• Title: Awkward in Love
  • Author: A. Drew
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Awkward in Love None

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    1. Anyone who follows my reviews or ever talks to me about books I enjoy know I don't write unbiased reviews, because I can't separate myself emotionally from beautiful stories that take me on a journey of self-discovery, of love, fear, loss, hope, redemption and forgiveness. That doesn't mean that I can't be objective about a book, however. Reading Lily's "Awkward In Love" is a journey into a craftily created world filled with 90s pop music references, moody building caretaker, adorable Turkish tw [...]

    2. I'm starting off by admitting I participated in the beta reading process of this book. Some of you might consider my rating biased although I take pride in staying true to myself and, thus, I don't tend to review unless I'm particularly connected to them - but of course, feel free to disagree. It just breaks my hard when I see my friends' books getting bad reviews often for the simple reason that they didn't fit the readers' own tastes. I think there's a lot to appreciate about this book- the vi [...]

    3. Young love is always so sweet and intense, but being gay and closeted because of your ethnicity can be even tougher and makes it near impossible to follow through with your desires.This is the case in this new romance from Lily Lamb and she writes with the knowledge of the Turkish culturee music, the food and especially the attitudes of the people and specifically the parents of the adorable, virginal Ilhan. John is the hunky caretaker/maintenance man in his apartment complex who he has been wat [...]

    4. I don't normally write comments on the books that I read. However, this book deserved some extra effort on my part. The story was very sweet. Low angst for a HEA. I loved both main characters. It also introduced me to a new culture that I have never experienced. This is my first book from this author, I look forward to reading more.

    5. When cultures collide, things can get very interesting. I love the title of this book by Lily Lamb - Awkward in Love That truly expresses what I think nearly anyone who has ever been in love really is. There are things you want to say, need to say, but are never sure how to get the right words to come out of your mouth or to get the object of your affection to notice you.This is the story which takes place in Australia, where many, many cultures have melted together to form quite a wonderful so [...]

    6. **GIFTED FOR HONEST REVIEW**5 sexy stars for this lovely, sweet, romantic story. John is the caretaker of a block of flats where he lives and is getting increasingly annoyed at Ilhan, the sexy turkish resident for the notes he keeps leaving him and other things too. Even though he's attracted to him he doesn't know if the feeling is mutual but once he finds out that it is WHOA !! Ilhan, even though he seems quite the extrovert is actually rather shy and, at times, fumbling. He's fallen hard for [...]

    7. 3.5 StarsA cute story with 2 lovable characters. Ilhan, a sweet young Aussie/Turk & John a man who started with nothing and made a good life for himself.

    8. *** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review. *** Ilhan has been crushing on John —his apartment's building caretaker— for as long as he's lived there. He's shy and inexperienced for the most part, so he has no clue how to make John notice him and instead makes John think he's a bit of a douchebag. Still, Ilhan is a douchebag John is very interested in, even if he can't bring himself to talk to the younger man for fear he might be looked down to on him beca [...]

    9. Awkward in Love by Lily Adile Lamb (MM/Romance)A copy of this book was provided to me by Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.***3 STARS***So this is a story about Alpha male John and the boy he falls for, Ilhan. I still have no idea how to correctly pronounce that name lol. It's your typical mistaken "identity", or in this case, mistaken "personality". John thought Ilhan was a twink who thought he was too good for the likes of John, but of course he discovers he's wrong and they [...]

    10. This is my second book I’ve read from Lily and I loved both of them. This book was a sweet romance about two guys who come from different cultures. John has a sad backstory and you can’t help but love him. Ilhan is Turkish and holds many of his Turkish values and cultural traditions close to his heart. The book gives you a taste of the warm loving Turkish culture. Sometimes, families have dreams for their children and when they don’t meet their expectations, love is withdrawn as in the cas [...]

    11. I absolutely love how this all starts because of a “personality misunderstanding” Ilhan is absolutely adorable. Seriously, when I first read him that was my original thought. When I read John for the first time I thought, “How can anyone treat him like crap?” Of course you quickly see what has happened. Then you get to strap in and enjoy the ride.However, it isn’t all that simple. We have a culture clash happening here. I wasn’t familiar with Ilhan’s culture. Turkish cuisine, lifes [...]

    12. 3.5*I won a copy of this book! Yay me!I really liked Ilhan and all the bits and pieces of Turkish culture. He does come across as being very young but I think pampered only children are raisedthat way. I know mine was! John was a great character also. He came from nothing and is trying hard to make it. I really appreciated the explanation of how Ilhan's culture worked within his family. And a little eyeliner never hurts! Enjoyed this book!

    13. Really fun story!This book was so heart warming. I really liked how the author took us to another culture. Seeing the Turkish culture through Ilhan's eyes was so interestin! His mother was fierce! I liked her character. Loved his Dede! I liked how they ganged up on dad! Again this story was touching and full of love, angst and laughter in just the right amounts"

    14. Soooo glad i read this sweet and endearing story of how the two men met each other. My favorite part is finding out the different attudies of the parents , cultural differences (Turkish vs down under) and the grandfather and mom saved the day!!! Can't wait to read more of the continuing tales of the characters. ☺

    15. The excessive internal monologuing was tedious, and it doesn't matter how many times they each think the other is hot and get off on it, that's not the same as chemistry and 30% into the book there was no chemistry between the chars. DNF.

    16. I couldn't get more than 15 percent through. One of the MCs is a babbling idiot who giggles behind closed doors. It felt heavy-handed and simplistic before I just couldn't take any more.

    17. It was enjoyable but some of the dialogue could have been improved and was slightly disappointing.

    18. Not for me. Even if i like different POVs, there are too many internal monologues for my liking

    19. Awkward in Love is a sweet story that left me craving for more. Ilhan is naïve and that makes his character even more lovable, and his Turkish background adds to his charm. John, on the other hand, is mature and serious and although his life is tragic he is able to overcome the difficulties. John’s melancholy is so unbearably sweet that enters the reader’s soul filling it with pain. Nevertheless, when they finally find love everything else becomes unimportant. Ilhan and John are perfect for [...]

    20. This was--dare I say it?--incredibly cute. I know, I know, it’s that word. It runs the risk of diminishing what Lamb has accomplished here, but it’s adorable. I’ll start off by saying this: if you’re in the mood for something light and sweet enough to leave you feeling good but deep enough to leave you thoughtful, this is a great read. She cleverly disguises it behind humor and a little bit of fluff, but there are some deep themes in here that are woven in extremely well.I admit, I got a [...]

    21. Aussie Erotic Romance"Awkward in Love" is an erotic romance that ends in a happily ever after. The book starts with Ilhan and John who live across from each other. Desire brings them together, but the good thing is that their desire turns into something more. It's towards the middle of the book that the author reveals more of their personalities when I, the reader, developed some fondness for them. The story is told via alternating points of view between the characters. A secondary character app [...]

    22. There were so many things going for this story. The MCs were not just white males. The culture difference was so realistic. (I am married to man from the middle east.) The results of stereotyping and miscommunication. The MCs were wonderful and unexpected. No MC says this, but Ihan, "a gay Aussie-Turk" who wears makeup does.He studied his image in the mirror and counted the rest of his shortcomings. I Mustn't forget to talk about my not-so-great endowment either. Yup. I have a little dick. It's [...]

    23. Turkish DelightJohn meets a young Turkish man at the apartment complex he is the caretaker of, but the meeting isn't pleasant. Each subsequent interaction doesn't go well either, until a sudden confrontation forces John to really open his eyes.I loved the introduction to Turkish customs, foods and music. The young men came across a little silly at times, but maybe that was just the way the author presented them. A charming story.

    24. I'm afraid this was one huge DNF. The two MC's inner monologue was nothing but a constant stream of moans and criticism about each other. It was overly wordy and far too descriptive of things that were irrelevant. The two men finally interacted at around a third of the way through the book, at which point, they were sickeningly sweet and seemed to have forgotten all their negativity from the past few months. Too many words and not enough happening!

    25. This one was just "okay" for me. Some of the dialogue felt stilted and the phrasing was sometimes awkward; for example, "taking a sigh" instead of "sighing." The banter between the leads felt a little forced.Having said that, it was a pleasant story and I learned a little about Turkish and Australian culture, which was nice. The food sounded amazing!

    26. This was a cute short story. There were a few spots where I was like "crap how did we get here-- did I skip over something?" But it was a short cute predictable story.

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