• Title: Seana
  • Author: Tanya Anne Crosby Alaina Christine Crosby
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seana Seana is the SWEET CLEAN edition of On Bended Knee by Tanya Anne Crosby a New York Times bestselling author and her daughterA daughter of the forest and loyal to no clan Seana is whispered to be a ch
    Seana is the SWEET CLEAN edition of On Bended Knee by Tanya Anne Crosby a New York Times bestselling author and her daughterA daughter of the forest and loyal to no clan, Seana is whispered to be a child of the faeries, but not even a little Gael magic can help her claim what she truly desires a home and hearth before it s too late for her ailing da.Seana pins Seana is the SWEET CLEAN edition of On Bended Knee by Tanya Anne Crosby a New York Times bestselling author and her daughterA daughter of the forest and loyal to no clan, Seana is whispered to be a child of the faeries, but not even a little Gael magic can help her claim what she truly desires a home and hearth before it s too late for her ailing da.Seana pins her hopes on Broc Ceannfhionn, but Broc has eyes for another To win his heart, she strikes a bargain with Colin Mac Brodie the biggest rogue in all of Scotia But although Colin has already broken Seana s heart once this time around, he s powerless to resist the girl he once shunnedFor readers who prefer romance without strong language or sex This is a clean read bookOK DETAILSBook Three of Tanya Anne and Alaina Christine Crosby s Sweet Scottish Brides series A full length novel PG rated Kisses only, no love scenes Contains new scenes Humorous historical romance CONNECTING BOOKS, HIGHLAND SWEETHEARTSWhile Seana can be read as a stand alone novel, many readers enjoy reading it as part of a series The following titles will be coming soon Page Meghan Elizabet Catr ona

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    1. Enjoyable if forgettable. Mostly cute. Bascially a story of the cool kid who grew up to fall in love with the outcast girl he once picked on. He believes she loves another, which is just desserts. Warning to pet lovers: (view spoiler)[ Broc's dog is killed in this one. Thankfully it is "offscreen" and not detailed. (hide spoiler)]

    2. Enjoyed the growth shown in the characters as they found themselves looking into their hearts and minds. Being honest with yourself is at best difficult. I did feel the book was slow in places with too much time spent on describing a kissing or almost kissing scene, hence the 4 stars. Then the story would pick up and I would become involved once again. I am truly enjoying this series and the bits and pieces of information we learn about the individual characters. Really love the strength of the [...]

    3. This one was much better than book 2! The characters were engaging and the plot was good enough to hold my interest. The same narrator narrates this story so that was a negative but otherwise I was pleasantly surprised. Story - 4 - 4.5Narration - 2

    4. I enjoyed it. It was one of those books that calms you down and make you comfortable. After you read a book that takes you on a emotional rollercoaster ride and you need something to sooth and relax your book hangover, but at the same time keep you interested ah this is one of those books. It wasn't as if it was s hurricane, but it's okay, a slow gentle breeze is just as memorable. I really love to read about old Scotland. And all the Lairds and there women. There old ways and there manliness. I [...]

    5. I bought this book from amazon after reading the look inside portion, the intro was particularly captivating, it engaged me right from the first word. The appeal was the characters, they were real and had flaws. I was moved to tears at some parts of this story as I could relate to Seana and some of the hardships she had to endure. I decided Colin And Seana were meant to be together of course I had to find out the outcome. I was compelled to read this book from one end to the other the moment I o [...]

    6. Book #3 in the series. Somehow I skipped book 2. No matter, I still remember book one well enough not to get lost. You can read as a stand alone, but characters & situations from the first 2 books reoccur in this story. This is the clean version of a story called "On Bended Knee" that TAC wrote a while ago. No sex or profanity. Focus is on the story & the romance. I liked this one! Heroine is poor, but proud. Due to an accident during her birth, she had a lame leg, but her father helped [...]

    7. Seana lives in the forest away from the major clans but is desperate to find a better home for her ailing father. She has convinced herself that she loves Broc, but with him showing little interest in her beyond friendship, she turns to Colin Brodie—Broc’s best friend—for help. Colin has a reputation with the ladies that is hardly a secret, and when Seana starts to fall for him she knows it’s the stupidest thing she’s ever done. I have to admit that I was very curious to see how Colin [...]

    8. I have fallen in love with another of Tanya Anne Crosby's books.I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to be pulled into an exciting story and make many new friends.Tanya Anne's characters always ending up as my friends and only a few authors in my experience are able to pull you into a story and make you a part of it.Tanya Anne writes in other times and other styles and I always feel a part of her stories and friends with her characters.Thank you Tanya Anne Crosby for another wonderful [...]

    9. Excellent reading! Tanya Crosby has become one of my favorite authors; because of the way she is able to not let your thoughts wonder, when reading one of the novels in this series. I just finished reading On Bended Knee and was offered the opportunity to buy Lion Heart, Book #4 in this Series; which I'll most likely start tomorrow.The way Ms. Crosby was able to interweave the story of Seana, Collin and Broc was excellent; as the reader was left wondering for quite awhile, just who Seana would c [...]

    10. This book was slow to start. I nearly gave up, but I was rewarded for sticking with it. It was a cute story.

    11. What a wonderful heart felt story. There were some tense moments to be sure but in the end, the women came to the rescue. I had a lot of fun reading this one.

    12. DelightfulI'm absolutely thrilled to find these clean and delightful books! MANY THANKS to both generations of Crosbys for filling this gap!

    13. This is the story of Seana, Donal the Drunk's lame daughter. Although I was charmed by the main romance between Seana and Colin Mac Brodie, I felt myself drawn to the story between father and daughter.Seana has such love for her father that she firmly believes she is in love with Broc and that she will marry him to make her ailing father's life a better one. Seana's love, though, has been buried deep since a childhood incident of cruelty nearly destroyed it.Seana and her father are poor. They li [...]

    14. Seana was teased mercilessly as a child because of a lame leg and she was brokenhearted when the boy she loved, Colin, joined in the teasing. She found comfort with a friend, Broc, and vowed to marry him. As grown ups, Seana's leg is better, her father is dying and she needs to marry quickly and Colin is something of a man-whore, who honestly doesn't remember who Seana is. She seeks out Colin to help her woo his best friend, Broc. Colin is a self-centered asshole to starthe's uncomfortable with [...]

    15. Colin Mac Brodie broke Seana's heart when they were but children. He shunned her because of her weak leg and threw a rock at her. Colin, because of issues he had with his father, finds himself very uncomfortable around anyone that's anything less than perfection. Years later, she approaches Colin to ask for his aid in helping her woo Broc, Colin's best friend. He doesn't recognize her at all. He just knows this woman he is so attracted to, doesn't seem to want to give him the time of day outside [...]

    16. Great BookI'm a big fan of Tanya Crosby and enjoy all her books. I especially love Scottish romances and Ms Crosby certainly weaves a good one. This is an outstanding story of a poor lame girl who's never forgotten how one boy hurt her so deeply with his words. It's a love story centering around that girl, now grown and beautiful and the man, a self-centered rake who learns to give without the expectation of receiving anything in return. It was a very touching story in parts and a comedy of erro [...]

    17. After reading Hot Shot which, for some reason got me quite gloomy (even if I loved it), I wanted to read a lighter novel so I chose this book.I didn't find the plot complicated and I enjoyed the characters' accent. It's been a while since I read a highland novel.I think I'm going to grab another book from this author that I'll have something on hand should I need a light novel in the futureStill, I'd appreciate a meatier novel from her.

    18. Better than book 2. The ending wasn't as abrupt but the bit with the kidnapping was a little underplayed. I liked Seana. She was different, outwardly less confident as the last heroine but still she had a strong sense of herself. I don't really understand the appeal of Colin I think more of his internal struggles with his character would have made him more likeable. A weak 3 stars.

    19. Emotional rollercoaster!Emotional rollercoaster!I Iove the imperfections of the characters which brings them more to life. Decision and indecision are a part of life and delays the main characters joining in bliss,!

    20. Seana Felt bad for Broc wanted him to get the girl in the story line however still marveled over the final outcome. Seana and Colin romantic outcome, as love always prevail in highland folly.

    21. Good book This was the most fantastic book that I have read in over 600 years I would definitely recommend this to everyone else. They should make a lot more of these outstanding novels

    22. ‘On Bender Knee,’ was a good read. Though it did take a while for me to warm up to the portrayal of Colin Mac Brodie, arrogant rogue that he is/was, Seana was a delight! She was refreshingly real. And the side she brought out in Colin was endearingly sweet.

    23. Another captivating story in this series!I love, love, love this series and the strong gorgeous Scotsmen and their endearing, magical women. Well written, this series really transports you to another place and time as you become a part of their clans.

    24. This was an emotional rollercoaster read for me especially the part where Donal the Drunk died. I love how Seana is not your typical beautiful head to toe girl. She was with flaws and was able to conquer it with her strong will.

    25. My Favorite yet. This is my 3rd Tonya Anne Crosby book & my favorite of the series thus far. Excellent characters, excellent situations & most of all excellent romance. Cannot wait to read the next one!

    26. This is the story of Seana and Colin. A good premise for a story. Seana needs a husband and asks Colin to help her make Broc fall in love with her.

    27. Och, I dinna lik it. What a bunch of crap, a pitiful story made more pitiful with och's, dinna's, and other "Scottish" tidbits in every sentence. Ugh, double ugh!

    28. Colin and SeannaBeautiful story - funny, heart warming and lovely. Tanya does it again as always. Loved it and you will too

    29. I loved this book. You feel so much passion and heart in Tanya's characters. You just cannot help yourself to cry or laugh or tense up in some areas. Another great great read! Highly recommend.

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