• Title: St. Helena, 1502-1938
  • Author: Philip Gosse Trevor Hearl
  • ISBN: 9780904614398
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Hardcover
  • St Helena None

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    1. St Helena 1502-1938 by Philip Gosse was originally published in 1938, yet reprinted in 1990. I have a reprinted edition. I first saw this book while on the S. A. Agulhas II en route to Tristan da Cunha four years ago. I wanted to read this hefty book--447 thick pages--before my return visit to Tristan in 2017, so I endeavoured to find an excellent copy from an on-line retailer. This review is for such a copy. Gosse covered St. Helena [1] history from the time of its discovery at the beginning of [...]

    2. Great book if you're interested in the island of St. Helena. There are a few mentions of members of my family so it interests me. It helped me to understand the reasons my family would have gone there in the first place and why they eventually had to leave. The reasons weren't what I imagined.

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