• Title: Edge of Obsession
  • Author: Megan Crane
  • ISBN: 9781466885325
  • Page: 268
  • Format: ebook
  • Edge of Obsession Tyr a powerful man in a ravaged world needs only three things to survive His weapons Basic resources A rotation of eager women who can give him the kind of down and dirty sex he needs But when a bea
    Tyr, a powerful man in a ravaged world, needs only three things to survive His weapons.Basic resources.A rotation of eager women who can give him the kind of down and dirty sex he needs.But when a beautiful prisoner grabs his attention during a mission to restock his clan s supplies, Tyr s alpha instincts give way to something much darker strong, unquenchable craving thatTyr, a powerful man in a ravaged world, needs only three things to survive His weapons.Basic resources.A rotation of eager women who can give him the kind of down and dirty sex he needs.But when a beautiful prisoner grabs his attention during a mission to restock his clan s supplies, Tyr s alpha instincts give way to something much darker strong, unquenchable craving that cannot be ignored or denied.After two years on the run, Helena is snared by this powerful clan of hardware wielding, tattooed, steel eyed raider warriors who roam the land unchallenged Strong to her core and with a mission of her own, Helena knows she doesn t have to be their captive for long.However, despite all the terrible things she s heard about these brutal beasts, Helena is overcome by intense desire for the one ruthless man who has taken her As their passion escalates, Helena will have to trust in Tyr in order to save both what s left of this desolate, torn up world and herself.

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    1. 4 Stars!“A hundred years ago, or so the stories went, the great Storms came over the course of a few tumultuous decades and kicked the world’s ass. Cities fell. Seas rose. People died.”Edge of Obsession by Megan Crane is a stand-alone, gritty, dystopian book. This is also the first time I have read anything by this author. Jumping into a novel from an unknown author is always somewhat of a risk, a crap-shoot if you will. You never know if you will be pleasantly surprised or find yourself i [...]

    2. "Clan now. Clan first. Clan forever."Edge of Obsession is a Paranormal Romance with a dark and dominant alpha and a spunky heroine that when put together cause an explosion of lust, power, and love!In Edge of Obsession, the world is not as we know it. Storms have caused mayhem and destruction. People have found refuge in whatever way they can. Helena has a secret. It is one that she is willing to die for in order to protect. While trying to survive, a vigilante group of clansmen enter the scene [...]

    3. ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Wow, what a read! This was something completely else from what I usually read, and let me tell you I don't regret it one bit! The story is a mix of dystopia and freaking vikings, I kid you not. It's genious!Just for all the yummy men I'd buy this book. ;)I honestly don't know where to start. This story is so amazing but at the same time it can be quite disturbing, to some at least (me included). The world as we know it is gone. On one [...]

    4. Parts of this book were interesting and showed promise but some of the premise behind the world didn't make sense. So the world was flooded by these crazy storms generations ago and civilization broke down and there doesn't seem to be any type of a normal government or much communication between different lands - yet supposedly all the "mainlanders" have rigid rules about sex and religion - this just didn't add up in any way for me. I think the author just wanted to contrast the free sex ways of [...]

    5. I loved so much about this book.Edge of Obsession is set in a dystopian world where everything in the Book of Revelations (yes, that book from the bible) has happened. Ya know, earthquakes and mass floods and all those terrible things, save a horseman or four. What survivors there were have formed new societies. The rich have proclaimed themselves kings and use religion to yield power. The currency of choice? Electricity. Priests and kings would have the world believe that electricity is a thing [...]

    6. ARC received for reviewVery slow read, but when it wasn't I couldn't flip pages fast enough. I was prepared to give it 3 stars until the last three/four chapters. There's plenty of action and smoking hot bedroom scenes (and not in the bedroom). Tyr is a very yummy "Viking" and Helena was slightly annoying. She had major trust issues, and I really wanted to smack her upside the head multiple times. There was a bad guy taken care of but plenty of more Vikings to get HEAs.

    7. “Tell me how to beg,” she said, as if she thought he might deny her. Then she sat forward on the bench across from him like she wanted him to teach her a lesson.He could do that. He could certainly do that.“For what?” He sounded the way he should, distant and forbidding, which was at complete odds with that wild riot inside of him. “What do you want?” “You,” Helena said. He didn’t imagine it. It wasn’t just his dick getting delusional. And she kept going. “I want to beg you [...]

    8. This is one of those books that I thought would piss me off because the lead male was such a man whore, well slap me round the chops for jumping to that conclusion too quickly. Tyr was the definition of an alpha male. A bit of a cave man with a hidden softness and lots of hard muscle. And oh boy did that man make me hot and bothered! "A man had only what he could take with his hands and kept only what he could protect with the steel of his blade." This was a slightly different read for me - a dy [...]

    9. It was alright. Not much happened, and I wasn't happy with the ending, <- kinda disappointing actually. But other than that, it waske I said: alright. Rate: 2.5/3 stars

    10. Full review posted at Dear Author : dearauthor/book-reviews/ovThis story takes place in a post apocalyptic world, one in which people have been reduced to a medieval like existence (though still with some traces of modern technology such as highly prized electricity). Helena has the daunting task of generations before her, carrying a secret that could change the entire power structure of the world she lives in (both literally and figuratively). Chased by mercenaries, she thinks she's found a man [...]

    11. ***** 3 Stars *****I just couldn't really get into this. I liked the idea and plot, but the heroine wasn't my favorite character. Tyr, on the other hand, was absolutely delicious. How can I say no to a sexy warrior that can kill people with one swing? I think I would of rated this higher if the story didn't drag so much. Even though this wasn't a complete win for me, I am excited to start Edge of Temptation.

    12. 3.5 "more fuckery, less dystopia" starsIt started off good, really gooden it became a fuckfest (which i had no objections to, at firstduh?!) But when that gets so frequent your eyes start to hurt, and sight is blurred from sexed up imagery and then you start to feel bored, you know there s smth wrongwith you, i mean me?! Or the essence of the story?! Is there an essence to the storyFuck, if i know!But of course there is, silly me, it s right there in between the lines, all the sex seemed to shad [...]

    13. This book started out with a bang for me. I mean, Vikings! Heck yes! A dominant alpha hero plus off the chart hot sex and I thought I’d hit the motherlode. It seemed I was going to get an action packed, hotter than Hades adventure with damsels in distress and did I mention the hot Vikings? Then it fizzled.Helena, our little heroine, came from a family with one mission – turn the lights back on in the post-apocalyptic world. It was a mission that had been handed down for several generations. [...]

    14. Helena has been running with the intent of not being caught, she never expected to be captured by Raiders. It didn't help that she couldn't stop herself from putting up a fight and capturing the interest of Tyr. The world now is all about women serving as a winter wife, used to conceive before being sent to the next man if they don't succeed. Helena is not thrilled with what is expected, and she has her own reasons for not wanting to be apart of it. Tyr calls to her though and doesn't let up abo [...]

    15. Ok lets be real for a moment over here! The idea was actually nice and pretty interesting. The rest was pointless in my opinion. You have the idea for a seriously kick ass story line and what do you do? Make 80% of the writing an inner monologue that repeats on a loop for a while. Small discussions would take a chapter to finish. All because the H or h needed to overanalyze every little shit. I skimmed a lot. The actualy action plot was great and the steamy scenes were sauna worthy, they were so [...]

    16. I first read this authors writing in Make You Burn, The Deacons of Bourbon Street, and loved her writing. I was fortunate to pick this book up via the publisher/NetGalley for an honest review. I am so glad that I found this book and I voraciously read every single page without skipping any pages. Considering the book is quite long, that is something that seldom happens. I usually get bored with longer books and skip paragraphs and/or pages. This author’s writing, the story, and the characters [...]

    17. Edge of Obsession is one thrilling, intense, and intoxicating read. It is unlike any dystopian novel that I’ve read. I have to tell you, it has been quiet some time since I’ve read something in this genre and I could not have been more pleased with Edge of Obsession. Edge of Obsession is everything that you could want in an adult dystopian novel. It is captivating and intriguing. It is sexy and intense. It is gritty and raw. This is the type of book that will pull you in from the very beginn [...]

    18. EDGE OF OBSESSION is an nicely paced take on a post apocalyptic world that has been overcome by flood waters. I enjoyed Crane's spin on the idea of a great storm changing the landscape of the world and how society adjusts. Raiders are a futuristic version of Viking-like groups of men who pillage and take what they need to survive and thrive by shear strength. The fact that they are seafaring is also a nice twist. Society has taken a huge leap backwards in this new world. Women have little to no [...]

    19. This book was difficult to get into. But once you get past the beginning and you get used to the authors writing style, the plot seems to somewhat suck you in. Unfortunately, I did not care for this book. Although the males in the book could easily be described as domineering alphas. They could also be described as brooding and chauvinistic. This book revolves around an interesting dilemma and is full of sexual content. In a bdsm sense, I would describe the sexual scenes as master/salve. Not rea [...]

    20. So, it took me a bit to get into the story. If you don't get hooked right away, hang in there and you will be pleasantly surprised.cially if you like a little dirty in your life lol Tyr and Helena get off to a rocky start and this is most certainly a male dominated society but our Helena is rebellious, just as we like our heroines. :) Good readC received in exchange for an honest review.

    21. Imagine a dystopian Viking world with a hot, bearded war chief who's sexy and demanding and majorly possessive and here's your book. Typically, dystopian themes aren't my thing. However, it worked for me here. Tyr, war chief of one of the Raider clans, is out for revenge against the scum who killed his blood brother. He and his clan brothers raid this compound in what use to be Atlanta and he ends up taking a smart mouthed woman named Helena captive. Helena pushes his buttons while tempting him. [...]

    22. Just couldn't do it. DNF'd at 34% Mark. The world building & scene set ups, seen through the heroine's POV, are boring me. Too lengthy & wordy but still not really saying much that matters. I much prefer to be in the hero's head. Though we do get his POV, it's never quite as long as her's. Her thoughts are on CONSTANT repeat. #NotImpressed"

    23. Grade-A smut between a hardened futuristic Viking and his smart-mouthed captive. I'm so weak for this sort of romance.

    24. I think this will be a DNF for me. I like the world-building just fine, it's the hero I don't care for. When the scene jumps to his POV I find myself wanting to skip ahead. Which is a problem considering half the book is in his POV.Review originally posted at fictionvixen/dnf-review-edThe hot cover and intriguing blurb for Edge of Obsession captured my attention as soon as it came up for review. A new dystopian world with alpha men and scorching passion? Yes, please. Unfortunately, I could only [...]

    25. So I requested the third book in this series from NetGalley not realising that it was the third book in a series. I loved it so much that I got the first two books PDQ.First off, this series is about a dystopian viking-type world. Think bands of marauding warriors on long boats, braids, fighting and fucking. Lots of fucking. Honestly, if my use of the f-word in this review offends you DO NOT under any circumstances read this book.The world failed, the seas rose about 100 years ago and most of th [...]

    26. Disclaimer: I received as an ARC courtesy of St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewWith a hot cover and intriguing synopsis I was so excited to bust open the pages of The Edge of Obsession, and to be struck by how amazing the storyline was going to be.Sadly, it was very early in the beginning as I was reading that I started to get the feeling that this book wasn’t going to do it for me and rarely, almost never, has that feeling let me down, but always wanting to gi [...]

    27. Edge of Obsession by Megan Crane is a dystopian book with Viking like characters, lots of raw, filthy sex, and an interesting, depraved world where the inhabitants have their own moral code. This is my first book by Megan Crane but I wanted to read a dystopian book so I thought I'd risk it and I'm glad I did. This book takes place about 100 years after a group of storms destroyed the world as we know it and left splinter groups across the world. Very few have power and their are small kingdoms o [...]

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