• Title: Saturnalia
  • Author: Paul Fleischman Joel Spector
  • ISBN: 9780064470896
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • Saturnalia In in Boston fourteen year old William a Narraganset Indian captured in a raid six years earlier leads a productive and contented life as a printer s apprentice but is increasingly anxious to
    In 1681 in Boston, fourteen year old William, a Narraganset Indian captured in a raid six years earlier, leads a productive and contented life as a printer s apprentice but is increasingly anxious to make some connection with his Indian past.

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    1. The blurb oversimplifies. There are other characters, other plots, and finally a climax that combines adventure and, believe it or not, comedy. Some covers are misleading, as much is made of how William dresses well like an ambitious white man. This is about a time not well known, a century before independence. And in part :brrr: about a subject not well known, the "tithingman."

    2. This is the third book I've read by Paul Fleischman, and each of them has given insight into a time or place in American history. This book is somber, partly because much of it takes place in winter and/or at night, and partly because most of the characters have a dark side.Boston. 1681. I don't think I would have liked to live under such a heavy religious rule. I had no idea that people were under such constant surveillance. Here's one quote from p 5 that was instructive:Like the town's other t [...]

    3. This nook wasn't as good as others I have read involving this time period. (It reads quickly, and it's fairly amusing.) But it does open the door to some interesting questions, as well as discussions of the views of the Puritans at that time.

    4. William, a fourteen-year old printer’s apprentice, lives in Boston. In 1675, when he was eight-years old, he was captured in a British raid against the Narraganset Indians. Most of his family and tribe were killed. William is extremely bright and excels as an apprentice. The printer, Mr. Currie, is well-educated and not at all comfortable with all of the restrictions imposed in Puritan Boston. Mr. Currie teaches William Greek and Latin and provides a nurturing home for William. Mr. Baggot susp [...]

    5. Saturnalia being only 113 pages long could be overlooked by many people that think a good book is a longer book. The main character's name is William. He was a Native American who was taken from his home by Puritans after his family had been massacred. In the beginning Mr. Baggot, when asking the kids at the printing press religious questions almost treats William as if he had less learning ability than the other kids even though he was the printer's very intelligent apprentice.This story took p [...]

    6. Paul Fleishman's prose are a joy to read! History of Boston MA 1681 - the shaping of a god fearing, bible toting righteous society in the new world along with the history of the need for slaves and consequential Native American raids and capture. American colonization. Many characters to keep track of (would be good to list or plot out with readers) and all intertwined in some way. Tightly wrought and potential for ill lurks but all comes out well in the end. Not long, 112 which includes histori [...]

    7. The book is very short (109 pages with large print and space between lines), and the story is engaging enough for reluctant readers. The setting is Boston, December 1681. The protagonist, William is the printer’s very intelligent apprentice--and a Narragansett Indian captured by the Puritans when his village and family were massacred. Confronted with the hostility of the tithingman (a religious sheriff) that could result in his hanging and an unexpected encounter with his uncle and cousin, who [...]

    8. This short historical novel takes place in 1681 and is about the wars between the native Americans and the settlers. A whole village of Narragansets was wiped out, but some of the Indians were taken by the settlers to become their slaves. This is the story of one of them--William. I found it very informative about this particular era. There were some scary parts and some funny parts. However, I feel that there were too many characters for so short of a novel. It was hard for me to remember who w [...]

    9. The first time I read this, it was fairly disappointing - I read this on recommendation from my school librarian. I had a hard time with the characters and their movements. When this happens, I know my comprehension is suffering.I would consider this piece as a companion novel to 8th grade Social Studiesis would be perfect for Colonial America. I would assume that most of my 7th graders would struggle with this one.

    10. Just because my 10 year-old said it, doesn't mean he really disliked this story, does it? His eight-year-old brother certainly laughed in all the right places! I liked it, too. If I ever have the opportunity again to share it with middle-grade students, I certainly shall. Fleischman's satire shines; all the while expertly setting a seriously dark mood. It's one of the best movies I've ever read.

    11. gr 6-9 109 pgs1681, Boston, MA. Follows various towns people including William, who was kidnapped from his Narraganset tribe. When Williams discovers that two of his relatives have also been brought as slaves to Boston, he is determined to find some way to free them.I felt there were two many characters for such a short story. It would've been better to have fewer characters so that more time could be spent on each one.

    12. I liked the structure of Saturnalia, with the story being passed from character to character as their lives touched. The actual story, though, was a little too quick and shallow for me. Probably because I'm way older than when I first read it!

    13. This story tells about an Indian boy who was captured and made a servant until the age of 18. He goes through hardships and good times. He helps others when they need it and always wants to please his master. He is falsely accused but proves his innocence, this is a good book.

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