• Title: Love Comes Unheard
  • Author: AndrewGrey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Love Comes Unheard A Senses Series Story Garrett Bowman is shocked that fate has brought him to a family who can sign He s spent much of his life on the outside looking in even within his biological family and to be a
    A Senses Series Story Garrett Bowman is shocked that fate has brought him to a family who can sign He s spent much of his life on the outside looking in, even within his biological family, and to be accepted and employed is than he could have hoped for With Connor, who s included him in his family, Garrett has found a true friend, but with the distant Brit Wilson HaA Senses Series Story Garrett Bowman is shocked that fate has brought him to a family who can sign He s spent much of his life on the outside looking in, even within his biological family, and to be accepted and employed is than he could have hoped for With Connor, who s included him in his family, Garrett has found a true friend, but with the distant Brit Wilson Haskins, Garrett may have found something In no time, Garrett gets under Wilson s skin and finds his way into Wilson s heart, and over shared turbulent family histories, Wilson and Garrett form a strong bond Wilson s especially impressed with the way Garrett s so helpful to Janey, Connor and Dan s daughter, who is also deaf When Wilson s past shows up in the form of his brother Reggie, bringing unscrupulous people to whom Reggie owes money, life begins to unravel These thugs don t care how they get their money, what they have to do, or who they might hurt Without the strength of love and the bonds of family and friends, Garrett and Wilson could pay the ultimate price.

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    1. This latest book in the fantastic ‘Senses’ series is as amazing, engaging, and wonderful as the other four. It tells Wilson’s story, and since I was hoping he’d get his own book after I “met” him in the previous volume, that alone made me very happy. There is more about Connor, Dan, and their three adopted children as well, so even better. But the best part was the addition of Garrett, a deaf man who has been rejected by most of his family and feels utterly isolated. To see him meet [...]

    2. Garrett is searching for a future, a place to belong, and a life of his own. Deaf since birth, the world is frequently not deaf-friendly, but Garrett is managing. Wilson is happy working as a live-in housekeeper/butler and psuedo family member (his version, not the family’s, who are happy to claim him) to a happy couple and their children. When Garrett’s car runs out of gas in front of Connor’s christmas tree farm and Garrett discovers that Connor can sign and is willing to help by offerin [...]

    3. I enjoy love stories that feature a hero who has an obstacle to overcome. Andrew Grey’s Senses series tackles one disability after another in each of its installments. In this case, one of our heroes is deaf. This is the fifth book in the series, but even as a new reader, I never felt lost.As the story begins, Garrett is down to his last $20 and he coasts into a small town on an empty tank of gas. He is at the end of his rope, with no idea where his next meal is coming from, but luck has him t [...]

    4. Review based on an ARC copy. Garrett Bowman is lost, alone and adrift. Looking for work, he winds up at the farm where Connor runs his woodwork business. Garrett was born deaf and rarely meets people that sign, so he’s equal parts elated and shocked to learn that Connor and his nuclear family all sign. Not only that, they accept Garrett into the fold straight away, give him a job, a home and a purpose. Wilson Haskins is the temperamental butler that works for Connor and his family. He and Garr [...]

    5. This book, while easily a stand alone, continued the story began in Love Comes Around. Conner has turned the farm into a Christmastree Village, with a ferris wheel as well as the carousel he had refurbished by hand, and other items he has made in the woodshop. Garrett Bowman, down to his last twenty dollars and hasn’t eaten in almost two days when his car ran out of gas right at at the driveway of the Christmastree Fram. When Connor greats the man coming up the drive, and realizes he his deaf, [...]

    6. Andrew Grey. do you ever write anything less than amazing? I couldn't put this one down, Dan and Conner have been my favorite in this series with Ken and Patrick a very close second, but in this one, we remember Wilson, the caretaker of Dan and Conner and their kids. For some reason, he seemed much older in their books and it took me a while to think of him as a younger man. Not young, but younger than I thought of him in the other story. Then we have Garrett, on his way to his sisters after he [...]

    7. There’s no secret that I have loved the Senses series since the very first book. I have a serious soft spot for those that are differently abled (for many and obvious reasons) and this is one series where at least one of the MCs falls into that category every time. What makes this series so different is that the “disability” isn’t really. Now, that’s not to say that being deaf, blind, mute, etc. isn’t hard, because it very much is, but that the character doesn’t let this stop them [...]

    8. Only Andrew Grey Can Pull This OffThe Senses series continuously astounds me because Andrew Grey has developed a community of interests based on people with disabilities--deafness, blindness, mute, whatever--and brought out the best of human dignity in them, and sometimes others who do not seem to possess any dignity.In this one, we have a family whom we have come to love--Dan, Connor, their adopted children and their man-about-the-house, Wilson--welcoming Garrett, whose life has always been com [...]

    9. This is one of the better ones in this series IMO. Garrett is deaf and broke and hungry and basically pretty desperate. He runs out of gas at Conner's farm and Conner takes him home, gives him a job and feeds him. There he meets Wilson, Conner and Dan's butler/cook/everything man. He's a bit older but treats him like a normal person. They do the dirty, fall in love, get into a bit of a mess and come out of it all happy and sappy. Easy read.

    10. I really like ths series. I like how the author has made whichever disability the MC has into a positive and gives the MC a can do attitude.This book followed Garrett and Wilson from the previous book. There was plenty of Dan, Connor and the KIds as well.Some excitment with Wilson's brother and very little angst.A really nice read.

    11. Garrett has been down on his luck but he runs out of gas in just the right place. He has spent so much time isolated from the world around him because of his deafness. Wilson has also been isolated in his own way looking in on life. As the story progresses we see hopelessness turn to love with a dash of danger in between.

    12. I love this series (and this author)! Each book has such a feel good, heartwarming love story with wonderful MC's and secondary characters. Each book can be read individually but the the characters do appear in the other stories so reading them all in sequence is well worth it!

    13. Note: This book was provided to me by the publisher through Hearts on Fire Reviewsin exchange for an impartial review. I have really enjoyed Andrew Grey’s Senses series, but I was a bit disappointed in number five, a book which features most of the same characters as book four, Love Comes Around, but with a different set of MCs. Dan and Connor, MCs in book four, are the employers of Wilson Haskins, their live-in butler, cook, and babysitter. Wilson loves being part of their family, helping to [...]

    14. 5 Heart Review by TammyGarrett Bowman has spent the last few years since his mother died, trying to find a place where he can feel accepted and for a person who has been deaf since birth, that’s not easy. Garrett is on his way back to his family when he runs out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, the only place he can see is ‘Christmas Tree Village’. When Garrett has a look around the ‘village’ to find someone to help him, he is startled by a hand on his shoulder, as he turns around he [...]

    15. Garrett ist von Geburt an gehörlos und lebt schon seit Jahren für sich. Mit der Familie verbindet ihn kaum etwas und irgendwie schlägt er sich alleine durchs Leben. Doch es ist schwer, da man ihn durch seine Behinderung nicht ernst nimmt. So ist es mühsam sich immer wieder einen Job zu suchen und auch zu behalten. Irgendwo in der Einöde geht ihm dann auch noch der Benzin aus und Garrett läuft Connor über den Weg. Überraschenderweise ist Connor der Zeichensprache mächtig und nimmt ihn mi [...]

    16. Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted the AUDIO version of this book.Garrett thought his luck had ran out, when his car runs out of petrol right outside Connor's Farm. But when Connor started SIGNING to Garrett, he thought that maybe, just maybe, his luck might have changed. Finding and job and a place to live, within a signing family, was Garrett's idea of heaven. That was until he met Wilson, housekeeper to Connor and Dan. But Wilson's past comes back to haunt him, and the new [...]

    17. Andrew Grey nails it with Love Comes Unheard. Having lived with a man I loved who had a severe hearing loss I recognized the isolation and fears that Garrett, a deaf man, endured in this story. I also recognized the patience that Wilson needed to understand and support Garrett. It isn’t easy and it can be exhausting. Little miscommunications can swell to epic proportions so easily, as they did in this story.As the fifth story in the Senses series Love Comes Unheard expands our love for the cha [...]

    18. I was provided a copy of Love Comes Unheard in exchange for an honest review.This is the second book I've read by Andrew Grey, the first being Saving Faithless Creek. I really enjoy the characters that Andrew brings us and how vulnerable and real he makes them. They aren't perfect, they have problems and insecurities and Andrew brings that to his stories.Garrett is such a character. Not only is he a gay man but he is also deaf. Being hearing impaired has made Garrett feel like an outsider most o [...]

    19. Oh Goodness what to say about Garrett. From the beginning of this story you know Garrett has had a hard time in his life. His family for the most part acted like he wasn't there because of his disability. He is deaf but from what we read in this story it doesn't make him less of anything. When he runs out of gas and happens upon a barn he finds a family who understands him and wants to help. Dan and Connor made a family all their own with 3 disabled children and Wilson as their care giver. You c [...]

    20. This is one of those books I've been waiting for over a year. The Senses series is one of my fave ones and this book was as amazing as book one and four. Love comes from different sides: family, friends, strangers, your soul mate. And that happened to Garrett. He's always been deaf and after the death of his adored mother, he feels alone and empty. Only one sister keeps getting in touch with him, but Garrett has always felt like he wasn't good enough People around him have always been looking at [...]

    21. Another sweet lovely sexy love storyThis is not a typical family. I reread the first boo Love Comes Around I loved that book too It had been awhile since I read it. We see Dan and Connor again their adopted children Jerry who is wheelchair bound with MDS Lila who uses crutches and Janey who is deaf. Dad and Pop an Wilson, the house manager all learn how to sign so they can communicate with each other. Garrets traveling running out of gas fortunately he stops at Connor's xmas tree farm. Garrett i [...]

    22. We met Dan and Connor in book 4, they now have three kids with various special needs, including Janey who is deaf. When Garrett ends up stranded at their farm, his ability to sign is not seen as a handicap, but a boon. Dan quickly engages him to working on the farm with Connor planting trees and working in the woodshop.Wilson is immediately attracted to the younger, but very mature man who ends up sleeping in the bedroom across from him, but he’s been burned in the past and is wary of another [...]

    23. 4.5 StarsI was given this book by Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.What can I say, Andrew Grey had another winner. This is the 5th book in the Senses series and I loved it. This was a sweet story about a man who's deaf and down on his luck and he meets a family who can sign. The author brought out all the emotions of the MC’s and we watched as they fell in love.It was great to see how even the secondary characters interacted with the new and even better to get an update on [...]

    24. Brilliant!Once again, Andrew has taken me on a journey filled with so much love and compassion. This series is amazingly beautiful, and this story had me in tears and giggling with joy. Garrett, deaf since birth, meets Wilson at Dan and Conners after he gets stranded at the farm. He is welcomed into their home and given a job at the farm, and also to help them sign better with their daughter Janey. Garrett likes Wilson, but both must learn how to communicate and get over their pasts, to have the [...]

    25. There’s just something about this series that I can’t get enough of. Once again Grey was able to pull me out of a reading slump with this amazing story.I really loved how Grey was able to write a story about a man with a disability, but it wasn’t all about his disability. There’s so much more to Garrett than that, and it was just great to get to know the man inside that he is. Wilson’s character was one that was equally well done. I loved how he was able to/willing to learn more about [...]

    26. Love Comes Unheard was a super sweet romance and a different paced romance than the other books I have read by Andrew Grey. This one wasn't as fast paced it was just a nice steady pace to the end. It did have a bit of excitement in it to spice it up but mostly it was about the building relationships and romance with the plot brewing in the background until it explodes. As per usual I love Andrew Grey's writing. He builds his characters to be complex individuals where I could easily visualize the [...]

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