• Title: The Divine Command (Comeback Warrior Trilogy, #1)
  • Author: Saranya Umakanthan
  • ISBN: 9788180320934
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    The Divine Command Comeback Warrior Trilogy Young Adults Fantasy MythologyThe divine command was from Lord Shiva So Shaktipurians would do anything to safeguard the Taal Patras the ultimate secrets compiled onto palm leaves by the yogis that co
    Young Adults Fantasy MythologyThe divine command was from Lord Shiva So Shaktipurians would do anything to safeguard the Taal Patras the ultimate secrets compiled onto palm leaves by the yogis that contained everything Yes, all the do s and don ts from making of the elixir to reviving the dead This task was headed by their beloved warrior Indrajith But destiny bYoung Adults Fantasy MythologyThe divine command was from Lord Shiva So Shaktipurians would do anything to safeguard the Taal Patras the ultimate secrets compiled onto palm leaves by the yogis that contained everything Yes, all the do s and don ts from making of the elixir to reviving the dead This task was headed by their beloved warrior Indrajith But destiny brutally destroyed their plans Their toughest braveheart was to perish in a bloody dual This ill fated episode prompted the rise of the nefarious king of Narakdesh Asurshasak Desperate, Shaktipurians recited the revival slokas on the dead grave of their only hope Would Indrajith emerge and come back stronger than before And if he comes back, who is waiting for him now with a pole arm in her hands and protruding teeth With black magic obstacles barring his way, the comeback warrior Suraj Sena is shaken when the conspirator rips off the mask But traitors never go unpunished

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    1. My reviewMy rating is 3.5Divine command is an Indian Fantasy Novel. The book has got every flavor that a fantasy lover asks for. The story of Suraj Sena, the comeback warrior and his friends Varun and Diya, will definitely entice the readers. The characters are crafted punctiliously. The magic swirl, tooth rakshasi, Saptanshu, Lachak etc added to the flavor of the book.The first part where the story happens in 1815, Authoress pulled off the events with authenticity giving an impression of a hist [...]

    2. The best fantasy fiction that I have ever read. The story starts of three hundred years back. The ancient era has been portrayed perfectly. The one sided love of Deepali touched me and Indrajith understood her only when she dies.The author has exposed the power of yogis in this world. Each chapter contains a fantasy adventure that kept me on my toes. The story behind the ghost of the dead couple in the cave was kind of scary. A package of all fantasy elements with graveyard cruises/ stone-man/ d [...]

    3. I would say a very nice effort from the author that takes us to a completely different world; the world of fantasy and Indian mythology. The plot and the story line are well put and quite unique. Every chapter is full of twists, adventures and turns. Among all the characters I liked Diya very much. I loved how the story starts with Deepali and Indrajith. Deepali's one sided love touched me. I think the author deserves an applause for her first attempt. The author's writing style is crisp and she [...]

    4. I am half way through the book and I am glad that I finally have my hands on a captivating book. This book is a fine blend of mythology and fiction. The narration was awesome. I got a feeling that I travelled through the intriguing world of Shaktipur.Free sample chapters of this books are available here:generalpress/Book/The%20Div

    5. “COME BACK!” They command they plead they pray…The synopsis sounded pretty interesting and I was tempted to buy the book and the verdict - No disappointment!I had my heart racing when Suraj is threatened - be it a outrageous message or his name at an empty grave. To add to it, the novel closes with the deadline for his date fixed. A speedy read.

    6. “All it seems is not what it seems…”"Fool you once, shame on youFool you twice, shame on Suraj,Varun & Diya"Deceptive appearances are for fools!Who are you then?"I basically love riddles! This fantasy book has lots of them. Kept me thinking too. Loved the tone of the book.

    7. The author has done an excellent job for a debut novel! The characters are so well etched that it makes you live every minute detail of the interesting plot the author has woven so nicely.When the author approached me for a review I was a bit skeptical as off late there has been a surge in mythological stories by debut authors but she proved my fears wrong. Within the first 5 pages she had got me hooked into it and I enjoyed every single page of the book. It is a brilliant work.Detailed review o [...]

    8. The book gave me a glimpse of ancient mythical Indian stuff (rudraksha/palmleaves secrets/ancient temples and caves) and revival of a dead warrior. He comes back not knowing his true self. An action packed novel with mild romance and fantasy throughout.

    9. A highly original storyline with wonderful writing. Exceptional narration! Awesome characters Everything was glued together well. A fast moving novel.

    10. A good book to spend your hours. You will never know how the time went so quickly. Each page has some action and you keep going to the next page to check out what happens next.

    11. An awesome book with a different climax! Could not put it down. Well written. Fantastic narration.

    12. A completely different book! It was very intriguing and the author has nailed it! The element of novelty makes it a wonderful read!

    13. Reviewed on A Bookworm’s Musing: wp/p2J8yh-30JPositive aspects: + Simple language, easy for younger audiences+ Story idea, page turner+ First two chapters of the storyNegative aspects:- A plain narration; fantasy needed a more engaging style- Couldn’t connect with the characters much- Predictable endingA good debut offering; wondering what part 2 of the trilogy will bring.Actual rating: 2.5 stars

    14. The Divine Command has a promising storyline and an engaging saga of friendship, but that's all it has to offer. I wouldn't recommend this book for anyone over the age of twelve, and I probably won't be picking up the other books in this trilogy.

    15. I never expected that ending! I thought it was going to be the same with the hero finishing things. But I was stunned. It ended on a completely different note. A worthy read by a newcomer.

    16. A different kind of book targeting young adults but pulls in adults too. The story has been plotted quite well and the ending adventures were quite good.

    17. The story is well written and keeps your interest making it hard to put the book down except for sleep or other important stuff A very good fantasy read! Enjoyed the romance too!

    18. The narration was great. I could easily visualise different eras portrayed. Great read and I am waiting for its next part.

    19. My Rating 3.75The Divine Command, first in the Comeback Warrior trilogy is a young adult fantasy based on Indian mythology. Saranya Umakanthan did a good job with her debut. I liked the way she has etched the characters and kept the narration simple. Her writing style is crisp and the chapters are well elaborated. It brings back the memories of reading Amar Chitra Katha as a kid. It the story of Suraj Sena, comeback warrior and his friends Varun and Diya. Positives:Imagination and CharactersNot [...]

    20. Amazing!!! I appreciate this Indian author to exhibit about our Ancient cultures and super natural powers of sidhars. I have always enjoyed hearing their powers. Even today they exist among people but cannot be recognized by all. This story takes me to the effects of the days they lived and i feel them when i read this and could understand the struggle between good and evil forces. It is true that god has appointed few people on earth to guard us. I love this book, please release the next part a [...]

    21. I had a hard time placing this book for the correct age group targetterd since this is way too simple and patchy for adults. The plot has promise but perhaps should have been done in one or tworts. the characters are little larger than life and hence the difficulty to connect. Maybe a younger audience would take this to heart and would find the apt emotions.

    22. Not too deep in terms of storyline, but good attempt at fantasy. Merely one time read. I got some feel of one of indian horror tv series "ahat", "vikram baital".

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