• Title: Swords and Shields
  • Author: Kathryn Le Veque
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Swords and Shields A D Following the great quest north with Cortez de Bretagne THE QUESTING de Bretagne s knight Sir Drake de Winter returns home to the great de Winter empire in Norfolk but it is not the safe
    1301 A.D Following the great quest north with Cortez de Bretagne THE QUESTING , de Bretagne s knight, Sir Drake de Winter, returns home to the great de Winter empire in Norfolk but it is not the safe and wonderful haven he remembers Family unrest causes him to flee to London and into the service of the elderly King Edward I, a personal friend of Drake s father In Edw1301 A.D Following the great quest north with Cortez de Bretagne THE QUESTING , de Bretagne s knight, Sir Drake de Winter, returns home to the great de Winter empire in Norfolk but it is not the safe and wonderful haven he remembers Family unrest causes him to flee to London and into the service of the elderly King Edward I, a personal friend of Drake s father In Edward s service, Drake finds himself in Scotland as a major player in the Siege of Caerlaverock Castle In a moment of pure luck, he saves the king s nephew from great injury and in thanks, Edward gifts Drake with an heiress for a wife.But it is not the happy circumstance most men would see it as Drake, a confirmed bachelor, cannot refuse the gift of a wife and is therefore forced to wed Lady Elizaveta du Reims, daughter of the last Earl of East Anglia Beautiful and intelligent, Elizaveta is English by birth, yet of Scots and French blood, making her very much an enemy of England during these turbulent times Although Drake is polite to her, he does not trust her He does not want her However, he cannot resist the feelings she stirs within him but his instincts tell him to beware.His instincts are correct Elizaveta is not as she seems Her heart belongs to France and to Scotland, but with the introduction of a new husband, her loyalties are torn She, too, cannot resist the feelings the powerful young knight stirs within her.Join Drake and Elizaveta on this unforgettable and passionate adventure.

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    1. I loved this book the first time I read it. And, I loved this book the second time I read it. Yep, it's good!Just finished reading this book for the third time as part of Sword of Champions: The House of de Winter Collection. Still fabulous even on the third read.

    2. Fantastic LegacySwords and Shields deserves well over a 5 Star rating. By the time I finished reading the last page, I realized I had read a wonderful masterpiece! At the siege of Caerlaverock Castle in Scotland, Sir Drake de Winter saves the life of the nephew of King Edward I who is a personal friend of his father, Davyss de Winter. Drake was wounded and the King rewards him with the earldom of East Anglia, but with that comes a wife. A wife he does not want! He is a bachelor who knows he cann [...]

    3. This is the story of Drake the son of Davyyss and Devereux from the book ' Lespada' (de Winter series, book 1). You don't have to read that book to enjoy this one but I really liked "Lespada" and would recommend reading it just because it was so good. Sir Drake de Winter saved the King and the King has set to honor him by marring him to a Heiress with land and title. Drake father and mother have been trying to get him to marry and so they go along with this marriage idea. Drake doesn't no want t [...]

    4. I never get enough of de Winter's family. The first book by Le Veque that I ever read is, a very longgggg pages still, my absolute favorite of all time - The Wolfe. This talented author she has caught my attention, from the first page until the very end. Her story had everything love, heartbreak, hope and wonderful ending that I always wanted.The de Winter family is a great one to read and a hard one to forget. Awesome!!!Thank you to my buddy Carolyn always remind me to read Kathryn's brilliant [...]

    5. Another captivating de Winter story! I really enjoyed SWORDS AND SHIELDS! Kathryn le Veque has written another fascinating book about de Winter family, a story of the power of family bonds. If you have read LESPADA, then you will remember Davyss de Winter, the champion for King Henry III and Lady Devereux d'Arcy Allington, their eldest son, Drake, is the hero of Swords and Shields. It's, now, Drake's own story with Lady Elizaveta Josephine du Reims. We meet again, the other of de Winter brothers [...]

    6. I can't believe how much I cried in this book!! I got it free with kindle unlimited but I have to own it. I want to read it again.

    7. This story follows the oldest son of Danyss and Devereaux, Drake. His twin is Devon, already married. Drake received the King's favor by saving a favorite of the King, and his reward comes with a marriage. Drake is antagonistic towards the marriage (as he wants to see his bride beforehand, and sends the sword, L'Espada, to marry his intended in his place. While his parents cannot talk him out of this course of action, Devereaux takes the bride, Elizaveta, to prank Drake, who plays his own prank [...]

    8. An emotional roller coaster ride ~ I laughed and cried on this one. Aside from a few minor annoyances re~the use of present day words, this one has one gut~wrenching scene that had me crying my eyes out. The beginning is a deja vu moment (hilarious) involving yet again Lespada (the famous de Winter sword passed from father to first born son) as the proxy groom but Fate in the person of the Lady Devereux (Drake's mother) intervened and so Elizaveta du Reims (erstwhile reluctant bride and coerced [...]

    9. Another amazingly well written and imaginative story.I loved this book. It was a great historical romance read and full of action. I never regret choosing LeVeque.

    10. What an appalling book. Not the writing: it's the usual uneven prose, some good, some clip-cloppy, it's the plot. There's a traitor who deliberately causes the death of many, including the youngest member of the de Winter family, for fear of their own life, knows what they are doing, but when this treachery is discovered they are forgiven by the family with 'love and understanding' and welcomed, as if their actions had not been deliberate and self-serving. Not to mention treason against the crow [...]

    11. Romantically Funny Medieval LoveKathryn Le Veque never disappoints. I found myself laughing aloud and smiling at some of the antics of the de Winter family. I was also saddened in their tragedies and falling in love with the handsome de Winter menfolk. Ms. Le Veque shines brightly above those writers who attempt to write series and trilogies while keeping the reader fully invested from the first book to the last.I would have given this one five stars but I don't like to flip pages to keep up wit [...]

    12. Truly truly the bestKathryn le Veques has truly brought me to tears, tears of anger, tears of laughter, tears of wanting to shake Elizaveta to wanting to choke her grandmother and mother. This story of Drake and Elizaveta will go down as one of the most loved of all Kathryn le Veques medieval stories. The history, the love, the stress and the strength of each character will have loving them all and wanting to see the end result but Kathryn will have you begging for more and more.Love the book yo [...]

    13. And as Destined, the de Winter's are Unending & EnduringKathryn's and consequently my love for the House of de Winter is seemingly endless. And I just happened to note another four(4) additional "D" de Winter names added to the bunch.Mayhap another story is not that far over the horizon??My finger's and toe's are crossed but not my eyes, then I'd be unable to read any more books while waiting with bated breathe!!

    14. FANTASTICThis novel did not contain as much steamy scenarios I would have liked but the story, the characters, the action were superb. I love Kathryn Le Veque's historical novels with a passion. I especially find the endings of her books quite unique in projecting the main characters futures.

    15. 3.5/5.0Ms. LeVeque creates a vivid historical backdrop drawing on textures, scents, and sounds of the period. Read full review in the 2016 March issue of InD'tale Magazine.

    16. Truly one of her best worksTruly one of her best I think. Through all the life turns and victories in the last part be prepared becausevitvwill break your heart. I actually cried with them. Great and truly brought me into the story I loved it!

    17. Loved it!!!! Must readKLV does it again. This was a great story. She had quite a few of people from past books. One note this. Book made me cry a lot. She tells the feeling s so well in this book. Can't wait for the next one.

    18. Great storyOvercome betrayal with love. Should be a required read for so many I today's word! I hope to see future stories about this family.

    19. Another favorite!Every time I read another new book of Kathryn LeVegue's it becomes my favorite, so as you can see I have many favorite s.

    20. EnjoyedAnother great book by Kathryn Le Veque!! You can feel the love of a family, the good times and the sad times but love always wins in the end.

    21. reluctant bride, reluctant groom fall in love.but betrayal looms due to the bride's malevolent and manipulative grandmother.

    22. de Winter WarriorsAs always LeVeque writes a beautiful story of love, betrayal and family honor. There is lots of excitement . It's a book that you cannot put down.

    23. Very good reading.I enjoy this author quite a bit. A lot of action and love packed into this book. The names are very unique also.

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