• Title: I'm Kita Duran
  • Author: Veronica Purcell
  • ISBN: 9781517352776
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
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    I m Kita Duran Original Music Makes is a web fiction series centered on Duran Kita who is a Japanese private high school student He struggles against a stringent school system to run a music club This is a story abo
    Original Music Makes is a web fiction series centered on Duran Kita who is a Japanese private high school student He struggles against a stringent school system to run a music club This is a story about friendship, family and foes connected together by the music he makes.

    One Reply to “I'm Kita Duran”

    1. I was utterly charmed by this sparkling slice–of-Japanese-high-school-life story. It read like a Boys Love schoolboy manga crossed with a high school-oriented K-drama, like Dream High. Originally written as a web series, each chapter of this spirited novel captures an episodic adventure in the life of its lead character Kita Duran who has enrolled in a new school. A musically gifted teen of Japanese/French descent, Kita and his new friends encounter a number of challenges when they decide to f [...]

    2. This book is more on the contemporary fiction side. It’s basically about a boy whose mother remarries which extends his family to a sister and stepdad. Duran also tries to fit into his school, facing obstacles many teens face with fitting in and finding their place in society. Music is the center of this novel as it’s what inspires Duran and carries a good deal of the plot as he tries to open his club. I’m Kita Duran earned points for having minority leads, though the whole book centered o [...]

    3. I was drawn to this book because of the book description. I, myself, am into anime, manga, music and all those Japanese culture goodness and I decided to give it a try.The story sets in Japan which I find amazing! Also, I find it so weird because I'm so used to this kind of stuff in Japanese and written by Japanese that it's so different. The book really reminds me of a light novel. And I think that's what the author is going for. I find this very commendable because I feel like she's the first [...]

    4. Original Music Makes: I'm Kita Duran. Author Veronica PurcellI got this book really out of interest as it was very different from what I would normal read. However, I would recommend this book for teens/ young adults as it was a very interesting and in some places a funny read. The novel also had a lot of heart to it with the many character Duran meets and what they go through together when he starts a new school. The story itself was about Duran as he starts a new school after his mum and settl [...]

    5. I’m no fan of YA, but I picked this up on a lark because the reviews were so kind, and as much as I hate to say it Kita Duran was utterly charming. After his transfer to a dismal school he wants to add a little whimsy and create a more festive atmosphere by starting a music club. Soon, however, he finds himself at odds with a powerful group of students who want to stop his quest. Will he succeed? Probably, after all, he’s the hero, but the manner in which he does, and the people he meets alo [...]

    6. Thanks to I had the opportunity to read this book.Whilst I regard myself as a consumer of all genre this book did not take me in the way I expected.The characters were well portrayed and the scenes set well.It was more a case of "what or where is this story going" that kept me reading.It is a little far fetched in parts and you need to read past some of the obviously fractional moments but if you want to try something new then it's worth the challenge.

    7. In a perfect world we'd have the lovely daughter of Ebina Hina X Shiguma Rika to write fiction for us to enjoy. Until then we have I'm Kita Duran. Thank you Ms. Purcell!

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