• Title: Eden Summer
  • Author: Liz Flanagan
  • ISBN: 9781910989074
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eden Summer IT STARTS like any other day for Jess get up draw on eyeliner cover up tattoos and head to school But soon it s clear this is no ordinary day because Jess s best friend Eden isn t at school she s
    IT STARTS like any other day for Jess get up, draw on eyeliner, cover up tattoos and head to school But soon it s clear this is no ordinary day, because Jess s best friend, Eden, isn t at school she s gone missing.Jess knows she must do everything in her power to find Eden before the unthinkable happens.So Jess decides to retrace the summer she and Eden have justIT STARTS like any other day for Jess get up, draw on eyeliner, cover up tattoos and head to school But soon it s clear this is no ordinary day, because Jess s best friend, Eden, isn t at school she s gone missing.Jess knows she must do everything in her power to find Eden before the unthinkable happens.So Jess decides to retrace the summer she and Eden have just spent together But looking back means digging up all their buried secrets, and she starts to question everything she thought Eden s summer had been about A tense and thrilling journey through friendship, loss, betrayal and self discovery.

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    1. This is going to be pretty short, because unfortunately this was a bit of a let down. I was expecting deep emotional pain, an intriguing mystery, and a story of friendship and discovery. Unfortunately, everything got lost in unlikable characters and underdeveloped plot points.Things I Liked:Eden Summer is an emotionally packed story of grief, loss, friendship, and guilt. The emotions are there and genuine, if dramatized, but I just couldn't connect with any of the characters so I didn't really b [...]

    2. Words are influential, able to constructively and destructively affect both the speaker and the audience. Final words feel eerily efficacious; especially when there is absolutely no expectation that they are indeed, last words. Vicious, venomous verbalizations can compound an already catastrophic event. In and of itself, crippling in its cruel randomness; devastating and gut-wrenching when choked with guilt. A cloud of culpability completely cloaked the sun inside of Eden just as its rays tentat [...]

    3. Eine Geschichte, die nach hinten raus unglaublich gut wird! Nachdem Edens Schwester gestorben ist, ist Eden traurig. Mehr als das, sie kommt mit ihrem Leben so gar nicht mehr zurecht und verschwindet irgendwann spurlos. Ihre Freunde machen sich große Sorgen und haben das Gefühl, sie im Stich gelassen zu haben, obwohl sie so gut es ging, für sie da waren.Am Anfang versprach das Buch noch nicht so viel. Allerdings wurde es aber der Hälfte richtig spannend und das letzte Drittel war dann wirkli [...]

    4. I thought this book was really awesome. It is a perfect example of what I want from good a UKYA novelI loved the characters because they felt so real. Their story made me feel like a teenager again in the way it just captured that essence of being young and confused and angry. I thought how it did pain grief and suffering was really poignant.I loved how the story kept me guessing throughout as you start to work out both what happened in the recent past but also where it is that Eden might be. It [...]

    5. Eden und Jess sind seid Jahren die besten Freundinnen, sie gehen zusammen durch dick und dünn. Doch Eden ist gestern Abend nicht nach Hause gekommen. Die Suche beginnt. Ist Eden abgehauen? Wurde sie Opfer eines Gewaltverbrechens? Hat ihr Freund Liam etwas damit zu oder gar ihr Exfreund? Was führte zu ihrem Verschwinden?Jess gibt die Hoffnung nicht auf, sie will Eden unbedingt finden. Nachdem Eden ihre Schwester Iona verloren hat und dadurch in ein schwarzes Loch gefallen ist, hat Jess sich ges [...]

    6. I'm honestly surprised I finished this book because man did it suck. I kept hoping it'd pick up and get better, but no such luck.

    7. 'I would get her through this.I would save Eden's life,  like she did mine.'I would give this book 5 stars.-SPOILERS INCLUDED-Eden Summer is a novel that is mainly based around friendship. Jess's best friend Eden has gone missing and it's now up to Jess to try and find her.As the novel unfolds,  we find out more about the different characters involved,  their pasts and secrets.Memories begin to re-surface in her mind,  majority of them with Eden in it,  like when she got her first tattoo.Je [...]

    8. "Eden Summer" by Liz Flanagan is an English YA book about two high school best friends who have both suffered a great personal tragedy and how they have spent their last summer dealing or not dealing with it, and the cost to their friendship. When Jess goes to school only to learn that her bestie, out of control and depressed Eden, has gone missing. As Jess worries and searches for Eden, she relives flashbacks of the past year to slowly uncover the truth of the guilt that has been destroying Ede [...]

    9. This was such a gorgeous book, loved every single moment of this. I could really get to know both of the characters in a deeper level, and I just loved that. I really connected with Jess the most, always doing things for other people putting them first, because that is exactly what I do all the time, and sometimes we forget that we need to put ourselves first sometimes. Liz's words were captivating, enriching and just straight pure magic. I definitely recommend this book for anyone who needs a r [...]

    10. The book starts - deceptively - as a seemingly banal story about a missing girl with teenage characters representing rather types than real individual personalities and changes gradually into a story with (mild but still) thriller undertones about real people, real teenage girls dealing with various kinds of trauma. I was happily disappointed: it delivers much more than it shows in the first chapter and even the love triangle was written quite nicely, realistically and it did not make me want to [...]

    11. Although there are two emotionally charged story lines included in this book, Eden Summer did not move me as much as I expected. Part of the reason was that Eden herself was not very likeable, but it was also because the author took so much time to get to the heart of the matter. Between the time shifts and the exhaustively slow reveal, I lost interest in both of the backstories. In a genre full of books about pain, violence, and even hope for the future, Eden Summer just does not stand out.

    12. A superb portrayal of a friendship torn apart by grief and trauma. The writing is pacy, poetic yet unflinching. When we find out what terrible event has befallen Jess, I honestly think that scene will stay with me forever. This is a hauntingly beautiful story full of pain, and ultimately, hope.

    13. Koniec szkoły, sesji i upragniony urlop w pracy - jednym słowem zaczyna się lato. Czas zabawy, odpoczynku i mnóstwa godzin na książki! Niestety, mnie jeszcze nie jest dane tego wszystkiego doświadczyć, jednak od czego są powieści. Jak wiemy, one potrafią przenieść w czasie i przestrzeni Z tego względu Lato Eden Liz Flanagan miało sprawić, że mimo brzydkiej pogody poczuję upragniony wakacyjny klimat. Jasna, wesoła okładka i opis zapowiadały lekką książkę młodzieżową - [...]

    14. Inhalt: "Wenn wir Eden nicht finden, werde ich mir nie, nie verzeihen, was letzten Samstagabend passiert ist." Obwohl die schüchterne Jess und die allseits beliebte Eden so unterschiedlich sind wie Tag und Nacht, kann nichts die beiden trennen. Bis Eden eines Tages spurlos verschwindet! Die Suche nach der vermissten Freundin konfrontiert Jess bald mit dunklen Kapiteln ihrer eigenen Vergangenheit, und dann ist da noch Liam, Edens Freund, mit dem Jess mehr verbindet als sie wahrhaben will. Liz Fl [...]

    15. Jess’s friend Eden disappears and Jess spends a VERY LONG day frantically searching for her and reminiscing about all the tragic things that have happened to them. I feel like the author did her very best. The writing wasn’t confusing or hard to follow but there was no heart. Basically every box of YA writing was checked -lgbt character, at least one person of color, angst, love triangle, a kind teacher, a cute boy-there’s nothing wrong with any of those literary devices but when they all [...]

    16. I didn't feel compelled to keep reading this and had to push through, so I'm surprised at how many other reviewers seem to have been sucked in to the plot. I suppose different reactions are why so many books are published. We like choice and react differently. My ultimate test is whether I think the students at my school would dig a book. I don't really think I could get this one into a high schooler's book bagom SLJ June 2017:Gr 9 Up--Through time-stamped chapters, this British import focuses o [...]

    17. The thing that I really love about this book is the fact that no-one gets left behind. This novel follows two girls, Jess and Eden, both healing from traumatic experiences. And while they both try to deal with their problems alone, when Eden goes missing they both discover that strength comes from friendship and support. You don’t have to do all the work by yourself.Eden Summer is set in the north of England, which is unusual enough to note in YA novels. And so much of this novel is embedded i [...]

    18. Rating = 3*sYou can read this review in full here: bookendsandendings.wordpress.Eden Summer was a book I heard about over the summer, with my interest piqued by the interesting description, the emphasis placed on Jess and Eden’s friendship in the blurb, and the pretty cover, and at last I have finally gotten around to reading and reviewing it!There were lots of aspects about this book I really liked, and one of the main ones was definitely the setting. As the description on mentions, the book [...]

    19. Wow! I absolutely loved this. Such a vivid portrayal of friendship and families and what it means to deal with grief and tough times but come through stronger. Beautiful writing and a cracking pace. Can't wait to share it with my teenage daughter

    20. This review is also available on my blog, Read Till Dawn.Eden Summer isn't really a book I ever would have picked up on my own–too YA for my tastes–but I was still intrigued when a copy of it showed up on my doorstep a few weeks back. I love murder mysteries, so I hoped the search for Eden would involve lots of character analyses and shocking plot twists.Well, I was right about the first part at least. There isn't much action in the book, mainly just characters wandering around and talking/ [...]

    21. Pełna recenzja znajduje się pod adresem toreador-nottoread.cJako że główną bohaterką jest Jess, a zaraz po niej, czy nawet na równi, jest Eden, otrzymujemy kumulację babskiej przyjaźni ze sporą dawką zazdrości, konkurencji i chłopaków. Eden była niesamowitym wsparciem dla Jess w trudnych chwilach, które ta druga przeżywała. Sposób, w jaki Eden podnosiła ją wtedy na duchu, nie dając się odtrącić pomimo braku reakcji i odzewu, był godny podziwu. Jednak gdy nastąpiła za [...]

    22. I keep falling behind on wiring my reviews, sorry! I really need to get back on track. I finished this on Tuesday I think? I really enjoyed it, although it isn't quite worthy of five stars.I'm going to put in a trigger warning as there are mentions of substance abuse, physical abuse, death, adoption and suicide.Jess's best friend has gone missing. Through interviews with the police and Jess's personal recollections, we begin to build up a picture of Eden's life before her disappearance. Her sist [...]

    23. EDEN SUMMER by Liz Flanagan is a rollercoaster of a novel. In this contemporary young adult book, Jess’ best friend, Eden, has gone missing. Eden’s disappearance is the cherry on top of other devastating events Jess has lived through. Refusing to face any more heartache, Jess is determined to find Eden before the worst happens. Teaming up with Liam, Eden’s estranged boyfriend and Jess’ secret crush, the pair search all the places Eden could be. As memories from the past begin to resurfac [...]

    24. Bitte nicht falsch verstehen, dieses Buch ist immer noch sehr gut geschrieben und hat einen Spanungsbogen, der den Leser langsam in seinen Bann zieht und der immer wieder die Frage aufwirft, was denn nun eigentlich vorgefallen ist und ob Eden wieder auftauchen wird. Stellenweise fiebert man sogar mit den Figuren mit, bis einem klar wird, dass die komplette Handlung sich mehr oder weniger an einem Tag ereignet und an diesem nicht nur sämtliche schockierenden Familiengeheimnisse entlüftet werden [...]

    25. "Lato Eden"to opowieść o przyjaźni Jess i Eden,które pomimo swojego odmiennego wyglądu,zainteresowań łączy,a raczej łączyło wiele.Pewnego dnia bowiem Eden znika i wywraca świat swoich bliskich do góry nogami.Nie jest to jednak kolejna płaska opowieść o zbuntowanej nastolatce,która chce zwrócić na siebie uwagę.Tutaj historia skrywa pewne tajemnice,problemy,obserwować możemy relację między przyjaciółmi,ale też rodzące się uczucie,które w tym przypadku zwiastuje same p [...]

    26. 4.5 starsJess can't believe it when she arrives at school and finds out her best friend, Eden, has gone missing. After being interviewed by police, Jess tries to piece together the events of last summer in order to find out what happened to her friend. Despite a close friendship, they have both kept secrets from one another. Will uncovering the truth help bring Eden home?The story gripped me from the beginning. The disappearance of a teenage girl was compelling enough but the story really held m [...]

    27. Everything leading up to the ending was really good. I was really anticipating a plot twist or an interesting ending, but in my opinion, Eden Summer finished with a lazy end, an anticlimax. Which is a shame because I really liked this book.

    28. Personally, I liked it but it didn't especially intrigue me and the ending was pretty predictable. I liked how it was set over one day with flashbacks though and I was emotionally invested in the characters, even Eden who many have called unlikable.

    29. Eden, Jess's best friend has disappeared! By retracing her steps through the summer Jess tries to uncover the mystery surrounding the disappearance. Did she really know Eden? What exactly is freindship?an interesting and provocative read

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