• Title: Moonfleet (Scholastic Classics)
  • Author: J. Meade Falkner
  • ISBN: 9781407159164
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • Moonfleet Scholastic Classics John Trenchard has fallen in with a band of smugglers and is determined to find Blackbeard s diamond But is it true that the gem is cursed
    John Trenchard has fallen in with a band of smugglers, and is determined to find Blackbeard s diamond But is it true that the gem is cursed

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    1. A Blast from the PastNumber me among the many who read this book in grade school back in the late 60's or 70's and the name stuck with me through the years.Later as an adult, I returned to this book to read it anew and experience the magic again.Yes, this is book designed for the younger reader. But as is the case with most well written books, all ages will find something to take away. Treasure Island, Kidnapped etc. are all of the same genre, but what makes Moonfleet unique is the tight identif [...]

    2. Smugglers, betrayal, murder, love, avarice, it would be difficult to say what Falkner’s late 18th Century tale of adventure doesn’t have. In my opinion Moonfleet equals Stevenson’s or Twain’s works although it’s never quite received the same recognition. As with Jim Hawkins or Huck Finn, the tale’s main character and first person narrator, is a young boy, John Trenchard, yet I would argue that in terms of characterisation Falkner’s work is superior to these two other works, for the [...]

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    4. I am a huge fan of the children’s books of the Golden Age (from, let us say, Alice in Wonderland to The Hobbit). The best ones combine corking-good yarns with deeper overtones of myth and spirituality, and focus on ethics in a nonpreachy way. I admire their authors’ gift for dropping the reader straight into the middle to the tale, in contrast to the literary trends of the time, and for holding the reader in suspense. As a sucker for vocabulary, I also love that they don’t “write down” [...]

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    6. This is probably the best YA book I have ever read. Only a few others were as good as this one was. After all, What can be better than Floating Coffins in a small village called Moonfleet with smugglers Galore, hairbreadth escapes on cliff paths which zigzag up in an alarming manner and a lost diamond?John was wholly believable and likable, even if I did want to shake him till his teeth rattled. His substitute Father I liked better. He may have been a smuggler but he was a sight better then the [...]

    7. This is one of the best books I have ever read and the best book I have read in a very long time. It is an absolute treasure. Because it does not float to the top of the list for classics, it is easily missed, but I would put it up there with Treasure Island. It had me in its grip from start to finish (and I rarely experience that anymore). Wonderful setting, themes, characters. An adventure with a heart-wrenching message about life, love, and the pursuit of fortune. A must read!

    8. The first sixteen chapters of this nineteen chapter novel belong to a near perfect adventure story. After that, unfortunately, things get a little murky and overstated, but the ending is satisfying in its own quite grim fashion. I have a feeling that this is a novel I will return to again and again, and hope to read to my kids in the future. If you're an enthusiast of pirates, smuggled goods, old cursed treasure and deadly shipwrecks, you may well feel the same.

    9. Written in 1898, Moonfleet has held up well for its age. Its an adventure story/coming of age story about a likeable character who makes mistakes and pays for them. Some of the coincidences require serious amounts of suspension of disbelief, but it is the sort of story that makes you feel like everything is fated, anyway.

    10. ‘Moonfleet’ was recommended to me as a pleasant reminder of Black Sails, absolutely the best TV series about pirates and one of my all-time favourite shows. Although Black Sails is ostensibly a prequel to Treasure Island, I preferred ‘Moonfleet’ and felt it was closer in spirit to Black Sails. Although both Treasure Island and ‘Moonfleet’ are narrated by a teenage boy, John Trenchard the narrator of ‘Moonfleet’ is a great deal more sympathetic. Largely because he is less inclined [...]

    11. Die Geschichte von "Moonfleet" soll gemäss Information auf der Liebeskind-Verlagsseite in England deutlich bekannter sein als in deutschen Sprachgefilden, in der sie quasi unbekannt ist. Die Originalerzählung aus dem Jahre 1898 wurde bereits einmal auf Deutsch übersetzt und erschien vor etwas mehr als 20 Jahren im Fischer Verlag. Dieses Ausgabe ist aber im besten Fall nur noch antiquarisch erhältlich. Im Liebeskind Verlag ist in diesem Frühjahr eine Neuübersetzung von Michael Kleeberg ersc [...]

    12. As in life, so in a game of hazard, skill will make something of the worst of throws.Ich stehe auf Abenteuerromane und auf Texte, in denen das Meer immer wieder präsent ist. Kein Wunder also, dass mich der Umschlagtext von Falkners Moonfleet sofort angesprochen hat.Die Hauptrolle spielt der verwaiste John Trenchard, der bei seiner Tante im verschlafenen Moonfleet in Dorset groß wird. Die Einwohner dieses Fischerdorfes ziehen sich mit Einbruch der Dunkelheit aus Angst vor dem Geist des grausame [...]

    13. We were staying within walking distance of Moonfleet Manor, had dinner there and tea on one occasion, visited the church and I said i wanted to read this book haveing read the history wihtin the area, so my hubby kindly bought me this copy in a secondhand book shop. I thoroughly enjoyed Moonfleet, made even more delightful because I knew and have walked this coastline when boats were wrecked I could envisage men desperately trying to scrabble back up the sheer shingle drop and totally failing du [...]

    14. How I loved this book. I had never heard of it growing up but recently found a most intriguing blog post, which speaks to the power of a good book review. When a grown woman recommends a boy's adventure story, it bears looking into.I haven't read Robert Louis Stevenson so can't say whether it is Treasure Island-lite (as another reviewer noted, I also expected pirates and found none, though there are smugglers, shipwrecks, and hidden treasure), but the imagery is beautiful, the language is evocat [...]

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    16. 'I have just finished rereading Moonfleet, after a lifetime of knowing full well that I had been read it as a boy, but, I confess, remembering very little about it, only that I had enjoyed it hugely. But then as I read it again, nearly sixty years on, I discovered that my recollection of this great adventure story had not been lost at all, nor was it confused, as I had thought it might be, with other stories of smugglers and pirates and lost treasure. On the contrary, with every page I turned th [...]

    17. I read this book as a journalist recently compared it to my debut 'The Boy Who Led Them', which is similar only in the sense that it's a smuggling adventure.I really enjoyed reading Moonfleet. The novel had me turning pages at a rapid speed and was in no way predictable. Overall it has a moral to tell. I have to be honest and admit that it made me cry which is possibly the greatest compliment a reader can ever pay a writer. I found the relationship between tough guy smuggler Elziver Block and th [...]

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    19. This is one of my all time favorite YA books. It has everything : smugglers, a legend of treasure, the Dorset coast, blackbeard's corpse, floating caskets under the church floor, kidnapping, branding and even a mild love interest. I remember reading this for the first time when I was about 20 and I couldn't put it down. Treasure Island is good but IMO this is better. In fact, I think it's time for a reread :)

    20. Read in thirty-two installments on the app Serial Reader. A very good English adventure story in the same vein as Treasure Island.

    21. Moonfleet is the story of John Trenchard and the smuggling activities along the shores of Dorset, John also delves into the secret of Colonel Mohune's treasure.

    22. Chesil Beach in Dorset is a spectacular bank of pebbles stretching for nearly twenty miles along the Dorset coast, running in a north-easterly direction from south of Weymouth. Behind it for part of its length is a freshwater lagoon called the Fleet. I have happy memories camping near Fleet village with my young son in the early nineties, exploring the area and visiting Portland Bill and Weymouth. But it hasn't always been known solely as a holiday area: in the 18th century smuggling was rife, a [...]

    23. El primo perdido y casi olvidado de ‘La Isla del Tesoro’. Moonfleet es una clásica novela victoriana dirigida a los ‘mancebos belicosos’ y a los ‘muchachos de buena voluntad’. Aquella época imperial, cuyo código de conducta consagrara Kipling en el poema ‘Si’, nos dio espléndidos ejemplos de este tipo de historias formativas donde la intención siempre era exhortar a una juventud a conducirse con estándares de estoicismo, bonhomía, galantería, brío, garbo y demás. Lo cu [...]

    24. Falkner, J. Meade. MOONFLEET. (1898). ****. This is a young man’s action/adventure novel that rivals Treasure Island in narrative and writing quality. It is mostly read by young Englishmen, but now spills over into the U.S. in this handsome new edition by the Folio society. The author was a strange agglomeration of characteristics: he was classically educated, married but childless, and though the author os several novels, only this one for young adults. The novel begins “in the fall of the [...]

    25. Falkner's late-nineteenth century tale of smugglers on the remote coast of southern England is a little bit Twain and a whole lot Stevenson, but despite the strong influences, it is enjoyable and often thrilling. Orphan John Trenchard falls in with the only men in his small village of Moonfleet who care about him, but it turns out they are smugglers, landing spirits to circumvent the steep tarriffs imposed by the revenuers who seem to have their spies all around. An ambush, a ghost story, a trea [...]

    26. I began reading this book aged I think about 12 , whilst on the train with my father for a trip to London, l was totally engrossed in it and could not put it down . Unfortunately a few days later as we travelled across one of the bridges crossing the Thames on our way to the Science museum in a red double decker bus , I was downstairs seated near the open door at the back, reading with the book open on my lap , when to my great distress a gust of wind blew the book out of my hands and out of the [...]

    27. I have to rate this book a minimal 2 stars, but it's not without a heavy heart.The problem I had with this book is that it just didn't captivate me. I've found this to be quite common recently with classics as the same happened with The Time Machine. I'm not sure whether the ideas are just dated and the writing style is a little different. But having said that, other classics such as Treasure Island, and pretty much anything that Jules Verne has ever touched, have been very enjoyable reads. I kn [...]

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