• Title: Clifford Takes A Trip
  • Author: Norman Bridwell
  • ISBN: 9780590442602
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
  • Clifford Takes A Trip Lonely when his family goes on vacation without him Clifford a giant red dog overcomes wet cement traffic jams and toll bridges to rejoin them in the mountains
    Lonely when his family goes on vacation without him, Clifford, a giant red dog, overcomes wet cement, traffic jams, and toll bridges to rejoin them in the mountains.

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    1. My parents bought this for my nephew for Christmas. I have always loved Clifford and am delighted my nephew enjoyed reading about Clifford's trip to find his family on vacation!

    2. Emily Elizabeth should know better than to play with bear cubs while she's camping, that's sure to make the mama bear angry. The part I really thought was strange though was that the mama bear suddenly turns nice because Clifford gives her babies back to her. Confusing, is the lesson to stay away from bears in the woods or to befriend them?

    3. I love reading novels to my children, especially when they are ones that promote more reading to my kids, because they relate to something that they already know and enjoy- like a popular kid's TV show. However, I have found that the older my son gets, the more he's beginning to realize when they just don't make since. The ending in each of these Clifford stories were abrupt and sudden, and some of the things that Emily E. and Clifford were doing just didn't make since (like playing with bear cu [...]

    4. Lonely when his family goes on vacation without him, Clifford, a giant red dog, overcomes wet cement, traffic jams, and toll bridges to rejoin them in the mountains. Classic Clifford!

    5. This was a solid Clifford book, but nothing special stood out to me. Clifford was left at home for a trip. He was unhappy about it so he took off after them. For Clifford lovers, it's a fun book, but I didn't take a whole lot away from this particular story.

    6. Clifford's family decide to go on vacation and leave him with the neighbor. However, he is not having that and sets out to find his family. The story was entertaining and my daughter enjoyed it as well. Would recommend.

    7. Clifford Takes A Trip by Norman BridwellAudio version so I am not seeing the colorful pictures.Emily has a dog, Clifford. It's the last day of school and she's happy that she'll be able to play with her dog.Trips are hard to do with Clifford because of his big size. The year before they left him with a neighbor as the rest of the family was on a trip without him.He set out to find them but he got into a lot of troubled you wonder if he will ever find themI received this book from National Librar [...]

    8. We are huge Clifford fans in our home. I remember first falling in love with this fantastic big red dog when I was in second, and I absolutely love that continues to introduce young readers to Clifford. Clifford isn't one to be left behind, and when Emily Elizabeth and her family head out for a weekend camping trip, Clifford is heartbroken. He quickly finds himself making his way to Emily Elizabeth. Along the way Clifford ends up helping people who need it, including Emily. This is a delightful [...]

    9. Clifford Takes a Trip is the tale of how Clifford found his family when they went on vacation without him. He helped a man on the way and didn't let a difficult trip stop him from finding his family and then saved the day and made new friends. All of these are good lessons to bring into a discussion about the story to the children after reading the book to them, making it a good learning experience.

    10. This is a 'classic' Clifford story. One of which I remember reading when I was a small child, loving it then and enjoying it now with my children and granddaughter. Clifford is lonely when his family goes on a vacation camping. So he sets out looking for them. His adventures along the way and arriving in time to help Emily Elizabeth.

    11. So I read another one of the cute kohl's cares books while it was slow at the register! this was was adorable! and I liked it more than the beach ball one! and it reminded me even more of my childhood, when I would watch and read clifford books! a great story! and such a fun book for kids! I hope one day that when I get married and have kids they will like clifford too!

    12. This book would be a fabulous summer vacation book. The family goes on vacation and Cliffords tries to track them down, while going on his own andverntures. It would get students talking abot what they're doing for summer vacation.

    13. I love Clifford books! Shows how strong the friendship is with Clifford and his family as he goes so far to find them. Fun book and shows how mother bears are protective and different people can be friends when they do the right thing

    14. I remember my mom reading Clifford books to me when I was small. It's a delight to read them with my grandson. In this one, Clifford gets left behind when the family takes a trip. But Clifford decides to catch up with them.

    15. Emily Elizabeth tells about last year, when Clifford stayed with a neighbor.Clifford's journey reveals the persistence and loyalty of EE's beloved dog.

    16. Daddy got this book for me at the Lincoln Park book sale and came home with it one Friday night. He and I read it on the couch in the family room that same night.

    17. When I was little, Clifford was my favorite show and I loved the books. This is a great book for children and has wonderful illustrations. It really goes to show the close bonds that families value.

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    19. The typical family road trip takes on a different meaning when Clifford goes along. This was funny and full of accidents. I read this while waiting in a doctor's office.

    20. The family is going on a trip, but they leave Clifford behind. Clifford gets depressed and sets out to find his family. I read this to students during a small reading groups.

    21. Reviewing kiddie books is fun. I truly want my son to love books. He paid some attention to this one. =)

    22. Clifford will no longer be left home from family vacations after he saved Emily Elizabeth from a mama bear.

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