• Title: Where Is Baby's Pumpkin?
  • Author: Karen Katz
  • ISBN: 9781416909705
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Board Book
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    Where Is Baby s Pumpkin In Karen Katz s distinctive style an adorable baby searches throughout the house for her pumpkin In Karen Katz s distinctive style an adorable baby searches throughout the house for her pumpkin Is t
    In Karen Katz s distinctive style, an adorable baby searches throughout the house for her pumpkin.In Karen Katz s distinctive style, an adorable baby searches throughout the house for her pumpkin Is the pumpkin under the leaves, behind the curtain, under the bed NO But Baby finds many other surprises as a ghost, a witch s hat, cute as a button bats, and candy apples areIn Karen Katz s distinctive style, an adorable baby searches throughout the house for her pumpkin.In Karen Katz s distinctive style, an adorable baby searches throughout the house for her pumpkin Is the pumpkin under the leaves, behind the curtain, under the bed NO But Baby finds many other surprises as a ghost, a witch s hat, cute as a button bats, and candy apples are found beneath each flap Finally after Baby finds her pumpkin, she s ready to go trick or treating and the final flap reveals a Halloween extravaganza

    One Reply to “Where Is Baby's Pumpkin?”

    1. review published on Mundie Kids on 10/24/2011*mundiekids/2011/1I absolutely fell in love with Karen Katz' illustrations when my kids were babies and preschoolers. So much so, that there is hardly a book of hers that we didn't own. I'm so glad that this one's still being sold.If you have a baby or a preschooler in the house, this is a perfect book to read with them. I used to tell my kids when to lift the flap (or just plain tear it offlots of these books are gently taped up) as I read the easily [...]

    2. A cute lift the flap book about a baby who finds friendly ghosts, happy bats, and a fuzzy black cat while she is in search of her pumpkin.

    3. Halloween is approaching and my biggest concern is finding a book for my 18 month old granddaughter. Yes there are tons of Halloween books available but in my opinion, they are all to SCARY for a little baby! An 18 month old toddler doesn’t need to see spooky witches, ghouls and goblins. Where are all the pumpkins, candy apples and happy-faced ghosts? No where to be found. I was resigned to not getting a Halloween book and instead buying a fun Where’s Spot? story book. As luck would have it, [...]

    4. This is a very sweet book and I read this book to my niece when she was 6 months old. She came to my house and she liked seeing the colorful pictures and liked when I lifted the flaps and when I got to the last page she enjoyed the book and my nice loved how baby kept searching for her pumpkin. I gave this book to my niece when she had was going to her first fall festival. This is a very cute book and I recommend it to young children that are 2, 3 or 4 years old. The child will learn to help sea [...]

    5. I found this one just a bit more fun than the Valentine book. It has the same problem of not having very exciting places that the baby looked, but what the baby found was more interesting, especially the bats with the reflective foil paper. Was considering buying this, but this book's flaps were very similar to our other Katz book, so I went with something different. This book was part of an impressive Halloween book spread at Kmart.

    6. This is a cute book for Halloween for young children. This board book has textured pages (better done than any other book I have read). Baby is looking for her pumpkin. She keeps looking for it. The reader gets to lift a flap on every page. We see neat things beneath the flaps. Baby eventually finds her pumpkin.

    7. My 13 month old daughter LOVES this book. She will have me read it to her 6 or 7 times a day. She loves the little flaps and seeing what's behind them. It's a super cute book. She also really loves the "Where is Baby's Belly Button?" book for the same reasons. This is a really cute book for babies for Halloween. All the same awesomeness of the original, but themed for Halloween. So cute.

    8. My daughter got this present as a gift last Halloween when she was almost a year old, and now at almost two she's really enjoying it. She flips all the flaps and calls out what she finds. It's very cute. There's nothing particularly special about this book, but it's a nice one to have in the Halloween collection.

    9. My daughter loves this book, especially the fuzzy black cat, which she loves to touch. However, there is some serious copyright infringment going on in this book: there's a "friendly ghost." Hmm, anyway, this is still a great Halloween flip book.

    10. This was the best baby Halloween book we found. We're still reading it to our daughter because she absolutely loves it. I checked out "Where is Baby's Christmas Present?" and didn't like it half as much as I liked this one.

    11. This book has been among the first that my baby has actually interacted with. Many books are just plain pictures and words, but with the many flaps and hidden objects she really enjoys this one. Wish it had some textures built in, but overall a great book!

    12. This is a good Halloween addition to Karen Katz's "Where Is Baby's?" series of books. Book stores faithfully bring out this book to a prominent position among their array of other seasonal material, and I think that as a book it compares favorably with the rest of the author's releases.

    13. This sturdy lift-the-flaps board book is perfect for toddlers to "read" with another person. Baby is looking for his pumpkin. Under the flaps are cats, ghosts, sparkly bats, candied apples, and a witch's hat, and an assortment of all those things. It is a fun interactive book for Halloween.

    14. Many months later, this is still one of his favorite books. Loves pulling up the flaps and seeing what's underneath. Sometimes he shows he wants to read it by saying "pumpkin" "pumpkin" and will go get the book and bring it to us.

    15. Similar to Eric Hill's Where's Spot, this is a Halloween themed board book about a baby searching for a pumpkin. Young listeners will appreciate the bright Halloween colors with the textured lift-the-flap board pages.

    16. Karen Katz always uses the flaps in clever ways. This Halloween one has good pictures and is very interactive.

    17. Baby board book that is textured and has the flip and fold pages. Very cute for little fingers.

    18. You got this book from Mommy and Daddy for your 1st birthday! And this was drumroll please Your 500th book in the first year of your life! Woot!

    19. Good book to teach my daughter not to tear books, especially pop up books. It's interactive and that's nice.

    20. Cute lift-the-flap book. Perfect for fall/Halloween. (Note: References ghosts and witches--friendly ones--if that bothers you.)

    21. Needed a toddler-age Halloween theme--and fast! Found this in the board books. Should work!10/28/13: lift the flap never fails. :-)

    22. My daughter's first favorite book so therefore it will always be near and dear to my heart. Spoiler Alert - She does eventually find her pumpkin. :-)

    23. My daughter absolutely loves the lift-the-flap books, with Karen Katz being some of our favorites, and with my excitement of holidays, this one fits right in.

    24. Baby searches for her pumpkin, discovering a host of adorably drawn Halloween objects before finally finding it.

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