• Title: Torment Me
  • Author: Annabel Joseph
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Torment Me Chere isn t happy with her life as a high class escort but she can t seem to find the motivation to change Then she takes on a mysterious new client who won t share his name or even allow her to see
    Chere isn t happy with her life as a high class escort, but she can t seem to find the motivation to change Then she takes on a mysterious new client who won t share his name, or even allow her to see what he looks like Their first session is a headlong tumble into tantalizing sensation and fearsome control that leaves Chere picking up emotional pieces she didn t know shChere isn t happy with her life as a high class escort, but she can t seem to find the motivation to change Then she takes on a mysterious new client who won t share his name, or even allow her to see what he looks like Their first session is a headlong tumble into tantalizing sensation and fearsome control that leaves Chere picking up emotional pieces she didn t know she had W is roughly seductive, and dominant to the core His demands shock her as much as they turn her on, and soon the line between bad choices and emotional fulfillment becomes alarmingly blurred Note This book is super rough There s love, but it s rough Hence, Rough Love series This full length novel is book one of a three part storyline that culminates in Happily Ever After But, full disclosure, it s going to be a rough ride.

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    1. ★★★★ ¼! Torment Me, book 1 of 3. Escort’s violent, toxic & co-dependent BDSM relationship with the mysterious “W”!“I don’t want your pretty whore tricks. I want to use you. I want your body to be mine.”Books in the Rough Love Trilogy should be read in order:Book 1: Torment MeBook 2: Taunt MeBook 3: Trust MeTorment Me (book 1) opens up to escort Chere meeting a new client, the mysterious “W” for the first time. Violence, manipulation, simulated and non-simulated rape [...]

    2. 4.5 Stars"Violence and poetry. Choking and kissing. Degradation and caring."This is my first book by this author and I’ve totally been missing out on some really great writing. I thought I was done with the whole BDSM scene but this book brought me back with its addicting writing and great characters. I was on edge throughout the story and found it equally nerve wrecking and captivating.”Don’t touch that mask until you hear the door close,” he said. “The fantasy’s better, that way. [...]

Title: Torment MeSeries: Rough Love, #1Author: Annabel JosephRelease date:13th October, 2015Cliffhanger: Yes HEA:(view spoiler)[Not yet(hide spoiler)]
Chere is a tragic character with a questionable lifestyle, even so, I can’t seem to help but champion her. Life has treated her poorly and with a CV that boasts stripping as well as a ten year history in the High Class Escort Industry, she is well versed in selling herself short. On a day like any other, Chere sets out to meet a new client [...]

    4. Chere Rouzier is a high-class call girl that lives in New York City. Without having many options or much guidance, Chere viewed her job as an escort to be lucrative in that she could pay her bills and help support her boyfriend’s spiraling art career. It isn’t until she meets the nameless and faceless client she refers to as W that she slowly begins to unravel and question her lifestyle and own needs. “You don’t get to know my name. You don’t get anything from me but what I want to giv [...]

    5. ** 5+ TORMENTED STARSHINE!!! **Her heart breaks in a smile—and she is lustMine also, little painted poem of God.Ugh this is the best so far. I read (almost)everything from Annabel Joseph. She's one of my fave BDSM author. For real. She never write Dom wannabe and that's what I'm searching for. Torment Me was such a guilty pleasure and I enjoyed it very much.This man insisted to be called "W" when Chere asked his name. And Chere isn't supposed to give her name. Overall, their relationship based [...]

    6. This was some hardcore erotica and BDSM let me tell you that. But what really captured and fascinated me was Chere and W. Chere was a broken and flawed woman in a destructive relationship with an addict. Her childhood had been filled with neglect and abuse. She'd never known love and never been reaffirmed, that that she was good enough just as she was. She was only with her boyfriend because she didn't think she deserved better. Their relationship was filled and based on abuse, drugs and both of [...]

    7. I wanted to love this book given I thought it was everything I ever want in a good- Rough sex, ass hole, bdsm story. Eh, it fell super short.It took way too long for me to get into and really commit to the actual story. 'W' was a total psycho and I would've given anything to see him in a little more human nature. I wanted to strangle the h for putting herself through the nonsense of everything that was her life And fuck me why did she keep going back to WMaybe book 2 will help my hard feelings b [...]

    8. Torment Me (Rough Love #1) by Annabel Joseph4.5 stars!!“He made no sense. Violence and poetry. Choking and kissing. Degradation and caring.”It is not often that a BDSM book grabs my attention, but a friend recommended this book and I trust her so I dived in blind. This book really grabs your attention from the start, while we have the BDSM aspect ever present we also have equal parts of suspense and intrigue and it is this that keeps those pages turning. You cannot help but get invested in t [...]

    9. I've changed my mind and decided that I would be upgrading my rate.It deserves 5 Stars!So different from the same old same old BDSM topic. I loved it all: both characters,the refreshing way BDSM is presented in the story making this plot unique and the mystery that kept me in agony.

    10. Note: This book is super rough. There’s love, but it’s rough. Hence, Rough Love series. This full-length novel is book one of a three-part storyline that culminates in Happily Ever After. But, full disclosure, it’s going to be a rough ride. Sounds like my kind of book ;)

    11. 1st Read October 13, 2015This was so fucked up! I loved it!!!2nd read February 29- March 1, 2016I haz finished it again

    12. TORMENT ME (ROUGH LOVE PART ONE)FIRST OFF THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!!Chere is a high class paid escort. She goes on dates with many men and pretty much likes her job that is until one day her agent (aka) pimp, tells her she has a date and she has to meet him in the hotel of his choosing and blindfolded she is a bit a skeptical about this new client of hers but well , a girl has got to do what she s got to do . she has to go to the W and meet her new client she doesn’t know anythi [...]

    13. 4.5 Must-Have-the-Next-One, Rough Love stars!Annabel Jospeph's prose makes her Rough Love world so real that I was completely pulled into this dark romance and the character of Chere As if it was I who was so tightly bound and sensually assaulted by the enigmatic "W", as if it were MY limits that were shattered leaving me wondering what my limits are, as if it was ME who was addicted to his attention and devastated by his absenceOh, I am addicted, all right--to Ms. Joseph's genius. Thank goodnes [...]

    14. I had to calm down before I wrote my review because the ending made me so angry. Yes, I get that it has a sequel, but still. (view spoiler)[Those looking for a HEA, you won't find it here. (hide spoiler)] I won't ruin it for you, but I will post the warning: Prepare to have your heart ripped out.Once I got past that and calmed down from wanting to one star it in a raging hissy fit, I had to admit it was good. To make me feel that intense of an emotion at all is testament to how talented of a wri [...]

    15. Chere and W are pure yummy together. For some reason, my reader has this book as still out on loan to a friend, so I've lost all of my notes. Doesn't matter - I remember drooling for W in this one and can't wait to get back into this series again.

    16. I didn’t understand how he could make me feel sexy and wonderful, and so horribly devastated at the same time.Annabel Joseph is one of my most beloved authors. She continuously writes books that captivate me, teach me things in the art world and show me how love can be found in some of the most torturous relationships. So when she told me about Torment Me and that her main character was going to be a bit rougher than some of her roughest characters, I slightly shivered. I know intimately the b [...]

    17. 5 rich and dominant and sadistic starsNoting the blurb, I was slightly skipping going into this. I love the anticipation of a twisted, sadistic yet captivating character, and I was definitely not disappointed here.Chere is stuck in a rut, living with her artistic, yet drug addled boyfriend, Simon, supporting his barren art career. She does so by entertaining high-class clients as an elite escort.A secretive client insists on a mask, no names and very little talking, when they first meet. She is [...]

    18. This is book 1 of the Rough Love series, where we meet Chere, a beautiful but guilable high class prostitute, and W sadist extraordinaire. This book is told from Chere's POV and covers a number of very intense meetings in luxury hotels. Their meetings/scenes are intense, high-strung, violent, raw, crude and more. It is a complicated, passionate story of two people hopping the emotional, derailed roller coaster. I can see that this book could set you off easily, especially if you are familiar wit [...]

    19. 4,75 stars!This is a dark book that may contain triggers for some of you. Please take the warning into consideration.This is the story of Chere.I honestly don't know how to make justice this book. The plot is really interesting, darkish, kinky, mysterious and with few twists! The book is written only by Chere's POV and makes everything stronger! Ms. Joseph took a fantasy and made a heartbreaking story! This is exactly how I was feeling when I was reading this book! I have to point out brilliant [...]

    20. Books about hookers are not my favorite generally, mostly because I’d have a hard time trying to relate to the h, which is one of the main conditions for me to really enjoy a story. In addition, I don’t really fancy much the sado/maso relationship, especially when the woman accept willingly and even seek to be badly abused, humiliated and degraded. I definitively have a hard time relating to this, with very few exceptions which are mainly due to the fact that the story is really, really well [...]

    21. Holy Motherfucking Shit!!!I have been looking for a book where the Dom go too far and Boy Oh boy, that's what I got! To me, some of the scenes were too much, the slapping in the face, it's simply not sexy or hot for me, but W personality was so powerful that I could not look away, even though it became a little too uncomfortable for my taste.There are triggers in this book, but not enough to scare me away, and I'm so glad I don't have to wait for the next book, because I can not wait to get W PO [...]

    22. I waited a long time to read this and has been on my Kindle for 2 year. So thanks Isabella for reminding me to "get a move on" and read the trilogy.Read this is I did and had a bit of a conflict going on - I loved it, I hated it. This book won't be everyone's flavour of BDSM because it was raw and brutal at times but I could not put it down.I wont go into the whole story as it is already there for you to see with a number of readers but it was gripping and headed straight onto book 2.

    23. Chere is a high class escort, with a 'been there, done that" outlookuntil a mysterious new client comes into her world. He won't reveal a name, allow her to see his face, but insists on only the most dangerous games. This man crosses boundaries she didn't even know existede keeps coming back for more.The Good:1. This was so intense, and kind of blew my mind a bit. Those looking for more extreme BDSM fantasy scenes should love this.2. Chere is written as a very realistic sex worker, without being [...]

    24. I’ve finished reading through the first chapter and my first thoughts were, if she is a ‘high-class call girl, why has she never experienced nipple clamps? How long has she been doing this job, I wonderOH MY GOODNESS…. W is a $@#&* !!! He did that to the poor girl? I would have killed him!!!Ok… I’ve calmed down some, and by the end of the book, I really like W haha…There were some sexy / steamy scenes, but were average. Still enjoyable though.The storyline was good, I haven’t c [...]

    25. I thought I hated this when I was reading it. I hated the pull and power W had over Chere, I hated the fact he thought rape was 'fun' for her, I hated the way she doted on his poems. I just fcking hated it. And then I got to the end, and I was PISSED there wasn't anymore! Aaaghh! I mean, obviously, I loved it. Actually, I think I loved hating it, if that makes sense! It was a compelling read and although I disliked that Chere kept going back for more, it was understandable that she would, with t [...]

    26. I need book 2 so bad!! Roll on November!!I absolutely loved book 1; everything about it was glorious. The protagonists, W and Chere are wonderful together. W is a real Alp and he stays tough all the way through. I hope he remains so in the next instalment. Chere is totally ditsy and so ready at nearly 30 to find someone to help straighten out her life. The pace is really good; it never lets up at all, no coming up for air. A real roller coaster. I've honestly NEVER highlighted so much text in my [...]

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