to the young in this country. And the old. And all over the world.I'm not sure this was the best presentation of it, and the book is dated. The audiobook, in particular, was quite a struggle to get through. One of my pet peeves is when an author makes up stories and then claims them to be true when he tells them, pointing out how the story just so naturally fits in with his the [...]

    6. I stopped at 100 pages in. I think it is important to point out that this method of communicating is decades old. It was not based on any research at the time, it has not been updated in accord with research, and it has not had any research verifying its effectiveness. There is no consensus, there are anecdotes and there are endorsements.As a method, the process taught inside was not enough to fill the book and the description was padded out. As literature there were lengthy quotes of poetry (of [...]

    7. A brilliant handbook for how to talk to people without judging them, alienating them, or really pissing them off. The book is enlivened with a number of transcripts of conversations in which the author and his acquaintances get it right sometimes and fail at other times. The basic idea will be familiar to anyone who has had a little therapy or knows a therapist: you talk about your feelings, not what the other person is doing wrong. Of course, that is difficult to do under the best of circumstan [...]

    8. While many of the techniques presented in this slim volume are entirely worthwhile and of great value in making oneself clear and defusing potentially tense communications, I still disagree with some of the author's fundamental categorization of "needs." While it may be useful, or even necessary under certain circumstances, to address the desires of another person in addition to, or even perhaps prior to, their needs, I continue to maintain that there is an important distinction to be made betwe [...]

    9. Kitabı yarım bırakıyorum çünkü "Şiddetsiz İletişime Giriş" eğitimi almış birine katabileceği bir şey varmış gibi durmuyor. Bahsettiği şeyler ilgimi gerçekten çekiyor ve dikkate değer buluyorum, fakat gördüğüm kadarıyla hepsini zaten giriş eğitiminde öğrettiler. Öyle olunca da çoktan öğrendiğim şeyleri tekrarlamak sadece zaman kaybı olacak gibi düşünüyorum. Güzel konu, güzel yöntem. Sadece kitabı okumaya ihtiyacım olmadığına karar verdim.

    10. I highly recommend this life-changing book. It revolutionized my thinking. It's such an excellent guide to communicating, that I wish I had been taught this stuff in Kindergarten, and again in middle school and high school. The book emphasizes personal responsibility. It empowers one to fully experience one's emotions without being controlled by them. It gives you permission to experience the full spectrum of human emotions, not just the "good" ones like happiness. It integrates human rationalit [...]

    11. Essential reading even if I am like 2 decades too late to reading this. I've already started using it and though I probably sound like a moron, I'm confident I'll get better at talking through my needs. Everyone just wants to be loved and we just keep asking for it the wrong way.

    12. Life-changing. Everyone should read this. Rosenberg has well over three decades of experience and stories, and delivers it well.My key takeaways:* Using "I feel" for everything is a good start but doesn't go far enough. Still need to connect to self needs and specific actions of others.* Use needs to find common human ground, especially when you disagree strongly with someone.* Not everything needs to be "fixed". People want to be heard / listened to / empathised with.

    13. I applaud Rosenberg's intention to bring peace and reconciliation through better communication. Rosenberg offers many potentially helpful insights in this book. His call for a therapist to bring him/herself into psychotherapy was refreshing. It could create less of a power differential and perhaps be more healing in its inclusivity and open acknowledgement of all individuals in the room. He also shows how we can get stuck in patterns that defeat the outcomes we're hoping for, and suggests, via M [...]

    14. ارتباط بدون خشونت زبان زندگی رو از بهترین نسخه هایی می دونم که توسط برنامه حال خوب معرفی شد. من هرگز کتاب روانشناسی زرد رو توصیه نمی کنم. انهایی که توسط این برنامه معرفی می شه کتاب به معنای واقعی هستند.علاوه بر اموزش کنترل خشونت و اینکه ما در خشونت چه نیازهایی داریم انواع نمونه [...]

    15. I heard Marshall Rosenberg speak with Terry Gross last year and was captivated. I am still wrapping my head around the practice-- very difficult to break old habits-- but the few times over the last two days I've tried this, honest, constructive information burst out immediately. I will try to integrate these methods into the classes I am currently teaching-- this is communication gold.

    16. جز کتاب هایی هست که خوبه خونده بشه رو شها و تمرین هایی در آن وجود داره که آدم رو به مشاهده درست رفتار و احساس خود متوجه میکنه که گاهی اوقات باعث سوء برداشت های اشتباه میشه و با پیدا کردن یک روش آگاهانه سعی به برطرف کردن آن می کنه

    17. I read this book in conjunction with a class I took on the subject.Wouldn't it be nice if I could continue to practice what it preaches?

    18. If you want to learn to experience more connection of compassion, warmth, love, and understanding - read this book. This book is a great companion volume to any serious meditation or contemplative prayer practice. It will teach you how to spot the differences between evaluations and observations, feelings and thoughts, needs and strategies, and requests and demands - most of which people confuse unconsciously due to very old habit patterns of the mind. This book is for those who want to change t [...]

    19. This book/movement is amazing. And needed. A very healthy, down to earth way of communicating, resolving conflicts, learning about ourselves and others, and living according to our needs and healthy values. I've heard about NVC before, but never got reading it, until a recent family quarrel Should have got the book a bit earlier, ha ha. The book is clear. It seems so simple, but man, no kidding, it is a bit difficult if you have like most of us grown up in the jackal society. But not impossible. [...]

    20. The core ideas in this book are sound, and it does seem likely that someone striving to implementthem in the way they communicate, especially how they communicate when in conflict, will see some of their relationships improve and some conflicts resolved.This review is for the BOOK not for NVC as such. The actual core ideas of this book I'd give 4 stars, it's the presentation in this book that I think is severly enough flawed to deserve a couple stars less.On a positive note, the writing is clear [...]

    21. I broke up with my ex 3 months ago. The breakup, and all drama out of it made me suffer a lot. Mentally, it was one of the most difficult time in my life.Then I started to go on dates. Many of them. At one of those coffee dates, I asked the guy about the books he'd read that influenced his way of thinking the most. He said two: Nonviolent communication, and Stranger in a Strange Land. The guy didn't give me a call back. Neither did I. But I started to read the book, and this book is so far the m [...]

    22. During the last couple of years of my marriage I understood that the only chance I had to save my marriage was to learn to use language more effectively. I began experimenting, initially subconsciously, with how I could express myself in ways which weren't destructive to the fragile remnants of our relationship. It was an ultimately doomed process but one that taught me a lot about the power of language. I learned a lot about why things went wrong, but never quite made sense of why things someti [...]

    23. This book is a fabulous introduction to the notion that we can help create a more peaceful world by improving our ability to communicate effectively and compassionately. Rosenberg points out a disturbing fact: we have more words in our language with which to judge each other (and ourselves) than we do to express our emotions. By learning to feel and express our emotions with words, we become less likely to act aggressively from these same emotions. When we can honestly say, "I feel angry when yo [...]

    24. Классика на тему правильного общения. Для обязательного чтения, если хотите уметь договариваться с людьми.

    25. Bu kitabın pek çok arkadaşıma ilham verdiğini görmesem belki de ilk 50 sayfadan sonra okumayı bırakabilirdim. İyi ki bitirmişim. Cevheri sonlarına doğru çıkıyor. Rosenberg, düşüncelerle duyguları ayırt etmek, kendimize şefkatle yaklaşmak, karar alırken ihtiyaçlarımızı düşünmek gibi terapilerde işe yarayan pek çok tekniği alıyor ve bunlarla insanların birbirlerini daha iyi duymalarını sağlayacak özgün bir iletişim dili geliştirmeye çalışıyor. Özetle [...]

    26. I have danced around the book Nonviolent Communication for years and just now finished reading it (inspired by Michel's joy-powerhouse friend Tonya) what a game-changer! Awesome addition to the Byron Katie / Gary Zukov / Tosha Silver books/methods that have also had a profound impact on my life, sense of calm, and relationships. This is another hugely powerful read for coaching, relationship dynamics, conflict resolution, teaching, therapy, etc. Curious to know who else has read it and practiced [...]

    27. This book was completely amazing. I have already seen a difference in how this style of communication works with my kids. I can only imagine the help it would bring into the workplace, classroom, etc. I feel like everyone should read this gem. It would really help get past so many misunderstandings that happen just because we aren't taught as a society to communicate empathetically.

    28. Contents:(view spoiler)[Rosenberg MB (2015) Nonviolent Communication - A Language of Life - Life-Changing Tools for Healthy Relationships (Nonviolent Communication Guides)Foreword by Deepak Chopra, MDAcknowledgments01. Giving From the Heart– Introduction– – NVC: a way of communicating that leads us to give from the heart.– A Way to Focus Attention– – We perceive relationships in a new light when we use NVC to hear our own deeper needs and those of others.– – Let’s shine the l [...]

    29. While there are ideas that can be adapted to use in this book that make it worth reading, it makes a few claims that could be problematic. Full disclosure, this review is also based on my personal experiences with several NVC counselors.First some positives.1. It is is a good attempt at a listening tool to both interpret what others are telling you and in restating things back to someone so they know you understand them and can be worked into the BATHE technique of addressing problems.2. It is a [...]

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