• Title: Changes in Latitudes
  • Author: Jen Malone
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Changes in Latitudes All Cassie wants is to get some solid ground under her feet following the shock of her parents divorce So when she learns of her mom s plans to take Cassie and her brother Drew on a four month saili
    All Cassie wants is to get some solid ground under her feet following the shock of her parents divorce So when she learns of her mom s plans to take Cassie and her brother, Drew, on a four month sailing trip from Oregon to Mexico, she s stunned There is absolutely nothing solid about the Pacific Ocean Cassie is furious And nervous It s been hard enough keeping Drew sAll Cassie wants is to get some solid ground under her feet following the shock of her parents divorce So when she learns of her mom s plans to take Cassie and her brother, Drew, on a four month sailing trip from Oregon to Mexico, she s stunned There is absolutely nothing solid about the Pacific Ocean Cassie is furious And nervous It s been hard enough keeping Drew sheltered from what Cassie knows about her mother s role in breaking their family apart, but living in such close quarters threatens to push her anger past its tipping point.Enter Jonah, a whip smart deckhand who s as gorgeous as he is flirtatious Cassie tries to keep him at a distance, but the time they spend together wandering San Francisco, riding beachside roller coasters, and exploring the California coastline the harder it is to fight the attraction Cassie wants to let herself go, but her parents split has left her feeling adrift in a sea of questions she can t even begin to answer Can she forgive her mom Will home ever feel the same Should she take a chance on Jonah With life s unpredictable tides working against her, Cassie must decide whether to swim against them or dive right in.

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    1. Hmmm I liked this book but wanted more from it.The main problem I had with this book was the main character. She annoyed me to no end honestly. I think if she wasn't so stubborn & mean I would Have liked this book so much more.Sorry to be blunt but that's just how I feel!I did love the whole sailing aspect a ton though!

    2. (I received an advance copy of this book for free. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.)“Marooned at sea with my mother? For four months?This is not real life. This is not my life.‘What’s the Good news?’ I manage, subtly squeezing my eyes shut, then open, shut, then open, to see if that tilts the world back on its axis.‘That was the good news sweetie.’Yeah, I was kind of afraid of that.”This was a YA contemporary story about a girl whose mother made her go sailing for 4 months.Ca [...]

    3. Another lovely, swoon-worthy romance by Jen Malone! Her characters are so down to earth and relatable; they have adventures and first love and growing pains, and I'm always hooked from beginning to end. I can't wait for more from her!

    4. I have come to expect the best summery contemporary romances from Jen Malone just based on her release last year, Wanderlost. Though I didn’t read the book in the summer, Changes in Latitudes was just the perfect read for me, with all the themes that I love in a good YA contemporary.I have to say, I’m really liking this new trend of unlikable YA protagonists – flawed girls make for the most interesting characters. I’ll admit, I initially struggled with Cassie’s character. She was very [...]

    5. This year had already taken its toll on Cassie due to her parents' divorce, which seemed to come out of nowhere, and she had been having difficulty dealing with the changes in her family dynamic. Her father moved overseas and, she was no longer on good terms with her mother. Cassie was just counting down the days until she would be away from it all on a road trip with her two besties. Then her mother informed her that they would be embarking on a trip of their own, aboard a small sailboat, for f [...]

    6. Review If Wanderlost made me want to take a trip to Europe with a bus full of seniors than Changes in Latitude made me yearn to Live on a sail boat for months and learn to sail. While these things will probably never happen I am glad Jen Malone's books can let me pretend for a while!Changes in Latitude is about Cassie, whose parent's divorce rocked her life and changed her relationship with her mother for the worse. Cassie has big plans for her summer when her mother informs her that her and her [...]

    7. You guys… Jen Malone writes such good swoon. My very first book from Jen Malone was Wanderlost and anything she writes will forever be compared to the sweet and swoon from that one and while this one doesn’t surpass it, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Cassie has been struggling with her parents’ divorce for months now. Her father is overseas teaching, her brother could care less and her mom… well, she couldn’t blame her mother more for the end of their family. All she’s looking forwar [...]

    8. Super cute and quick summer read!! Definitely recommend if you're looking for a book to relax with at the beach!

    9. This was a well written and well researched book. I could really feel like I was traveling on the Sunny, along with Cassie, and got to learn so much. It's hard to find YA's like that. However, I think it lacked some magic. But first things first.Cassie still hasn't accepted her parents' divorce, especially when it was all her mother's fault and now her father needs to work in Hong Kong. Now she needs to follow another of her mother's crazy ideas and sail down to Mexico all summer long, stuck in [...]

    10. “Marooned at sea with my mother? For four months? This is not real life. This is not my life. ‘What’s the Good news?’ I manage, subtly squeezing my eyes shut, then open, shut, then open, to see if that tilts the world back on its axis.'That was the good news sweetie.’Yeah, I was kind of afraid of that.”A “road trip” romance that takes place during a sailing trip from Oregon to Mexico. Changes in Latitude is really the PERFECT summer read! Cassie is still reeling from the shock of [...]

    11. Changes is Latitudes is a road trip novel set at sea. A story about big changes, facing the difficulties life throws up, family - whether it is broken or healing - and maybe even a chance at love. Cassie's life has been one curve ball after another recently. Like her parents' divorce and her father moving to Hong Kong. But the sailboat that appears in her driveway might beat it all, especially when her mother explains that she, Cassie, and Cassie's brother Drew will be skipping their summer plan [...]

    12. I really hate that my slump made me ready this one so slowly. It's a great story and I think the more mature from Malone so far, it has the right balance between cute summery romance and real life shit. The MC is having a hard time dealing with her parents separation and coming from separated parents I could relate to her feelings so much, a situation like this is always messy and hard on everyone involved, it was nice to see this family trying its best to make things work, there was a lot of ti [...]

    13. This was an okay read. The MC was a real piece of work. I get that her mom didn't exactly help matters by how she treated her marriage or how she decided to move her daughter to a boat. Thankfully things got better towards the end when she found out the truth about why her parents marriage ended.

    14. 3.5/5 starsChanges in Latitudes is a standalone Young Adult contemporary novel.The narrator is Cassie (1st person POV). She is almost 18 years old and getting ready to start her senior year of high school.The book is part romance, part road trip (but on a sail boat) and part realistic fiction.Cassie's parents are getting a divorce and her mom wants them to go on a 4 months sailing trip on a small boat.When I started the book I was thinking that Cassie would be on the boat with her friends. So th [...]

    15. This was such a fun story! Jen Malone knows how to write unput-downable (That's word, right?) swoony reads! Cassie and Jonah are perfect together--swoon! Cassie's reaction to her parents divorce reminded me of mine own experience with my parents' divorce. Jen really shows Cassie's growth throughout the novel as she learns to navigate her new life after her parents' separation. Jonah has made my list of book boyfriends (I know - I'm totally not monogamous when it comes to book boyfriends.). He ch [...]

    16. How to rate this? Well the first half is around 3 stars for me because well frankly I found Cassie extremely annoying. I get anger I get being lost but she was too self-centred and had no empathy for anyone else, nor did she consider anyone else's situation or POV. But then Jonah came along. And me like Jonah. A lot. I really got caught up in the romance. Let me warn you it's not your slambang insta forever. But it's fancy and attraction that slowly becomes more. Super cute and very slow burn. I [...]

    17. Cassie’s world has turned upside down. Her parents divorced, her dad flew overseas to China where he teaches as a professor and her mom explains that they are renting out their house while they charter a sailboat from Oregon to Mexico for four months. So Cassie unwillingly says goodbye to her house, her garden, her friends, and her life of seventeen years as her mom, brother, and her board a sailboat and set sail. Their caravan is made up of two other boats including another family and a saili [...]

    18. I really enjoyed the previous book by Malone that I've read and was hoping top enjoy this one just as much. Unfortunately, I had a hard time getting through this book.Cass is the main reason I struggled with this book. The way she treated her mother was not good and got frustrating. Cass overheard a snippet of a conversation between her mother and father and from that little snippet she blames her mother for their divorce. She never tried to talk to her mom about what she overheard. Instead she [...]

    19. This is the second Jen Malone novel I've had the pleasure of reading, and I enjoyed it a whole lot! It was really cool to read a story set on a sailboat for majority of the scenes, as the main character sets or on a months long voyage at sea with her mom and little brother. I found those details fascinating! I also liked that, apart from sailing shenanigans, there was also a lot of stuff that Cassie had to deal with - like her lingering resentment towards her mom and her developing feelings for [...]

    20. “‘What’s the good news?’ I manage, subtly squeezing my eyes shut, then open, shut, then open, to see if that tilts the world back on its axis.‘That was the good news sweetie.’Yeah, I was kind of afraid of that.”This book was good, but definitely not great. It tells us the story of Cassie, mad at her mother for the way she handled her marriage, and how she finds herself at sea, in a little boat, trapped with her brother and her mom.The main story was good, I really liked how the lan [...]

    21. Oh my gosh, this is so good!! If your parents haven't gotten divorced, you probably won't relate to this as much as I did, but this story is so powerful and full of the truth that comes with so much pain. Jen Malone is my newest auto buy author. She's fantastic!!

    22. What a great summer read, I really enjoyed it. Sailing road trip. Family issues (very unusual to have a mom/daughter relationship be such an important part of a YA book). Swoony romance. Definitely recommend!

    23. Another fun story from Jen Malone! Along with a swoon-worthy romance, I loved learning a few things about sailing. Great summer read. :)

    24. DNF @ 15%. I'm sure many people will enjoy this fluffy contemporary romance, but I'm just not feeling it. I might pick it up at a later date when I'm up for it, but right now is just not the time.

    25. 2.5 starsHmm. Overall this wasn't too bad but the main character was a real piece of work. She was such a selfish, whiny little brat sometimes which annoyed me massively.

    26. Definitely didn't like this one as much as the last one I read. I'd give it a 2.5 stars if that was an option on here.

    27. 2.5 starsAfter her parents' divorce, Cassie McClure's mother takes her and her brother on a sailing trip to Mexico in an attempt to rebuild their family. Cassie is having none of ituntil she meets sweet, funny deckhand Jonah.I was delighted by the idea of a road trip romance at sea until I spent some 300-odd pages inside the head of the whiniest teenager ever. Admittedly, there are some efforts to acknowledge that Cassie's situation is not the worst thing ever and she does become more self-aware [...]

    28. Changes in Latitudes is a cute road trip romance that takes place at sea. Easy read perfect for summer with a relatable main character and strong character development. In this book family has a very important role too and it's not only about the romance. If you have read Jen Malone's previous books then I'm pretty sure you have noticed how good Jen Malone is at writing all those flirting scenes. She's the master of flirting - literally.It hasn't made it to my favorite books list as Wanderlost d [...]

    29. SIGN ME UP. I'm ready for travel feels, family/sibling banter feels, FLIRTY OTP FEELS (we all know Jen is the master of the flirt).

    30. Review Posted on Reading Lark 6/28/17: readinglark/2017/Cass has had a rough few months as she struggles to understand her parents' divorce and the implications it has on her future. How could her happy family have fallen apart? After overhearing a heated argument between her parents, she begins to lay blame for the dissolution of her family solely at the mother's feet. Rather than discussing what she overheard, Cass plunges forward into her hurt and anger, pushing her mother further and further [...]

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