• Title: A Simple Vow
  • Author: Charlotte Hubbard Tom Hallman
  • ISBN: 9781420138696
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Simple Vow Housed in a rustic red barn the Simple Gifts crafts shop celebrates the talents of the Amish of Willow Ridge and the faith that inspires them For the acceptance of simplicity opens the path to love A
    Housed in a rustic red barn, the Simple Gifts crafts shop celebrates the talents of the Amish of Willow Ridge and the faith that inspires them For the acceptance of simplicity opens the path to love As far as Edith Riehl is concerned, the baby twins thrust suddenly into her arms are a heaven sent gift Unable to conceive, she longs to be a mother with a home of her own.Housed in a rustic red barn, the Simple Gifts crafts shop celebrates the talents of the Amish of Willow Ridge and the faith that inspires them For the acceptance of simplicity opens the path to love As far as Edith Riehl is concerned, the baby twins thrust suddenly into her arms are a heaven sent gift Unable to conceive, she longs to be a mother with a home of her own She s going to abide by her promise to handsome Asa Detweiler to take care of them while he looks for their real father And even if her domineering dat Cornelius refuses to countenance Asa s suit, she can only pray the bachelor s honesty and persistence will uncover the truth even as he s kindled an impossible hope for a love of her own Asa can t understand why anyone would think he would be so dishonorable as to father babies and then abandon them He s determined to clear his name but Edith s caring ways also inspire him to help heal her wounded spirit and earn her trust In the face of heartbreaking deception, he and Edith must find the strength to understand, forgive and claim their own hearts joy Praise for Charlotte Hubbard s Seasons of the Heart series Another great book centered around the Sweet Seasons Caf RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars These very special books will sit proudly on my keeper shelf Romance Reviews Today

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    1. A Simple VowCharlotte HubbardWow! A SIMPLE VOW by Charlotte Hubbard has just blown me away. So much mystery and suspense and that is not what I'm used to when reading Amish books. Charlotte Hubbard is quickly becoming one of my favorite Amish authors and A SIMPLE VOW is exactly why. She had me guessing who the babies father was all along and when it was finally revealed, I was shocked.Edith Riehl happens upon two Amish men arguing all the while, a baby is crying and they aren't concerned at all. [...]

    2. A SIMPLE VOW is the first book in Ms. Hubbard's new series Simple Gifts. This book doesn't read like the a first book in a series though, more like a continuation of a previous series since I recognized many of the characters. I think they are from the Seasons of the Heart series. Some of the other reviewers commented about there being too many characters. Since I have read all of Ms. Hubbard's previous books I recognized most of them. Asa seemed a very nice young man, kind, considerate, and wil [...]

    3. After having read many of this author's previous books, I must admit that I approached this one with trepidation ! Not because I thought that it wouldn't be good!!! I already knew that I loved her writing! However. I was so thrilled with her last book, "Promise Lodge", that I REALLY feared that this new creation could not possibly be as great!! Happily, I admit that my worries were for nothing!! "A Simple Vow" surpassed my expectations! It was the BEST yet!! I say "yet" because I have the feelin [...]

    4. It was a great to catch up with beloved characters in Willow Ridge, along with new members of the community, reading Charlotte Hubbard's new release, A Simple Vow. A Simple Vow is book one in her new series, Simple Gifts. Charlotte is a talented author weaving her plots with real to life characters. A Simple Vow is focus on Edith Riehl's verbal vow to care for infant twins because it was unclear who the father was. Will Gingerich and Asa Detweiler were arguing when Edith heard an infant crying. [...]

    5. WOW!! Charlotte Hubbard had me guessing as to who the father of the twins was. Boy was I shocked and floored when he was revealed. I totally did not see that coming!"A Simple Vow" is just that a simple vow, aka a promise. Not a secret, but a promise, a verbal contract. Edith Riehl is going to keep her promise to care for the twins as Asa Detweiler looks for their real father.Overall, I loved this story that Charlotte Hubbard has written in "A Simple Vow". This shocking betrayal is not often writ [...]

    6. Charlotte Hubbard is a fairly new to me author. This being the second book of hers I have read I had an idea going in that the book wouldn't be the typical Amish fiction I was used to reading. I was right, too. This book has many twists and turns along with a story not often (if ever) found in Amish fiction.Let me start off with the one thing I didn't like in the book. Too many characters. I found it difficult keeping them all straight in my mind while reading. I must say that even at the end of [...]

    7. I can not say enough good things about this book ! It is the first in the series: Simple Gifts. I am very excited to read the next book in the series. Charlotte Hubbard has created real, believable characters who sin, lie, fear, scheme, love, and struggle to forgive just like the rest of us. Some of the characters are Amish, some are Old Order Mennonite, and some are English. This creates a nice blend of the real world.I could not help but fall in love with Edith and her sisters, Asa, and the da [...]

    8. Being a huge fan of all of Charlotte Hubbard's books set in Willow Ridge, I was thrilled to receive a complimentary copy of this first book of a new spin-off series from NetGalley.While I loved revisiting many of my old friends in this book, I found this one a bit slow to get going. There were hints of mystery and intrigue throughout the first half but I couldn't really see what they had to do with the story. Until I hit about 70%, this book was set for a three-star rating.But wow! What a twist [...]

    9. Simply SaidCharlotte Hubbard, simply said is captivating. Her writing captures you and you must keep reading. The Reihls sisters and their Dat move to Willow Ridge following the passing of there Mamm. Dat (Cornelius) is strict, firm, and protective. True romanticism will love this story because of the Love at first sight story line. Reader of plot twist will enjoy the twist and turns that deceit and lies provide. Those that love a family oriented Christian story it takes about 5 hours to read. E [...]

    10. I read this on the KindleThis is part of the Simple Gifts series & as usual Charlotte Hubbard doesn't disappoint in this bookYou have people who are from the Seasons of the Heart series so it like visiting old friends meeting new onesThere are people you love & some you not sure about & 1 you just know that there is something they are hiding I enjoyed this so much was reading until 3 in the morning just to finish it

    11. When a furor erupts concerning twin babies, Edith steps in promising to care for them until the confusion was sorted out. Many twists and much resistance stood in her path to fixing things. The diabolical actions of people unhappy with the situation almost ruin the future for Edith, Asa, the babies and numerous others. God's hands make sense out of the mess, and all face the future with smiles and forgiveness.

    12. Could you see yourself taking in twin babies that are no relation to you and to care for them with limited questions asked? Edith Riehl does that very thing when she interrupts two Amish men arguing over who is the father. As Asa and Will determine to find the real father, an accident delays Asa's leaving of Willow Ridge. During his stay he finds himself falling head over heels in love with Edith and day dreaming of being a family with her and the babies. Can Asa make his dream come true or will [...]

    13. I'm just rating this book because that is my gorgeous cousin on the cover. Illustrated by the incredible Tom Hallman. #familybraggingrights

    14. Ms. Hubbard has once again delivered humor and grace in her latest novel. I love revisiting with my old 'friends'.

    15. A Simple Vow by Charlotte Hubbard is the first book in a Simple Gifts series. In Willow Ridge the town is getting ready for the wedding of Ira Hooley and Millie Glick. Edith Riehl steps out onto the front porch and hears people arguing. Then she hears babies crying. She goes to investigate and finds two babies. Edith immediately picks them up and soothes them. Will Gingerich was bringing the babies to the Riehl’s to see if they could take care of them for him. His wife, Molly recently died fro [...]

    16. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley exchange for an honest reviewSummary:Housed in a rustic red barn, the Simple Gifts crafts shop celebrates the talents of the Amish of Willow Ridge--and the faith that inspires them. For the acceptance of simplicity opens the path to love. As far as Edith Riehl is concerned, the baby twins thrust suddenly into her arms are a heaven-sent gift. Unable to conceive, she longs to be a mother with a home of her own. She's going to abide by her promise [...]

    17. Edith hears noises outside her home and goes outside to hear two men arguing in loud voices over who was the father of twin babies in one man's buggy. Edith does what any reasonable woman does, she goes outside and grabs the babies who are crying and berates the men for acting like little boys. One of the men is Will, once her sister's fiance, and the other is Asa, a man accused by Will's late wife of being the father of the babies. The problem is that Asa has never met Will's wife, and Will is [...]

    18. This is a part of the Simple Gifts Series. I loved this book and enjoyed revisiting Willow Ridge. The book is well written, faith based, and the characters are moving. There are several twists and turns in the story and I know you will love it. Charlotte has a wonderful way with her Amish stories.Edith Riehl and her two sisters have just moved to Willow Ridge. Her dominating father, a clock maker, traded his home in Rosewood with his cousin who lived in Willow Ridge so his cousin could help his [...]

    19. A simple vow is a modern Amish tale, entering on the lives of the Riehl family, in particular, Cornelius Riehl's youngest daughter, Edith. The book starts as the new settlement of Willow Ridge are celebrating a wedding, and just as Edith prepares to join the celebrations she encounters two young men arguing whilst young babies are becoming increasingly distressed in the buggy beside the men. Edith quickly finds herself offering to care for the twins until their alleged father sorts out their tru [...]

    20. When 19 year old Edith hears a commotion coming from the road she goes to investigate. When she sees 2 men arguing and hears the cries of baby she first stops to calm the baby to find twins in the back of a the buggy crying. She grabs up the babies then gives the 2 men a talking down too about scaring the babies. She realizes one of the men is the ex-fiance of her sister Will. But has no idea who the handsome stranger is.After Edith's father broke off the engagement between Will and Edith's sist [...]

    21. A Simple Vow is the first book in the Simple Gifts series written by Charlotte Hubbard. Charlotte not only hit a home run she got a grand slam with this book. I was instantly taken back to the little town of Willow Ridge and introduced to a very sweet Amish young lady, Edith Riehl. In anticipation of the wedding of Ira Hooley and Millie Glick, Edith steps out on the front porch and that's where we begin her wonderful adventure.Characters from previous books are reintroduced and it's like no time [...]

    22. This is the first "Amish"book I've read. I did enjoy it ,but felt it was unfinished in we didn' t learn what was up with Edith's " dat" and his clock repairs plus I would like to know more about the sisters, etc. Maybe there' s a second book coming??

    23. I read a lot of Amish fiction, and some of it can be rather melodramatic. But, this was the most melodramatic by far. I knew the premise of a questioned Amish paternity case was going to be flirting with the line of how much improbability I can handle. But then there was all the fluttery love-at-first-sight feelings that were the main focus of the couple's relationship when they barely knew each other. The speed of the relationship was ridiculous(view spoiler)[ with the wedding day less than 4 w [...]

    24. Charlotte Hubbard's A Simple Vow is a great start to her Simple Gifts series. If you are already a fan of her books (and if not, you really should be), you may recognize some "old friends" as she takes us back to the fictional Amish community of Willow Ridge, Missouri.As usual, some of Charlotte's characters stretch the limits of the most conservative Amish factions and find themselves in some interesting -- and sometimes sticky -- situations. A new family has moved to town, a somewhat secretive [...]

    25. I have not read many of Charlotte Hubbard's books but the ones that I have I have enjoyed immensely. She has a way of writing that makes me relax and enjoy the story. A Simple Vow really had me turning the page and riveted to what was happening next. I will say the end of the book had such a major twist that I had to read it twice. Wow!!Edith Riehl and her family recently moved to Willow Ridge. They and their father are starting a new chapter in their lives. When baby twins are suddenly thrust i [...]

    26. Willow Ridge is an Amish Community that is attracting new members, many returning to the fold, some joining with a sincere love for God, and even a few Englishers who have fallen in love with their soul mates and found a home in the plain life. Edith Riehl has moved to Willow Creek with her father and two sisters. While waiting on the porch for her family to leave to attend a wedding, she overhears two men arguing, along with the distressing cries of an infant. She investigates, finding not one [...]

    27. NOTE: I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley in order to provide an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions contained herein are my own.Charlotte Hubbard has written another wonderful story. Her writing draws you in so you feel like one of the community of Willow Ridge and before you know it you want to break bread with the life like characters.This is the first book in a new series called Simple Gifts. There are some returning characters from Ms. Hubbard [...]

    28. Charlotte Hubbard has a gift for writing amazing Amish stories!Edith Riehl and her sisters don’t have an easy life . . . their dat makes life pretty rough at times.When she discovers two innocent babies caught in the midst of a troubling conversation between two men, she takes charge, letting the men know that the babies’ needs should come first. But when she is asked to keep them — and care for them, what will her dat think?Since I’m writing about Edith and her family, it should be pret [...]

    29. I waited a few months for this to be published, and it was worth the wait. Although it'd been a while since I last read about this small Amish community, Charlotte Hubbard was very good at subtly adding the details of all the characters to refresh the reader's memory. I must say, that there is one scene that totally shocked me! I knew something was amiss with the brother of of one of the main characters, Asa, but I truly didn't see that one coming. What a great twist in the story! I loved it. Al [...]

    30. If you love Amish fiction, you simply can't go wrong with a book by Hubbard. She knows her genre and she masterfully tells her stories, drawing you in from beginning to end.When her Seasons of the Heart series ended, I was so sad. I had come to love many of the residents of Willow Ridge and couldn't believe I wouldn't be reading about them again. The Simple Gifts series is somewhat of a continuation of that series. Its focus is slightly different, but it's still set in the same place and many of [...]

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