• Title: The Love She Left Behind
  • Author: Amanda Coe
  • ISBN: 9780393353006
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Love She Left Behind England A celebrated love story entertains the nation Patrick the sexy young playwright scourge of an enthralled establishment marries Sara who has abandoned her two children to fulfill her
    England, 1983 A celebrated love story entertains the nation Patrick, the sexy young playwright, scourge of an enthralled establishment, marries Sara, who has abandoned her two children to fulfill her destiny as Patrick s beautiful, devoted muse Thirty five years later, Sara s death leaves Patrick alone in their crumbling house in Cornwall, with his whisky, his writer sEngland, 1983 A celebrated love story entertains the nation Patrick, the sexy young playwright, scourge of an enthralled establishment, marries Sara, who has abandoned her two children to fulfill her destiny as Patrick s beautiful, devoted muse Thirty five years later, Sara s death leaves Patrick alone in their crumbling house in Cornwall, with his whisky, his writer s block and his undimmed rage against the world The children Sara left behind, Louise and Nigel, are now adults with memories, questions and agendas of their own What was their mother really like Why did she leave them What has she left them And how can Patrick carry on without the love of his life As versions of the past collide with realities in the present, Sara s heirs do battle over ownership of this much beloved woman But the closer Louise and Nigel get to the true story of Sara s great love affair, the greater its mystery Secrets and lies, scenes and letters how do any of us piece together the people who made us what we are

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    1. Getting Colder is a sometimes witty, other times melancholy, novel of satire that was unlike anything I have read for a while. It has no loud bells and whistles, but is a subtle novel that draws you into the lives of some really exceptional characters. What's the book about?They were colour-supplement darlings of the 1980s: Patrick, the sexy, ferocious young playwright, scourge of an enthralled establishment, and Sara, who abandoned her two children to fulfil her destiny as Patrick's beautiful, [...]

    2. February 2015Coe’s much-criticised first novel, What They Do in the Dark, was a book I enjoyed, and I think it’s generally quite underrated. I hoped for great things from the follow-up, but the awful cover didn’t give a great first impression, and Getting Colder bored me from the first page. I had two stabs at it, but had to conclude that I just didn't want to read about this family.

    3. An intense novel of the realities of family dysfunction combined with psychological intrigue are skillfully explored in Amanda Coe's "The Love She Left Behind: A Novel" (2015). This novel was released in the U.K. as "Getting Colder" (2014).In 1983: Patrick Conway, a famous bachelor British playwright married 30 year old Sara, who left behind a husband and two small children to devote her life to him. The story opens some 35 years later, after Sara's sudden unexpected death from stomach cancer. P [...]

    4. I recently received this book as a giveaway, and while I very much enjoy receiving literature to review, sadly, this story is simply not one of which I am fond of.The story begins with son (Nigel) making preparations for his mother's (Sara) funeral. It becomes instantly clear that Nigel is not close with his mother. Funeral preparations lead to estate and inheritance decisions which are left to be taken care of by Nigel. The following months ensue with drama, chaos, and disasterquite fitting fo [...]

    5. Some people live in the past, either because they've never managed to come to grips with modern life, or because there are too many good things still left, they believe, which make it worth hanging on to. Yet others look back on the past, especially their own lives, and ask themselves what could have happened to me if or, what happened around me that was kept hidden? When a family splits up, for whatever reason, the questions become more complicated, filled with wishes and desires, unanswered qu [...]

    6. Waiting for the EndBefore getting this, I reread my review of Amanda Coe's debut novel, What They Do in the Dark. I gave it five stars on , noting that it began as a more-or-less ordinary story of two primary school girls (one privileged, the other not) growing up in a Yorkshire town, but when Coe pulled the threads together at the end, WOW, stand back and await the explosion! So I accepted the more-or-less ordinary beginning of this one—two grown-up children come back to deal with the recent [...]

    7. Kudos to the book jacket writer because they made Amanda Coe's book sound interesting. Unfortunately, the book isn't interesting. If I hadn't read the book jacket I'm not sure I would have known that Patrick and Sara had a "celebrated love story" that apparently entertained the nation. The novel is actually about a women (Sara aka Sally) who abandons her husband and two children for a narcissistic playwright; then dies 30 years later without telling anyone she was ill. The abandoned children, no [...]

    8. Nigel and Louise are all grown up but have never forgotten their mother, who abandoned them for another man when they were just children. Her defection from their family created Louise’s lifelong insecurities and Nigel’s aloofness, leading to a rift in their relationship. Having grown apart through the years, they are thrown together when their mother suddenly dies and they are called to the home she shared with her new husband Patrick. Read the rest of the review on my blog: shouldireaditor [...]

    9. I really wanted to like this book and I even started it 3 different times because I thought maybe I just wasn't in the mood, but the writing just didn't keep me engaged and I found the characters to be rather unlikable. I think the author is a good writer, and it was clearly well edited, but I had a hard time relating to the story. There are certainly funny moments though and the book has rave reviews from top reviewers so I think I'm probably a minority in thinking this. If you like, dark humor [...]

    10. Sökte något brittiskt och samtida. EHVJR. Intressant, om "life's estrangements":För 35 år sedan lämnade en tvåbarnsmor sin familj för ett helt annat liv med en känd dramatiker. Nu är hon död. Detta att ha mycket begränsad och ansträngd kontakt med sin mamma påverkade sonen och dottern hela livet, påverkade deras barn, påverkade första makens nya fru, påverkade andra makens nya flickvän etc. etc. etc.Första romanen där karaktärerna instagrammar blommor, utsikter etc. Finns de [...]

    11. This book was full of completely dysfunctional characters. None of them have any redeeming qualities. I guess it's a book that can make you feel better about your own life because your life cannot be nearly as screwed up as all of theirs! But the dysfunction is sort of humorous in a dark miserable way.

    12. I had a hard time with this book, perhaps because I'm not familiar with UK terms and sayings. There was humor? I didn't recognize it anywhere. I felt it hard to follow and disjointed as well as not really meaty enough to really want to finish. I did finish, but found it unremarkable. Sorry. Not an enjoyable read for me.

    13. A book full of unlikable characters and a lukewarm mystery, but it is saved by really excellent writing that made me keep reading.

    14. “Of course it’s serious, my love, but it’s fucking hilarious!” This is one of my favourite lines from Getting Colder and it suits the whole book, which is a black comedy.I received an advanced reader’s copy of this book in exchange for a review, and I dived in with eager anticipation. Getting Colder is a fast read that kept me flipping pages as if it were a thriller. It tells the story of an emotionally remote woman — or a highly passionate but repressed one, take your pick — who l [...]

    15. The cover blurb suggests that Getting Colder is 'savagely funny and perceptive'. Whilst I agree that this story is incredibly perceptive, for me it was a very sad story with characters and a plot that I would really find difficult to class as 'funny'.When I read What They Do In The Dark three years ago I was left reeling by the authenticity of Amanda Coe's writing, set as it is in both a setting and an era that is really familiar to me. Despite the fact that it's over three years since I read it [...]

    16. The main character in British author Amanda Coe's novel, "The Love She Left Behind", is not alive in most of the book. Sara Conroy - wife of playwright Patrick Conroy - was a "bolter". A "bolter" is that unique term the British use to connote a woman who leaves her husband and children to run off with another man. (Princess Diana's mother was a "bolter" who left Diana and her three siblings and her marriage to Johnnie Spencer for a lover. I don't know if men can be "bolters"; that might be an in [...]

    17. Sara dies within a week following a diagnosis of terminal cancer. Patrick is devastated and her two children, Nigel and Louise suffer varying degrees of grief. Both have designs on the run down house in which Patrick lives. The story of Patrick and Sara's love affair which caused a great deal of publicity at the time is told in extracts from his letters. Patrick is, or was, an author who wrote one very successful play and Mia, an MA student, comes to interview him as arranged with Sara before he [...]

    18. When their mother passes away, Nigel and Louise are left to deal with their stepfather, Patrick Conway, a playwright who wrote a controversial hit play many years ago. Their mother, Sara, left the children with their father and went to live with Patrick and later marry him. Their father could not care for them himself, so Nigel was sent off to boarding school and Louise went to live with her Aunt B. Neither one of them had hardly any contact with their mother and stepfather after that. Now that [...]

    19. I received this novel from as a giveaway in return for an honest review. The story begins as Sara has died leaving her partner Patrick alone and grieving in their house in Cornwall. Sara leaves two adult children, Nigel and Louise, who she abandoned to be with Patrick. Patrick is a writer of some fame and in the eighties they were quite the celebratory couple. The novel explores the relationships between these characters as they come together to grieve. The surprise twist is Mia, the MA student [...]

    20. I received The Love She Left Behind as part of a giveaway.Three decades ago, middle-aged Sara left her husband and two teenage children to be with mercurial playwright Patrick Conway. In the present day, Sara has passed away from a short bout with advanced stomach cancer, and it falls to her children Louise and Nigel, now middle-aged parents themselves, to pick up the pieces and reassess their relationship with a grieving and deeply troubled Patrick.I suppose I never really got to know the char [...]

    21. I laughed through this novel, though I felt like I missed a lot of the humor because so many ways of speaking were very British, along with some regionalisms. But it's not hard to catch the drift : a brother and sister damaged by the departure of their mother for a then-renowned playwright converge on their mother's home (and the bristly, drunken, caustic mouthed playwright) after her death some 30 years later. In tow are their own families and into the mix arrives a graduate student who is ther [...]

    22. This was a First Reads giveaway - thanks to and LittleAn intriguing contemporary novel. Sara has died, leaving her partner Patrick lost and grieving at their run down house in Cornwall. Sara's adult children Nigel and Louise arrive to sort out their mother's affairs. The novel examines the family relationships, how Sara's abandonment of her children affected them, the impact of the affair on Patrick's writing career, and the reality of the love affair between Patrick and Sara. The characters i [...]

    23. I received this advanced reading copy of The Love She Left Behind for free through First Read Giveaway. The cover blurb described this book as “a ferociously funny family saga”. The only thing that I found comic was the state of the house at the end. Sara left her family to start a new life with Patrick. Did Sara love Patrick as much as he loved her? Louise and Nigel (her children by her first husband) separated, one sent to school and another sent to live with an aunt. We get a little insi [...]

    24. In compliance with FTC guidelines, I received this book for free through First Reads.Although I managed to get through this book quite quickly, it left me disappointed. The story details the lives of several family members dealing with the death of a loved one. Without giving too much away there are a couple of characters who are self obsessed and selfish, who I really wanted to get their comeuppance, but it never really happened, leaving the ending all a bit deflating like "is that it?". Altho [...]

    25. The Love She Left Behind is a quick read in every sense of the word. It’s a devout-in-a-long-plane-ride book, and its witty, more so as it unfolds, as if it took the author, Amanda Coe, a while to trust herself to write droll sentences like: “The clientele seemed very young, with odd bits of their hair shaved off and extensive beards on the men, and they were all dressed like extras from a period drama set in the American Depression.” Coe introduces about a dozen characters in approximatel [...]

    26. An interesting, sometimes uncomfortable, book narrating the difficulties of a family torn apart by perceived love. As each person strives to find the thing that makes them happy their happiness seems to move further away - it gets colder. The story moves between the present and the past in a way that doesn't exactly explain how current events came to pass, but rather how the characters came to be the way they are. All except Patrick - the playwright who is the original reason the family were tor [...]

    27. The premise of this book is quite interesting; two children - Nigel and Louise- have to cope with the death of their mother as they deal with the man she left them for. Unfortunately, that's where the positivity ends. I was expecting to see why the mother fell in love with the man Patrick, but he was just too much of a self-centered rude jerk for it for it to be complicated. Instead, she just didn't want kids and somehow loved him. In fact, all the characters were unlikable. It was hard to root [...]

    28. I received this book as a give away from Good Reads.It appears this title is a re-release with a new title, that being said not a bad read.I found the story to be rather predictable, but I really enjoyed the character development. They were well developed, and grew over the course of the novel as one would expect. Nothing outrageous or unbelievable.Dialogue was well written as well as the overall narrative. I did find some of the language choice, especially in the letters, a bit extreme and jarr [...]

    29. I loved reading this new novel from Amanda Coe. This sad story is about Sara a mother of two who leaves them to be with sexy playwright Patrick. Sara is sent sexy letters by Patrick. After 35 years Sara dies leaving Patrick alone in his crumbling house in Cornwall. Sara's children Louise and Nigel who are now adults want answers from Patrick how their mother died, they are finding it hard to come to terms that their mother suddenly died. And Sara has ideas about the crumbling house. I recommend [...]

    30. Gripping stuff, accurate re: generational change and pretty funny too. Reading fast, I accidentally missed the section where the terms of engagement (as it were) between Mia and Patrick are specified, and I found the story more effective without this clarification. That is probably because I am getting old, though.

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