• Title: He Changed My Name
  • Author: Unoma Nwankwor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He Changed My Name Sometimes broken roads lead to the best destinations Eager to escape the hypocrisy of the church and build her singing career pop sensation Ayanti Yanni Effiong enters and wins The Next World Star A
    Sometimes broken roads lead to the best destinations Eager to escape the hypocrisy of the church and build her singing career, pop sensation, Ayanti Yanni Effiong enters and wins The Next World Star Apart from fulfilling her dream, her move to America offers the perfect opportunity to help young female immigrants A cause she pursues with a passion until fame takes overSometimes broken roads lead to the best destinations Eager to escape the hypocrisy of the church and build her singing career, pop sensation, Ayanti Yanni Effiong enters and wins The Next World Star Apart from fulfilling her dream, her move to America offers the perfect opportunity to help young female immigrants A cause she pursues with a passion until fame takes over Fifteen years later, broke, dumped and fresh out of jail, she begins to regret the lifestyle and name she created for herself Mensah Afortey is on the brink of losing the church he put his heart and soul into for the past seven years This years Valentine Day gala is his last attempt to raise money for the church Everything is set but they need a big name to pull in donations Just as he is about to give up, in walks Yanni When he agreed for Ayanti to serve community service under his church he didn t know she was the same person as the embattled star While she pays her debt to society, the last thing she wants to do is perform on a day that left a bitter taste in her mouth But there is no denying the instant attraction between them Before he wins her heart, Mensah must win her soul Over time and in fellowship with the church, Ayanti comes to realize that despite what man calls her, God has the ability to change her name.

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    1. Title: He Changed My NameAuthor: Unoma NwankworPublisher: KevStel PublicationsReviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: Five Review:"He Changed My Name" by Unoma NwankworMy ThoughtsI enjoy the read even though I thought the story started out a little slow however it did pick up where I found myself seating on the edge of my seat with a story that did caught my attention. Being a 'PK' kid myself I often wonder how these stories will turn out. Yes, this one is a Christian readAyanti's and Mensah's story. I [...]

    2. He Changed My NameI knew this story would be magnificent when I saw the title. I did not have to read the synopsis of the story to know I would purchase this book, the title alone captured me. Because I remembered a time when I ask God to change my name. I understood Ayanti and she needed to know that God would change her name from brokenness to wholeness, from unloved to loved and from unforgiven to forgiven. She needed to know that she did not have to earn God's love, because it is freely give [...]

    3. Good StorylineI love that the author kept the main thing the main thing - salvation in Jesus was the real love story. The human story came afterward in correct order. The play on words title is so appropriate. Good job.

    4. This was a good story about a couple who had so many obstacles blocking their relationship. A lot can happen when you communicate and keep God first in your relationship. I would have love to have more of the story about Matt. I didn't like Matt in this story. Overall this is a good read.

    5. This was my first book by this author and I really enjoyed it. It was a great story and I liked how the author did not let the main characters get what they wanted. This was a book on forgiveness, mercy and second chances. I look forward to reading more by this author.

    6. This is the 2nd book that I've read by this author. It was fantastic. In the beginning it moved slowly. But, I never wanted to put it down. While reading I was taken back to past times and situations where hypocrisies with the church stunted growth for many believers, (even me) where some have been in a hurry to get to the top that virtues and values have been compromised as well as money issues that may be pervasive in the church. Ayanti and Mensah would meet at God's appointed time and help on [...]

    7. Unoma Nwankwor continues to amaze me with yet another beautiful love story. In "He Changed my Name", there is a powerful example of God's Grace. Pop Star Ayanti "Yanni" must learn to trust God to order her steps after she experiences difficult times. Pastor Mensah, while dealing with his own problems, follows the unction of the Holy Spirit and directs Ayanti to the path that God has chosen for her. Ms. Nwankor effortlessly draws the reader in on this story of trust and love, forgiveness and unme [...]

    8. Another Winner!He Changed My Name is another gratifying story of love, forgiveness and redemption written by talented author Unoma Nwankwor. The heroine, Ayanti Effiong and the hero, Pastor Mensah Afortey are memorable characters as they each strengthen their love for each other while allowing God to direct their paths. Although the story is set in Atlanta, the author successfully punctuates the story with the African culture diaspora. The side characters (some with their own stories) are wonder [...]

    9. As always, Unoma Nwankwor delivers. A story that highlights the fact that as humans we are have our insecurities but what matters most is how we choose to get beyond our fears and any perceived limitations to attain our fullest potential. I appreciated how the vulnerabilities of the different characters was seamlessly woven into the fabric of the overall narrative. Well done!

    10. Great storyWhat a beautiful love story. Jesus loves us so much that he died so we might be free. His love for us is the greatest story but the love between the main characters is just a beautiful. This was a quick read.

    11. Great love storyI love love and when you can watch true love unfold in front of your eyes it's always beautiful. This story also shared that blessings flow and God's grace is always there for you, you have to open to it. This is a page turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Enjoy!

    12. Yanni and Mensha are on a path to love that neither of them know is coming. I really enjoyed their journey to love. Yanni has been duped by her boyfriend and is sentenced to do community service after she goes to jail for trying to hurt him as payback. Mensah is the pastor of a church and has also been hurt by someone he loved. Mensah really wants a wife, he knows what he wants in a wife and has asked God to send her to him. The author did a great job with these two characters in showing who as [...]

    13. He Changed My Name is a Beautiful Love Story about Redemption.The author was able to relay the message of redemption without coming off as being preachy. The scriptures that she used was on point with the storyline. The chemistry between Mensah and Ayanti was evident from the very beginning. I like that Mensah was a young handsome single Pastor who took his calling seriously. He knew that women in his congregation was willing but he did everything possible to avoid their advances and remained tr [...]

    14. He Changed My NameThe story of Mensah Afortey and Ayanti Effiong worlds colliding was the best love story. Two different worlds meet up and there are a lot of lessons learned. A story of love, forgiveness, betrayal and the grace of God. But in the end Mensah gets Ayanti's heart.I truly loved this story and very eager to read more from this author. I would definitely recommend this book to others. I enjoyed the music selections throughout the book.

    15. True Love Always WinsThis is my first book by Unoma Nwankwor and it won't be my last. This is the story of Ayanti and mensah. Ayanti is singer who after pulling a left eye is sentenced to jail and community service. Her community service is at mensah church. I don't want to give anything away but their love story is one for the record books. True love always wins but when you put God in the mix it's going to be epic

    16. A captivating love story! It was gratifying, believable, and uplifting. This book recounts the journey of Pop Star Ayanti to find Jesus Christ. It was on that journey too, that she met and fell in love with Pastor Mensah. This story pulls you in from the beginning to the end with its memorable, real-life situations and characters. I enjoyed the beautiful writing style of Author Unoma Nwanknor. Highly recommended! Grab your copy. Happy reading!

    17. Unoma never ceases to amaze me with her stories. The characters draw you into their lives. Ayanti and Mensah's relationship is electric from beginning to end. The message is clear. No matter what you've done, God's grace and mercy are sufficient. You can always go home.

    18. Great story! This is my first book by this author. I didn't know what to expect, but I was delighted with her writing style and cultural references. I really enjoyed it! I will be reading more.

    19. Excellent jobThis was one of the cutest love stories I've read to date. These characters will be memorable for a while.

    20. Awesome read!This storyline was everything and breaks down true meaning of when He changes your name. Great concept for a story!

    21. Loved the book!Loved this story of how God works through people. His grace exemplifies through those who believe even when they lose there way!

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