• Title: The Boss: Book One
  • Author: Cari Quinn Taryn Elliott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Boss Book One Librarian s Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B OBIIVCI ve always been a good girl I ve only done two really bad things in my life secretly live in the maid s quarters of my beloved g
    Librarian s Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B015OBIIVCI ve always been a good girl.I ve only done two really bad things in my life secretly live in the maid s quarters of my beloved grandmother s foreclosed beach house, and lie to get a job as a personal assistant to billionaire Blake Carson My enemy, my lover, my savior He s only two out of the threeLibrarian s Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B015OBIIVCI ve always been a good girl.I ve only done two really bad things in my life secretly live in the maid s quarters of my beloved grandmother s foreclosed beach house, and lie to get a job as a personal assistant to billionaire Blake Carson My enemy, my lover, my savior He s only two out of the three, if only I can figure out which two before I end up on the streets or in jail Or worse A SIX PART SERIAL with dual points of view, lots of bad words, the creative use of glass walled rooms, and a beach house that holds a whole lot of secrets There are all sorts of cliffs in these books, some even include actual rocks You have been warned.

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    1. 5 StarsHe was every sin I never knew I'd wanted.You know that decadent kind of ice cream? The one where even if you get a small serving of it, it's oh so satisfying yet still leaves you craving more? The Boss is that ice cream for me, and it was absolutely delicious! It's tough to find a serial romance these days that can perfectly combine sizzling sexual tension with a plot that hooks you just the same. So of course it figures that the powerhouse writing duo that is Cari and Taryn pulled it off [...]

    2. 3.5~ 3.75 STARS”My enemy, my lover, my savior.”This duo writing team delivers a very short first installment that leads to a reader eagerly one clicking the next book in this series. I liked the quirky heroine and the mysterious boss and the premise of the story is interesting enough that I’m almost done with the second installment actually.Nikki Carson is mourning the recent loss of her beloved grandmother. She applies for a job as an assistant for Blake Carson. Mr. Carson is the man who [...]

    3. Sinfully hot, decadently sexy and addictively intriguing. What else can you expect from the Cari and Taryn dynamic duo? “Like the storm coming off the water this morning, he was a cold front slapping into a warm. The thunder was his voice, and I was the rocks trying desperately to hold out against the waves.”Grace Copeland didn’t think things through when she walked into billionaire Carson Blake’s office. She only had two thoughts: Carson is the enemy and her grandmother’s house must b [...]

    4. 3.75 Stars Quick, quirky, and sexy!Grace has a problem. Sexy billionaire Blake Carson has just purchased her grandmother's house leaving her no where to go but the streets. But she's got a plan. She stomps into his security glass making company with every intention of giving him a piece of her mind. She has to pretend to be there for a job interview just to get upstairs to see him. And when she does finally get her face to faceGood God almighty!!!! Plan B is in full effect! Begging for the house [...]

    5. Writing style not for me. I don't like when the characters in their own POV talk to themselves or ask rhetorical questions. I could not connect. I also got bored of the heroine explaining in great detail (repeatedly) the richness of the building that she was walking into. I got it - the building was nice and "rich" looking.Also, I understood *sarcasm* that the heroine did not drink caffeine and she only drank one Pepsi Max a day. Not sure why that entire interaction with the CEO had to be an ent [...]

    6. Cari and Taryn have made me a convert. I'm usually not a fan of serials, but they've brought me over to the dark side. I mean, seriously, how could I resist? Blake rocks it like a boss. Literally. LOLGrace is still reeling from the death of her Grandma. Her Grandma raised her, saved her from her preoccupied with themselves parents, always supported her, gave her unconditional love, and was the only family she had left. Now, she's all alone. As if that wasn't devastating enough, the hits keep com [...]

    7. Kitty's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsCreative, innovative, imaginative are just three words that pop into my mind when I think of the pairing of Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott. The Boss Vol 1 was all that and more and had me so engrossed that it only took me about three hours to read the story I honestly couldn’t stop until I finished it.Blake is an enigma I have no idea exactly what his game is or what he’s thinking. Why the fascination with glass? Why hire Grace when she was [...]

    8. I've found a new serial that I am hooked on. This is the first book that I've read by either author and so far I'm loving it. I'm going to make this short and sweet because I need to get to the second book quickly. Grace Copeland has just found out that her grandmother's house has been bought up by the billionaire, Blake Carson. Storming off to his office she has to pretend to be applying for a job as his assistant in order to get into the building. Once inside she decides to interview for the j [...]

    9. Grace's grandmothers house is being foreclosed and the person that bought is Blake C. (The Enemy)So Grace gets ready to confront him, I assume but ends up getting a job as his personal assistant.Then the next evening the realtor changes the sign from foreclosure to sold, and tells her she has less than 72 hours to get out including the furniture So instead of having an estate sale/yard sale for all 11 rooms of the house she goes and pulls a 17 hour shift for her enemy/boss. Who the hell does tha [...]

    10. Stars: 4.5Overall: Grace is on a mission and that is to confront Blake Carson because he bought her grandmother's house before she had a chance to try and buy it herself. She goes to Boston to confront him, but ends up walking out with a job and a new plan. There is something cold, dark and mysterious about Blake, that Grace can't help but to be attracted to him. After tensions run high, they have a sexual moment that changes their relationship with a cliff hanger.I really enjoyed this story and [...]

    11. What a delicious start to what I foresee as an amazing series. This was my first book penned by Cari and Taryn, but it will most definitely will not be my last!! I absolutely loved the story flow and build up between the characters of Blake Carson and Grace Copeland. This book is told only from Grace's POV, but not to worry, I believe book two is told in Blake's POV. Therefore, in this installment, you get to understand Grace's character fully but Blake remains somewhat mysterious, delicious, br [...]

    12. Good storyAfter Graces grandma dose she plunges into a deep depression. She was all she had. To make matters worse, her grandmothers house that she had the best childhood memory has been repoed by the bank and sold to one Blake Carson.She is determined to get the house back, so she storms down his business with intention of fighting for her birthright but instead ends up being hired as his assistant.After working long hours, grace and Blake find theirselves stuck in the building, by a security l [...]

    13. I was given a ARC in exchange for a honest review.I generally wait for an entire serial story to be available before I purchase, because I. Hate. Waiting.BUT, I couldn't turn down the opportunity to read this story as it unfolds. The partnership of Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn is one of my favorites. I know whatever they put out will be easy to get lost in, and a good balance of story and sex; this is no different. Though the plotline may be a bit thin, the story is no less engaging, and by the [...]

    14. This is a scorcher. If you've read The Lost in Oblivion Series by these clever wenches, you know they're good at the hot stuff. If you haven't read it, you should get right on that. So, back to "The Boss." Yum. He's Blake Carson, one of those professional, aloof types who are actually a sexual powder keg waiting to blow. I love those guys. Grace Copeland is an artist who has a bone to pick with him, but things don't go as expected when she goes to confront him. I'm seriously hooked and can't wai [...]

    15. I was given a ARC in exchange for a honest review.5 Stars for The Boss: a Hot Billionaire Romance by Taryn Elliott & Cari QuinnI loved this story! Blake and Grace are hot and sexy together! I also loved that Donovan and Lila from Lost in Oblivion series, had cameos in this story! I can't wait to read part 2!

    16. Loved it!!! The anticipation throughout for Grace and Blake to close the deal was amazing! Blake is definitely used to being in control and Grace adds a little (a lot!!) of you won't control me. Definitely a series to sink your teeth into. Ends in a cliffhanger :( - wasn't expecting that! Taryn and Cari are amazing authors working together to keep their readers on the edge

    17. I was given this ARC for an honest reviewGAWD!!!!! No I need more! Holy hotness I felt Graces reaction to Blake all over. From the first look to his last words, I was there all the way.

    18. Grace Copeland's grandmother meant more to her than anything else in her life. And now that she's lost her, Grace is faced with losing her home, too, and she's not about to let that happen. As the new owner of the home that Grace loves, Blake Carson is just a nameless, faceless enemy, a man with plenty of money, but no heart. But Grace is not about to go down without a fight. Or, at least that's the plan. Because, when Grace walks into Blake’s company, Carson Covenant Glass, to negotiate some [...]

    19. ★3 Stars★ This short story is the first of a six part serial - which is so far, so good!The StoryThe Boss, aka Mr. Carson (Blake) is a man of few words and even fewer facial expressions. He’s a multi-millionaire specialized glass inventor (sounds boring, but it’s quite complex) who runs a highly successful company and is a workaholic. He also just bought a new beach house - a house that belonged to Grace's dearly departed Grandmother, which was put up for sale after a bank foreclosure [...]

    20. The Quinn/Elliott collaboration has done it again! Set in Boston, The Boss Vol. 1 will have you hooked and salivating for more after only a few paragraphs. Grace and Blake are immediately likable and relatable. Quinn and Elliott are masters at creating characters with facets we all want to know. Pain, fear, dreams, successes and failures. Grace Copeland once had jet setting parents with a lot of money, but no time for her. "Rescued" as a child by her grandmother and brought to live in an ocean s [...]

    21. The Boss is my first serial. Let me tell ya, there are no better authors to pop your serial-cherry than the fab writing duo of Quinn & Elliott. Come to think of it, their Lost in Oblivion series popped my rockstar-cherry. Hmmm. This might be becoming a thing. My particular weakness is hunks in suits. Throw in billionaire and I’ll follow blindly wherever you want to lead me. This led me straight to a broody, sexy, always-in-control alpha; his independent, vocal, determined new assistant who [...]

    22. UpdateI recently did a re-read of this book. Still awesome. Additional thoughts can be found here The Boss Vol. 1 by Taryn Elliott & Cari QuinnRecently, I'm all about men in suits. Especially men in suits who have ink. So, The Boss Vol. 1 from Cari and Taryn entered my reading life at just the right moment :)From the beginning, the lead characters - Blake Carson and Grace Copeland make an intriguing duo and their motives are not as obvious as you'd expect. I thought that Grace was going to c [...]

    23. Review for THE BOSSI received this as a gift for an honest review.If you have not read any of the books by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott, I’m not sure what you are waiting for. They have a magic formula when it comes to the written word and this book proves that . When Grace Copeland and Blake Carson cross into the same orbit they go supernova. Grace is a glass artist who is just coming out of her own personal hell caused by her grandmother’s death. She is determined to get her grandmother’ [...]

    24. I can honestly say that I have NO IDEA what to think of this. On one hand, I know it's the beginning of a serial, so more things will happen and more things will be made clear as the serial progresses But on the other hand Is this worthpursuing??? I can't say that it hooked me in exactly. I mean, yes, I finished the book and I've stated the second one But I don't know if it will hold me captive for very long. The relationship between Blake and Grace seems really Sudden. There was no slow burn Or [...]

    25. ARC provided by authors in exchange for an honest reviewThese two authors can write one hot page turning book. Grace gets hired for a job in Blake's company under false pretenses. She needs answers from him and working as his assistant, she hopes to find them. Once they come face to face the sexual attraction is hot. Blake is an alpha billionaire boss, who meets his match with Grace the smart, determined artist turned assistant. This is a funny, sexy story with enough of unanswered questions tha [...]

    26. I received an ARC from the authors in exchange for an honest review & since I've read both Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott & really liked their writing style, it seemed like an interesting, fail-proof pairing. I wasn't disappointed. The first volume of"The Boss" is tantalising; innuendos fly between Grace & Blake, the two protagonists and their encounter in the early hours is vivid. Usually I prefer to wait to read a serial in it's entirity, but this time I am delighted that I've read [...]

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