• Title: Rewind
  • Author: William Sleator
  • ISBN: 9780141311012
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rewind When Peter is hit by a car he is given the ultimate do over go back to any point in time before that fateful moment and alter the events leading up to his death If he fails he will die again this t
    When Peter is hit by a car, he is given the ultimate do over go back to any point in time before that fateful moment, and alter the events leading up to his death If he fails, he will die again this time, for good Now Peter s racing against time to save his own life, but what should he change His adoptive parents don t understand him, the school jock is out to get himWhen Peter is hit by a car, he is given the ultimate do over go back to any point in time before that fateful moment, and alter the events leading up to his death If he fails, he will die again this time, for good Now Peter s racing against time to save his own life, but what should he change His adoptive parents don t understand him, the school jock is out to get him, and no one appreciates his own talents This may be his last chance can Peter cheat death, or will he be lost forever

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    1. I usually love William Sleator, but when I read this last night, I was sort of horrified - and not in the good way. Rewind is the story of Peter, an 11 year old boy who is killed by a car crash, and is given the opportunity to return to a point in his life to try and alter his life such that he doesn't get hit. It also turns out that he is adopted, and that his adoptive parents are now expecting a bio-baby. Peter spends most of this book trying to convince his parents, and himself, that he is wo [...]

    2. This is a very creative book that shows readers that permanent solutions are much more difficult, yet rewarding than quick fixes. Sleator has done a good job of discussing these difficult issues in a manner that is accessible and relatable.

    3. Rewind by William Sleator is a very good book for anyone who is looking for a great fantasy/mystery book with a lot of twists. Rewind is about a boy who gets hit by a car after finding out that his parents don't love him and after his death he finds out that he can rewind things and get a second chance. This book has a greater meaning to it that you will understand after you finish the book. This is a very good book that is set in the modern world.

    4. This is by and large one of my favorite childhood books. Peter was so absurdly relatable that, as an adult, I couldn't bear to sell it or donate it to a used bookstore. I don't usually keep things lying around like that due to sentimentality, but this book did it.

    5. Rewind By William Sleator, is a mystery book with a lot of do-overs. Peter, Meyer, and Eloise are the main characters in this book. The story takes place in a rural suburb of an unknown city. Peter finds out his parents don’t like his puppet show he has been working on for 8 weeks. Peter also finds out he was adopted and his parents are going to have one of their own children. Peter get angry and run outside into the middle of the street and something goes completely wrong.My opinion on the se [...]

    6. Not only is Rewind short, it's also meant for preteens and younger adults. With that in mind, I won't judge this book by the same high standards of writing that I judge other YA novels by. That being said, I still enjoyed this book even though I'm not in the target age group.Peter is a normal boy who doesn't like math or sports, but loves drawing. One day he is hit by a car and dies. There is hope for him yet, because a mysterious voice gives Peter the option of going back in time to any date he [...]

    7. Interesting concept. What if you died but were given the ability to go back in time and change your view of things - and maybe instead survive? It's kind of the inverse of "It's a Wonderful Life" - instead of the main character gaining new insight into how others see him and his actions, in this book Peter must gain new insight about his internal thoughts and actions. And then change them.The story was very engaging, but the arc and outcome was rather disappointing. Peter's evolution wasn't conv [...]

    8. Have you ever said to yourself how much you wanted something but it would take life itself for you to get that special something well that's what this boook is really all about. Now when I say wanted something I don't mean wanted something for this amount of time and then you got over it and didn't want it no more like that what I mean when you really REALLY wanted it like you can dream yourself like picture youself in that something or with that special something or you even be holding that som [...]

    9. Rewind by William Sleator is a book about a kid, Peter, who dies in a car crash, hit after running out from an argument with his mother and his father, after fighting, the tension breaking after he found out he was adopted. Some great figure gives him a second chance to possibly change his past-- and live again. But he can't simply try to be better, he has to go deeper.In this book, Peter says something about to write something good, you have to combine reality with fantasy. Fantasy so it gives [...]

    10. Peter has to go back to an earlier point in his life to prevent dying from a car accident in the future. But changing the past is harder than he realizes, even when he's gifted with the ability to predict events. Can he avoid a second and final death?Good book except for the message, which really felt like "you need to make your jerky parents love you to survive." Peter's parents are uniformly horrible to him at the start of the book, and there's never any burden on them to change, or any realiz [...]

    11. Another interesting and fun YA tale from William Sleator. 11-year-old Peter is killed by a car when he runs out into the street without looking. After he dies, he learns he has a chance to go back in time and try to change the events that led up to his death. Through trial and error, he begins to learn that just trying to change the people and circumstances around him will not forestall death if he does not also change himself.Told from the viewpoint of a smart-but-naive pre-teen, this book real [...]

    12. If you had the chance to "do-over" an accident, would you?Eleven year old Peter has always been an only child and has always struggled for his parents affection. Shortly before the end of his sixth grade year, Peter learns that he is going to be a big brother but that his was also adopted. This leads him to start striving more for his parents affection but nothing seems to work, until one night after a fight, he runs out into the street and is killed by a car.However, he doesn't die right away. [...]

    13. The concept of the novel was interesting, but I found the characters one-dimensional. I especially found the parents and the main character's relationship with them to be unrealistic, and that was pretty central to the story. There were some elements of the plot that I found so inconsistent as to jar me out of the story, especially that the main character was supposed to have only 12 hours to alter the course of his life, yet each time he went back, he stayed for longer, and the last time for we [...]

    14. Decent read. I liked the idea of this kid being given the chance to prevent his own death. I also like how he was able to say the ways that a change in his own attitude and behavior could influence others. His ability to read the future seemed a bit of an odd distraction from Peter's main problems. It seems a bit unbelievable that everyone would just forget about his prophetic abilities after the issue of his death is resolved.

    15. Granted it is a 1999 book and writing standards have changed a bit, but the execution of a great idea (coming back to life to have a chance to redo and change events) was horrible. Sending a message that adopted kids are not as loved as biological kids is just awful.One star for the idea, but the rest of the book really was awful and glad that my son didn't want to pursue reading to the end. I did just to see if the potential was fulfilled. Disappointed.

    16. I read this book back when I was 9 or 10 years old. I'm giving it such a high rating because I'm 25 as of writing this, and it stuck with me for that long! I really felt for our main and am still kind of outraged over his awful parents. In fact, that's the one thing I didn't really like about it: his parents faced no consequences for their treatment of this poor kid. It's a very short book, but a lingering one. That says a lot, I think.

    17. I Love pretty much all books by William Sleator, and this one looked very interesting, so I had to try it! This book is pretty short. It only took 1 hour to read. It starts out good in the beginning, but it gets a little boring//dull when you get farther into it. But overall I liked it. I would recomend it if you're looking for a good, quick, read.

    18. I'm only part-way through this book . . . but I'm vastly pleased with it so far. The writing brings to mind Nancy Kress' earlier work, and the plot has elements of Carl Sagan's "Contact" (which is, in fact, mentioned in this book.) It is an interesting intellectual exercise to confront some of the questions raised in the book . . . and see how the author's characters solve them.

    19. mehh. Wish there would have been better character development. Did not like characters from the get go. Not easy to be sympathetic. Main character boy shallow and a whiner. Parents insensitive and cold. Potential mystical element not explored enough. Quick read but far from satisying as the concept was a good one.

    20. it was an awesome book. it was confusing when he was going further back every time he had to change his life. it was wierd how it said that he was on his 5 hour and two minute mark and it took him back two months and that was more than 5 hours and two minutes.

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    22. I never know what is going to happen in William Sleator's books. I enjoyed seeing where he took the characters. Don't want to say anything or it would give the book away :)

    23. I picked this up out of the makeshift "library" at the residential treatment center for boys where I was working. Interesting premise.

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