• Title: Witch Glitch
  • Author: Robyn Peterman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Witch Glitch Witches and glitches and testicle obsessed cats Oh my One dilemma down and approximately to go I think being the Shifter Whisperer is hard or Shifter Wanker as I enjoy referring to my new j
    Witches and glitches and testicle obsessed cats Oh my One dilemma down and approximately 74,876,283 to go I think being the Shifter Whisperer is hard or Shifter Wanker as I enjoy referring to my new job but healing wounded Shifters is easy compared to finding and eliminating the lurking freaking evil Throw in a ghost, a potentially explosive ex cellmate, a long lost daWitches and glitches and testicle obsessed cats Oh my One dilemma down and approximately 74,876,283 to go I think being the Shifter Whisperer is hard or Shifter Wanker as I enjoy referring to my new job but healing wounded Shifters is easy compared to finding and eliminating the lurking freaking evil Throw in a ghost, a potentially explosive ex cellmate, a long lost dad and a smokin hot werewolf who s convinced he s my mate, and suddenly it s party time from hell And this is my mission Life is getting messy and I don t do messy With feelings I didn t know I was capable of having, and the word love being thrown around like a football on Super Bowl Sunday, poofing away with a magical twitch of my nose is becoming appealing by the moment But to show I m not a weenie, I m gonna pull up my big girl panties and hurl some fireballs at Baba Yaga s older than dirt warlock posse if they don t pony up the info I need If I don t burn the town of Assjacket down while trying to save it, I m donning my red cape and playing who s the big bad wolf with a for real wolf who s hotter than any fireball I just pray to the Goddess my heart doesn t get burned in the process

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    1. Didn't enjoy this as much as the first book in the series - won't be continuing on with it - I DO enjoy many of her other series so will concentrate on them instead.

    2. THE REVIEWWhy this book?I loved the first book in the seriesWhat I thoughtThis book is even more awesome then the first! I read it straight through I couldn't stop.I love the characters in this series, they are seriously too much. I was laughing so hard my sides hurts! I can't even start to tell you how funny and entertaining this book was. definitely a must read!

    3. WonderfulI laughed so hard coffee came out nose! I freaking loved this book! The characters are so wonderfully crafted and full of little quirks that are fun to read and make a simple scene into a work of art.

    4. I felt like the first book had a lot of the same jokes that were used in The Hot Damned series. So I started to think that maybe all of Robyn Peterman books will be the same, but this one had some new material which I loved! So much of this book had me laughing so hard, and it was just so ridiculous and hilarious, and I felt that there was more character development in this one. Some things did bother me though. How many times does she have to say she's going to leave in one book? Also it's anno [...]

    5. Outrageously fun and full of spark, Witch Glitch had me laughing so hard I swear I nearly peed myself. Its a witchy good time full of magic, spectacular sex, and full of hilarious and memorable characters that will make you wish you had them as friendsor maybe not. I loved how I never knew from one page to the next, whether I was going to laugh or sigh. Its amazing how a book by Robyn Peterman can be so much fun and ridiculously sexy! A MUST MUST MUST READ AND A FIVE SHOOTING STARS!

    6. I think I'd love to live in Assjacket, or at least in Robyn Peterman's warped mind! Zelda, Mac, and Naked Dude are back with all the crazies. She had me laughing the whole way through. And if I wasn't laughing, I was drooling over Mac! I can't even imagine what she has in store for us next, but I'm ready!

    7. A definite must readIn Witch Glitch, the second book in the Magic and Meyhem book by Robyn Peterman, Zelda, the Shifter Whisperer is trying to come to terms with her role in the Shifter community, her relationships with her dad and with Mac, the alpha of the pack in the town she's living in.The cast of characters in Witch Glitch are crazy funny, and I had many laugh out loud moments while reading this book. But in addition to all of the humor always present in Robyn's books was the emotional par [...]

    8. What do you get when you have a Slightly off kilted, extremely powerful witch and a Sexy Werewolf with an adopted Kangaroo Shifter son? Hilarity, thats what!!! Robyn Peterman's wacky wonderful mind has pooped out another hit. I swear they get better and better with each word. And yes I meant WORDMy husband actually asked if I was hyperventilating I was laughing so hard. Zelda has Mother issues, Daaaad issues, Yaba Yomomma's serious fashion crisis issues, hell the girls has a crap-ton of issues. [...]

    9. Zelda, the Shifter Whisper, and the rest of the gang of Assjacket, West Virginia are lovable and funny. Zelda and the town are still trying to solve the problem the Badgers started in the first book. Zelda and the town find enough hilarious trouble on their own but, Zelda's cell mate returns in this story to add to the problems. Not to mention, Zelda is still trying to adjust to having a father. I especially adore Mac, the sexy alpha werewolf that is still capable of being patient with his mate. [...]

    10. "Witch Glitch" by Robyn Peterman is the second story in her Magic and Mayhem Series. Zelda is adjusting to the sudden changes in her life. Well, sort of. She still has her hangups, but with Mac around she's got one fine King of the Shifters to keep her going. At least until they've gone on their 15 dates. The lurking evil is still hanging around, and Zelda has to address it. But with a couple of new funny characters thrown into the mix along with the return of Sassy, she'll have no choice but to [...]

    11. All of Robyn Peterman's series are wickedly entertaining, but I have to say the Magic & Mayhem series is my absolute favorite! Both books are filled with oddball characters & uproariously funny situations!! But behind the laughs the main character Zelda, lies a young woman from a dysfunctional mother & a father who was not around during her childhood. She wants to love & be loved but isn't sure she is worthy or able to love. My heart breaks for her as she travels along her fated [...]

    12. This was fun, I enjoyed it alot more than the first in the series (Switching Hour) but it doesn't quite match up to Robyn Peterman's other series for me, it's just not quite as funny and I don't like the characters quite as much, it's still funny but it did disappoint me a bit (I absolutely love her other series though so I did have really high expectations).

    13. Magic & MayhemRobyn Peterman does it again (no surprise there). With a wicked sense of humor & some sinful mind altering visuals, she leaves her readers with a peek into what could be only described as a wtf kind of experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed each & everyone of her books and look forward to more laughter & love. Well done!!!!!!!

    14. Laugh out loud funny. The author makes me laugh no matter which book it is. This one focuses on the "shifter wanker". From that "name" alone, you know it's going to be a good book. The author mixes the profane with the absurd and blends it into a fantastic story that you won't be able to put down. If you want to escape reality and laugh until you cry, this is a must read.

    15. Robyn can deliver an outrageous, ridiculously hilarious, insane story and here it is she has done it again. This second book in the Magic & Mayhem Series follows suit with its entertaining craziness. If you like to laugh and don't get offended too easy; then you should try one, two, three or all of Robyn's books.

    16. i say this every time i read a book by Robyn, but holy motherhumpinghell!!! her books just get better and better! Zelda and Mac are back with a new set of crazy antics to keep you laughing till you cry! Zelda is the shifter wanker, Mac is a big, bad, alpha werewolf shifter and they are hot hot hot together! I NEEDS more form this author!

    17. More please!Another great book, no doubt! Now just to wait patiently for the next book. I will not spoil it, but it was great, it continues from book one, for those who don't know it is a series, hopefully a long one ;) just go buy it, and enjoy it just like I did.

    18. I love the stories by Robyn Peterman, I find them to be sexy, exciting and highly amusing fast reads. If I want a book to lift my spirits and give me a laugh with its sometimes coarse name calling I can always rely on this author to do the job in this genre.

    19. She did it again!!OMG!! Robyn has gone and topped herself this time. I loved this book! I felt a kindred spirit with Zelda. We both have man issues. I can't wait to read the next installment!!

    20. Funny second book A very funny cleverly written book with a very snarky inappropriately hilarious voice. Love these books and defiantly an author worth reading if you want a funny escape!

    21. 4 1/2This is a fun series. You can not but like Zelda and the other characters. This time around someone is after the witches power, and Zelda's old cell mate has come to help. This is just the type of book you read for laughs and pleasure.

    22. Always a great readLaugh out loud funny characters that you fall in love with. Can't wait for the next book in the series.

    23. AmazeballsAnother great hit by Robyn. Her Books always make me laugh and this one was no exception. If you enjoy paranormal and a good laugh don't wait read this now

    24. I am a true lover of Robyn Peterman's work, but I have to say this wasn't a favourite. Having said that, I still enjoyed it.

    25. You just have to read this series. I love Robyn Peterman's books. When I read them I am sitting there laughing so hard you just can't breath. This series is the best. I absolutely love Zelda and her sense of humor. She is the type of person that you would love to have in your corner because not only is she hilarious but also because she is one bad A* Witch. This series is going through the life of Zelda since she got out of magic pookie and the series of unfortunate events that follow her. Well, [...]

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