• Title: London Shadows
  • Author: J.L. Weaver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • London Shadows In Victorian London monster hunting isn t just a job it s a way of life Freddie Westman a reporter for a paranormal magazine is one of the best in the business but now it s personal His childhood
    In Victorian London, monster hunting isn t just a job, it s a way of life Freddie Westman, a reporter for a paranormal magazine, is one of the best in the business, but now it s personal His childhood friend, Jim Penderry, has disappeared, and the signs point to sinister forces from beyond the grave.Sceptical Sophie Penderry doesn t solve mysteries or go on adventures SIn Victorian London, monster hunting isn t just a job, it s a way of life Freddie Westman, a reporter for a paranormal magazine, is one of the best in the business, but now it s personal His childhood friend, Jim Penderry, has disappeared, and the signs point to sinister forces from beyond the grave.Sceptical Sophie Penderry doesn t solve mysteries or go on adventures She s at home in the library with her nose in The Botanist s Guide to Plants and Fungi But she puts the science books away to help Westman find her missing brother, whether he likes it or not Which he really doesn t Westman is a loner, reluctant to lead anyone into danger According to him, the supernatural is not just the stuff of folklore and children s nightmares, and a world of kidnap and black magic await them.Now Westman must decide if he should push Sophie away for her own safety, or take a leap of faith and accept an offer of help and friendship Either way, time is running out to find Jim, and worse still, they may not make it back in time for tea and biscuits.Winner of the 2014 Wattpad HQ Love awardBN 1495243850 ISBN13 9781495243851 Alternate Cover Edition.

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    1. Full disclosure - I won this book via a giveaway.London Shadows is a young adult supernatural work. Set in Victorian London it follows the story of Alfred Westman, and Sophie and George Penderry as they investigate the disappearance of the latter’s elder brother, Jim. During which they come into conflict with demons, witches, spirits, a mysterious cult, and a werewolf (or at least part of one), not to mention the unexplained disappearances of several young women in the city.Upon finishing it [...]

    2. 3.5 stars. A light victorian novel with nice characters and some paranormal creatures.Westman is a reporter for a paranormal magazine but once in a while, he's also a demon hunter. His ex coworker, Jim, has disappeared and all the family is worried. Westman seems the most appropriate person to lead the investigation, but he has a problem: Jim's sister wants to help him.It was a nice victorian fantasy book, with the necessary costumes, hats, servants and well behaved people, however the world bui [...]

    3. I got this book as a first reads for free during one of the many giveaways on here.This book has been on my bookshelf for some time now and I've finally managed to start reading it. It only took me two days of getting to and from work with the train to read this wonderful little book. Yes, it is a quick read but a really good one. The characters are relatable and the mystery happenings that bring them together are well-conceived, so you don't get the idea that somehow that whole part of the stor [...]

    4. London Shadows is such a fun book to read! It is fast paced and exciting with lots of humor, a tiny bit of horror and just crammed full of supernatural fun! I loved everything about this book, the setting, the pace of the story, the characters, just absolutely everything! I highly recommend you read this one! You will not be sorry you did!

    5. This is an awesome book! It’s suspenseful and action-packed, with a nice amount of romance. I liked all the characters, especially Blinks—he made me laugh a lot. I highly recommend it!

    6. Honestly, I liked this book! Let me tell you something about it. It telles a story about Freddie Westman, a journalist and a monster hunter. His best friend of two years ago has disappeard. And that friend, Jim Penderry, is the brother of Sophie Penderry. She is what Westman calls a bluestocking, but she is pretty brave and desperately trying to help. And of course there are some monsters involved.For a friend of mine; why this book is no Twilight. First of all, I didn't spot any vampires or wer [...]

    7. "Monster hunting isn't just a job, it's a way of life. Freddie Westman, a reporter for a paranormal magazine, is one of the best in the business, but now it's personal. His good friend, Jim Penderry, has disappeared, and the signs point to sinister forces from beyond the grave. Sophie Penderry, who is more at home with her nose in a book, insists on helping Westman find her missing brother. Even a loner like Westman needs an ally to watch his back. He knows firsthand these demons are not just th [...]

    8. London Shadows is a novel I've read at least six times since my very first time over a year ago, and one I can see myself reading yet again in the near future as the mood strikes me. J.L. Weaver, as I have stated in a review I did on , is a true Weaver of tales; this story is such a fantastic balance of the paranormal, action, suspense, humour, and romance. You seldom come across stories that execute all those elements so smoothly, and Mrs. Weaver does an exceptional job.Between the sophisticate [...]

    9. London Shadows is a very well written book that entices the reader into book. I really loved the story and the plot and even though the writer involves supernatural aspects they are provided is such a way that they are believable. A thoroughly excellent story that kept me reading and waiting for more from the author.

    10. Another Wattpad Goldie for the list. Steampunk action, paranormal disturbery, strong ladies in the Victorian erawhat more to be asked for? If you love Cassie Clare, find this book immediately and add it to your "passing the woefully long time till Lady Midnight comes out" list. :D

    11. Excellent read. Brilliantly written with the right amounts of history, humour, underlying romance and supernatural intrigue. Some of the ideas the author has through this book are genius.A thoroughly enjoyable read! Highly recommended!

    12. Loved it! I actually read it on wattpad. it was fast paced and captivating. A little bit of everything; mystery, adventre, and a bit of romance too. I couldn't put it down.

    13. London Shadows was a fun, quick read that explored the supernatural goings on in the regency era. I love paranormal and regency romances, and this book encompassed both of those parameters so I knew it was something I wanted to take a chance on. I'm quite happy that I did.The beginning starts out with a gripping fight scene between Freddie and a demon summoned by a mysterious wielder of black magic. A book is always engaging when it starts out with an obstacle for our MC to overcome. So by the t [...]

    14. What a delight this book is! London Shadows is a rare gem of a book. Set in Victorian England, but one in which ghosts, demons, occultists and paranormal shenanigans are all part and parcel of the foggy underground of the London streets and the glittering chandelier-lit ballrooms of the aristocracy. The author has clearly done her research, too, and she incorporates that research into the weave of this tale so expertly that it never intrudes on the story but helps build the credibility of this i [...]

    15. I greatly enjoyed reading London Shadows. The pages flew past, a strong indicator of my appreciation of the author's storytelling skill. On to the details. The book begins with a wonderful hook. It jumps straight into the action of the hidden world in London of I'm guessing the late 1800's. It was funny and action-packed with characters whose fate I immediately cared about. The author layered the the world between the cover with detailed and satisfying descriptive talent. I especially appreciate [...]

    16. My only regret is not finishing this book earlier, I took so long to read this book because my life has been very hectic with work and personal matter. Although this book is an easy read, there are certain things that I absolutely have to get right as I read, for instants the Victorian century and their culture and their transportation and words they use, I wasn't too sure about it until I looked up images or meaning of those words. So this book had been on hold for sometime because of the commi [...]

    17. This was a ok read. Though, I think it needed a bit more description, especially in describing what the characters look like. The main character Westman was by far my favorite character in the story. He was smart and just had a personality that I liked and found kind of relatable. At first, I didn't really like Sophie since she seemed like a naive fool and bit impulsive, but she quickly grew on me, as she proved to be a bit resourceful. The romance between her and Westman was something I did not [...]

    18. An enjoyable escape into the paranormal world where those bumps in the night really are something to worry about. Thank goodness for those who hunt down and render harmless the supernatural creatures. And who also create imaginative narratives about their adventures for the clueless humans to devour. Throw in the stuffiness and propriety of old British society along with mischevious siblings and a bit of romance. A fun read.

    19. Fun action and supernatural magic in Victorian London. An easy read and gloriously YA. Westman battles demons and other magical creatures (a scene in a wine cellar is quite original). Quirky characters, a good mystery, some funny lines with enough emotion to turn the pages. Suspect it will be a series.

    20. London Shadows is the beginning of an entertaining adventure series aimed at young and old audiences alike. Set in Victorian London, it follows the supernatural undertakings of Alfred Westman as he fights a wide assortment of creatures and beasts (werewolves, witches, demons, and more!). It is a fun read full of action, humor, mystery and romance.

    21. I received this book as part of bookvetter. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I don't particularly care for supernatural books but this was so well written and engaging. You really should pick this up. The Victorian Era is such fun to read and J.L. Weaver did an excellent job.

    22. London Shadows is quite a good, if short, read for the seeker of supernatural thrills and chills. Set in a more "civilized" time, when Big Ben was newer, but the alleys were far from safe, the reader will discover a world glimpsed by few where the "normal" world and the spirit world are often not so far apart. Youthful readers will find this a good tale to read under the covers with a flashlight.

    23. Although London Shadows begins with a battle between a murderous demon and a professional monster hunter it was slow to catch my interest, slow to give me a reason to care about the main characters, but once the author overcame that one obstacle the book was a fast paced fantasy, a delight to read.

    24. This book kind of reminded me of the X-files, but in a more light-hearted kind of way. I liked it. The story was fast-paced and interesting. I liked how the story was about the paranormal without being absolutely terrifying.

    25. What a quirky page turner. I loved how Old London came to life with the vivid description of clothing, architecture, and language. Thrilling read, a must!

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