• Title: The Guilty
  • Author: David Baldacci
  • ISBN: 9781478908456
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Audio
  • The Guilty When Will Robie receives word that his father who he hasn t spoken to in years has been arrested for murder Robie immediately heads home to investigate His hometown is a remote economically depresse
    When Will Robie receives word that his father who he hasn t spoken to in years has been arrested for murder, Robie immediately heads home to investigate His hometown is a remote, economically depressed small town where everyone still remembers him as a high school sports star who left one night and was never seen again.Dan Robie is a local judge, and he s suspected of murWhen Will Robie receives word that his father who he hasn t spoken to in years has been arrested for murder, Robie immediately heads home to investigate His hometown is a remote, economically depressed small town where everyone still remembers him as a high school sports star who left one night and was never seen again.Dan Robie is a local judge, and he s suspected of murdering a man who appeared before him in court Robie and his father have never seen eye to eye, and he pushes Robie almost to the point of leaving town But when another murdered victim shows up, Robie realizes that there may be to the story than just his father s vigilante justice.

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    1. Had I not read this book, I would never have believed Baldacci capable of supplanting Wish You Well as the most uninteresting-not to mention trite and arduous-book of his career. This was painful. Pace yourself by taking multiple breaks.

    2. The Guilty, 4th book in David Baldacci’s Will Robie Series, continues with the life of a government assassin that finds himself at a crossroad in his life. Will Robie’s past is having an emotional effect on his job and he will have to face it head-on before he can move forward with his life.His last assignment, where he killed an innocent bystander has resulted in him questioning his capabilities and adding to his problems is that he’s been informed that his father, a former marine, who he [...]

    3. The GuiltyI love all of David Baldacci's series but this one is by far my favorite. The stories are always fast paced and enjoyable. I'm always waiting for the next book to be published.

    4. You know I recently finished 2 "thrillers" that I rated fairly low mainly because they devolved from their "thriller roots" into stories about the personal lives of the protagonists.Here Mr. Baldacci did the same thingd drew me in so thoroughly that it kept me awake nights following the book and not wanting to put it down.We've gotten to know Robie (along with his co-protagonist Jessica) by now and I guess that may make the difference. I mean if a TV series starts out and establishes itself and [...]

    5. This is a review I never imagine posting. It actually pains me to write this about someone who had once been one of my favorite authors. There was a time when David Baldacci was my second favorite author. He slowly dropped from #2 but remained in my top 5. Then he dropped somewhere between 6 and 10. Now? Now I sadly can state I’m close to giving up on him completely. His novels have become formulaic. Characters interchangeable. It almost feels like he uses the same template—and then just ins [...]

    6. The newest Will Robie novel was a little disappointing, at least for me. In killing a target, the bullet accidentally kills the target's daughter that was not supposed to be there, and he loses his edge. While home on rest leave, the Blue Man tells Will that his estranged father has been arrested for murder. Will returns to his Gulf Coast hometown of Cantrell, Mississippi where he is mostly unwelcome despite his leading his high school football team to a state championship. He then works to solv [...]

    7. The Guilty is another tremendous entry in the best-selling thrillermaster’s increasingly impressive resume and the fourth instalment in the David Baldacci's Will Robie and with the added great character Reel.Robie, a black ops CIA sniper, accidentally shoots a child while assassinating a corrupt foreign leader overseas. When he freezes on his next op, unable to pull the trigger, Robie’s handler pulls him out of the field and gives him an opportunity to get his head right. Meanwhile, Robie’ [...]

    8. Will Robie is a paid assassin, working for the U.S. government in extreme secrecy throughout the darkest and most dangerous places in the world. He is highly successful, disciplined and never misses his target. That is, until one fateful day when he chokes.His secretive boss, Blue Man, puts him on leave; and because there's some evidence that his sudden change is rooted to unreserved issues from his childhood, he heads back to his old home in rural Cantrell, Mississippi to confront the people an [...]

    9. I like the Will Robie series. This is another great installment to the series. You could probably read it as a stand alone but I think you need to start with book 1. This time Will's Dad is accused of murder and for the first time in 22 years Will is headed home to see if he can find out what is going on. He hasn't talked to his Dad since leaving after graduating from High School. Lots of things go wrong in the small Mississippi town and there is more going on than what you think. Lots of fast a [...]

    10. David Baldacci has again delivered a great read. I was so fortunate to receive an advance reader's copy through giveaway.I have read and enjoyed the other novels in the Will Robie series but felt this one gave the clearest insight into Robie's character. In many respects, it seems that finding a killer to be an honorable individual you could admire is counter intuitive. But Will Robie is indeed a admirable man.There is action and twists galore. Baldacci always entertains and his books are not t [...]

    11. 3.5 Loved spending lots of time in Will's pov but the book, which started out as a typical suspense novel, sort of devolved into a deranged Gothic monstrosity that had way too many characters and was overly complicated. I mean, I like deranged Gothic monstrosities but they have to be well-done, you know.And Will STILL didn't get laid. God help that poor man. Blue balls the size of grapefruits.

    12. Pretty awful as it turns out. The story kept me going even while being all over the place so it gets 1 added star for that. Strings of stories that made no sense that he pulls together at the very end into a simply horrific overdone ending. To make a thriller you have to highlight some of the world's proclivities but he felt compelled to use multiple awful things and I think it was unnecessary (such as the serial killer angle--this served NO purpose whatsoever). And he doesn't introduce them for [...]

    13. Wow this just didn't seem like a David Baldacci novel. Nor did it seem like a Will Robie series. It really just missed the mark. Bummer. I hope he'll write more in the series and back to the magic of Will Robie the expert.

    14. In the latest novel in the Will Robie series, Baldacci takes an interesting approach with the cold-hearted assassin. After a mission goes awry, Robie begins to realise that he may have lost his edge. News that his father has been arrested and is awaiting trial for murder gives Robie the out he needs, sending him back to Cantrell, Mississippi. Robie has been away from his hometown for more than two decades, where some things have changed, but much remains just as stagnant as when he left. When Da [...]

    15. Will Robie has to clear the issues in his head before he can continue his mission for the government. Then Blueman informs him that Will's father has been arrested for murder and Will returns to Cantrell, MS to clear his thoughts and see what's going on with his father and try to rectify his relationship with his dad.The case against Dan Robie is flimsy but there are extenuating circumstances that places him at the scene of the crime. When Will gets in trouble, his partner, Jessica Reel joins hi [...]

    16. This author is in my top 5 of favorite authors in this genre. I have enjoyed most of his books, especially this series. I love Will Robie and Jessica Reel. They are personable good guys which I'm a total sucker for. I liked the humor in this one. It had me laughing out loud, which is frowned upon when I'm at work, but I couldn't help it. I also liked the dialogue in this one. The author does that well, as well as so many other things, like a great plot. This had some great twists. I thought I ha [...]

    17. Actually more like a 3.5*, but Baldacci is Baldacci. So rounding up. Cause that man sure can writeWill Robie goes back to his hometown, confronting his past and his father who has been accused of murder.It was the twist ending, which I didn't see coming, but sort of had suspicions from the beginning, that made me squirm a little bit. A little bit of stretching my believe that the murderer had gone through so much trouble to make a point.Oh well, on to the next book in the series.

    18. The ease of the dialogue was enticing until I noticed all the characters spoke in the same fashion, with exception of the stereotypes. Many of the conversations are without plot or character meaning. Trying to twist and turn the plot, the author made the last quarter hard to read.

    19. Another gem by David Baldacci! This one really stuck with me, even after I finished reading. Highly recommend! My Rating: 5 stars

    20. Starts off well; ends on a low note. Too many abusive subplots. Look forward to the return of the real Will Robie.

    21. Top 50 Books of 2015 Best Audiobook (tie), Best of the Will Robie Series , Best Double-Twist Climax.Award-winning David Baldacci returns following Memory Man, with his second winner of 2015. The GUILTY, my favorite in the Will Robie series sinceThe Innocent(Will Robie, #1).An enthralling suspense thriller, Will Robie #4,Audio narrated by Kyf Brewer (Loved the change--outstanding performance, and oh so sexy) --With talented as always, Orlagh Cassidy (pitch perfect Southern dialect and wide range [...]

    22. Horrendous- boring. Love Reel/Robbie books but don't know how the same person who wrote the Hit and the Target wrote this. Extremely disappointing.

    23. This series just keeps getting better and better. 'The Guilty' takes both the plot as well as Will Robie into uncharted territory. The pacing is excellent, the atmosphere great and as always every character is memorable. The ending was predictable though but that does not take away anything from the overall experience though. The closest parallel I can find for this book is True Detective season 1. Yup, you heard that right.Great book and I had a blast reading it.If you liked this review, you ca [...]

    24. Enjoyable, but not one of his best. As an origin story, it started out slowly, though it picked up considerably once his partner arrived. I wasn't convinced by the denouement, there was a considerable section that had the villain explaining the whole thing and that shouldn't really be necessary. On the other hand, maybe this is gender bias, but I love Reel. Wish we could have more female protagonists in stories like these, even as (shock) the main character. Id read the hell out of those.

    25. I can't believe this book was written by David Baldacci. I have long been an admirer of his work and have enjoyed his books. This one was way below his usual level of writingis one seemed like a book written because he needed quick money. By the time I was halfway through the book, I wanted to kill all the characters myself! Just put them out of their misery

    26. About on par with a Scooby Doo mystery. I figured out the killer by page 50 and am ashamed to admit I finished the book. The plot was beyond ridiculous. The first three in the series were at least fast paced, entertaining reads. This was garbage start to finish.

    27. A tough story that deals with difficult life subjects. While interesting, I found the brutality and wasted deaths unfulfilling. As for believable, I won't even go there. 5 of 10 stars

    28. I found the first two books of this series quite strong. In particular, I liked that those who opposed the American government did so for often complex and understandable reasons. In short, the villains had depth and the line between the "good guys" and "the bad guys" was not clearly drawn. However, like the third book in the series, this fourth book is not as strong as the first two. In the first two, the focus was on international politics and clandestine operations. On these themes, Baldacci [...]

    29. Wow! What a wild ride. I can honestly say I did NOT see the end coming. I wasn't sure what to expect with this book. As per my usual, I didn't read any back cover copy for this. I was just happy to jump into the world of Will Robie again and I wasn't disappointed. We trace Wills roots after a mission he's on goes south and he learns of a family emergency in the south. As you would expect from Baldacci, things escalate and what appears to be a simple case turns out to be much more than that.I kno [...]

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