• Title: Esbae
  • Author: Linda Haldeman
  • ISBN: 9780380787586
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • Esbae None

    One Reply to “Esbae”

    1. Yet another old fantasy I always meant to get around to reading. A story about college kids doing demon summoning and April November relationships. It was missing something, not sure what. Too 2d. But it had one really great line which i will quote here. A history prof is ranting at a faculty meeting and says " 'You're behind the times, Alicia. All that student coddling stuff went out with love beads and Zen Buddhism. And do you know why? Because like love beads and Zen Buddhism, it didn't work. [...]

    2. I stumbled across this in a used book store. It was inexpensive and I'm always curious about whether something I've never heard of might be really good. But this doesn't seem very appealing to me after all. Definitely a vibe of the heroine needing the hero to save her, at least from the bits I read.

    3. It was okay. The writing was good and the general story was good, but the characters could have used a little more substance. Particularly the girl. All she really did was set everything in motion, then sit back, enjoy some food, and let somebody else solve her problems.

    4. I read this years ago and liked it enough to keep it. This time around I felt it was just OK. I suspect that's because so many well written fantasy books have come out since then.

    5. Strong, well-defined characters. The pace was quick, but that only strengthened the story. I appreciated the author's lack of cumbersome dialog and descriptive passages. Enjoyable read.

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