• Title: The Various Flavors of Coffee
  • Author: Anthony Capella
  • ISBN: 9780553807325
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
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    The Various Flavors of Coffee From the internationally bestselling author of The Wedding Officer comes a novel whose stunning blend of exotic adventure and erotic passion will intoxicate every reader who tastes of its remarkable d
    From the internationally bestselling author of The Wedding Officer comes a novel whose stunning blend of exotic adventure and erotic passion will intoxicate every reader who tastes of its remarkable delights When a woman gives a man coffee, it is a way of showing her desire Abyssinian proverb It was a cup of coffee that changed Robert Wallis s life and a cup of veFrom the internationally bestselling author of The Wedding Officer comes a novel whose stunning blend of exotic adventure and erotic passion will intoxicate every reader who tastes of its remarkable delights When a woman gives a man coffee, it is a way of showing her desire Abyssinian proverb It was a cup of coffee that changed Robert Wallis s life and a cup of very bad coffee at that The impoverished poet is sitting in a London coffeehouse contemplating an uncertain future when he meets Samuel Pinker The owner of Castle Coffee offers Wallace the very last thing a struggling young artiste in fin de si cle England could possibly want a job.But the job Wallis accepts employing his palate and talent for words to compose a vocabulary of coffee based on its many subtle and elusive flavors is only the beginning of an extraordinary adventure in which Wallis will experience the dizzying heights of desire and the excruciating pain of loss As Wallis finds himself falling hopelessly in love with his coworker, Pinker s spirited suffragette daughter Emily, both will discover that you cannot awaken one set of senses without affecting all the others.Their love is tested when Wallis is dispatched on a journey to North Africa in search of the legendary Arab mocca As he travels to coffee s fabled birthplace and learns the fiercely guarded secrets of the trade Wallis meets Fikre, the defiant, seductive slave of a powerful coffee merchant, who serves him in the traditional Abyssinian coffee ceremony And when Fikre dares to slip Wallis a single coffee bean, the mysteries of coffee and forbidden passion intermingle and combine to change history and fate.

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    1. Rating: 3.875* of fiveThe Publisher Says: From the internationally bestselling author of The Wedding Officer comes a novel whose stunning blend of exotic adventure and erotic passion will intoxicate every reader who tastes of its remarkable delights.When a woman gives a man coffee, it is a way of showing her desire.—Abyssinian proverbIt was a cup of coffee that changed Robert Wallis’s life—and a cup of very bad coffee at that. The impoverished poet is sitting in a London coffeehouse contem [...]

    2. This was an interesting book - a mix of love story, adventure, women's history and coffee growing text book. The first 100 pages are dry and I found myself wondering why this book had been so highly recommended at the library. Once the main character is sent on his African safari style adventure it picks up and becomes quite interesting. There are some graphic scenes in the section that covers one of the characters involvment with the militant women's rights movement (a step by step discription [...]

    3. "A well made cup of coffee is the proper beginning to an idle day. Its aroma is beguiling, its taste is sweet; yet it leaves behind only bitterness and regret. In that it resembles, surely, the pleasures of loveAlthough in this case, it seems to taste of nothing much except mud. With, perhaps, a faint aftertaste of rotten apricots."With these words Robert Wallis seals his fate. Not that it didn't need to be sealed. After having been expelled from Oxford (too much partying, no studying) and cut o [...]

    4. "Anggap mereka seperti pasukan tentaraSetiap resimen punya tempat asal, watak, tetapi setiap resimen terdiri atas individu-individu, pejuang-pejuang yang sudah melepas identitas pribadi mereka untuk menjadi satu kesatuanDan persis seperti pasukan tentara mengaktifkan kavaleri tergantung tugasnya, maka campuran bisa menyelamatkan kopi Brasil yang lembut dengan sejumput kopi Sumatra, atau menutupi kekurangan dari satu kelompok dengan sifat-sifat terbaik kelompok lain."Seperti halnya rempah-rempah, [...]

    5. Oh, man.At this tale's beginning, our hero, surveying himself from a distance of some years, warns us of his past self, "I doubt that you will like him very much: that is of no consequence, I do not like him very much myself. He is--well, you will see what he is."What he is is an insufferable (rabidly heterosexual) Oscar Wilde wannabe. These opening lines lead me to believe that our hero's character will probably follow an arc, and after experiencing Life, Love, and Distant Lands, he will acquir [...]

    6. The Various Flavors of Coffee: 2,5 estrellas.Robert Wallis es un joven inglés aspirante a escritor, arrogante y sin escrúpulos. Un día, mientras toma una versión muy mala de café, conoce a Samuel Pinker, un importante empresario y dueño de una de las cadenas de café más grandes. Ellos mantienen una breve conversación, a partir de la que el hombre decide ofrecerle un trabajo. A pesar de que Robert no tenía intención alguna en dedicarse a otra cosa que no sea su vocación, admite que el [...]

    7. A fascinating fictional account about creating the language to describe coffee. The passages describing how coffee tastes, how each type of coffee tastes and feels, those passages are lovely to read. The story itself isn't so fabulous for the first 3/4 of the book. The protagonist is a self-centered shallow twit and about the hundredth time we've been treated to the same sort of description of just what a self-centered shallow twit he is, I had to re-read the reviews to see if I wanted to keep r [...]

    8. Не очаквах такъв край на тази история.Прекалено е разводнена книгата. Някак не можа да прикове вниманието ми и да бъде прочетена на един дъх , както много други. Може би чак в последните страници, където рязко стана много сериозна.Вероятно съм станала много нетърпелива и не [...]

    9. Aku bukan penggemar kopi. Bukan karena tidak suka, tapi lebih ke masalah kesehatan. Minum kopi bisa membuat perutku mual dan berkeringat dingin. Mungkin karena kandungan kafein di dalamnya yang memacu detak jantung lebih cepat dan juga memacu asam lambung untuk berproduksi sehingga hanya kembung yang kurasakan ketika memaksakan diri menenggak segelas kopi yang berbau harum untuk memaksa mata tetap melotot ketika lelah.Sialnya, aku mencintai aroma kopi.Lalu kusadari, masalahku dengan kopi ini han [...]

    10. This book's plot was a pleasant surprise. I expected a romance, but not politics. I really cannot fathom that absolute disrespect and utter violence that occurred during the British suffrage movement. why was it so inconceivable to give women the vote??? The hunger strikes, the prison terms, the beatings-all to have political voice. Also the way the flavor of my coffee hits my tongue will never be the same. I drink it differently now. I roll it around, check for notes just like a wine.

    11. Pertama kali melihat buku ini di toku buku, saya langsung tertarik dan ingin memilikinya. Saya jadi impulsif gara-gara ada kata kopi pada judulnya. Sebagai penikmat kopi (meskipun lebih sering minum kopi instan), saya merasa wajib membaca novel yang satu ini. Dan ketika saya membuka halaman pertama, saya tahu membaca buku ini seperti menikmati secangkir kopi. Sesapi rasanya perlahan-lahan, rasakan kepahitan, manis, legit, dan aroma kopi memenuhi pikiranmu. Dan ketika halaman terakhir ditutup, ad [...]

    12. I was a fan of Anthony Capella's The Wedding Officer and when I found this book in bookstore, I grabbed it right away. The synopsis seemed so exciting. Not a coffee lover myself, I thought this book would turn me into a coffee lover.I still don't like coffee after reading this book.I don't know why, I feel like he was trying to tell a lot in just some hundreds pages. I found some unimportant scenes that has no relation at all with the whole idea of the book. I forced myself to finish this book a [...]

    13. I just cannot finish this book (have read about 125 pages). It is your classic bad--as in cheesy and affected--historical romance. Tries too hard to be shocking and sensual, and ends up being sadly comic. I could look past this if I wanted an easy fun read, but I don't even like the characters enough to continue at this point

    14. Este livro foi uma boa surpresa, confesso que foi com uma certa reserva que o comecei a ler, o último livro do autor, Rainha dos Gelados foi uma leitura que não me convenceu, mas este revelou-se uma leitura muito interessante.Conhecemos Robert Wallis, um poeta a quem é encarregue de encontrar as palavras certas para os vários sabores do café. E assim Robert embarca numa viagem que ira mudar a sua vida radicalmente, passando pelo inicio da industria do café, desde a sua plantação, comerci [...]

    15. A 3.75. This book is a perfect example of "judging a book by its cover" or the first 1/3 of the book. The book "appears " to be a historical romance. But it includes a muddle of subject matter. It is starts in the late 1800's in London. It is told be the protagonist , as he remembers his youth. He is a dandy who thinks he is the next great poet. But he has a lot to learn about love, the coffee business , politics, traveling and starting a coffee plantation!The author seems bent on providing ever [...]

    16. Esta foi uma leitura deveras interessante de um livro que, surpreendida, li com entusiasmo e vício.Atrever-me-ei, até, a dizer que poderá suscitar os mesmos sentimentos a muitos potenciais leitores, pois a narrativa gira à volta de uma bebida apreciada por muitos portugueses!Passo a explicar.“Os vários sabores da vida” é, sobretudo, a história de uma viagem pelo mundo dos aromas do café, desde as plantações até à indústria e à comercialização em grande escala, com os novos ru [...]

    17. Historical FictionLondon, 1895Robert Wallis leaves Oxford under less than honorable circumstances. He fancies himself a poet or writer, but isn't actually talented or motivated. To support himself, he finds employment with a coffee merchant -- tasting various coffees and finding the precise words to systematically categorize the various blends.Robert is sent on a five year journey to the coffee producing areas of the world (Africa, the Middle East) to establish plantations. This part of the book [...]

    18. I have never ever in my life tasted any single drop of coffee, thus I was completely trapped in a certain state of confusion when the book said a coffee could taste like "mud," "apricot," or even "sex," and "lovemaking"—sounds more like pussy to me, but I bet most girls will prefer their pussy tastes like roses or jasmines or anything else instead of coffee. Fortunately, there is more about this book than just coffee—there are surely a lot of other things on this book, actually, and of cours [...]

    19. This is a novel that would not normally find its way onto my rather narrow reading list of late is proof that an interesting covera unique title and a fascinating teaser can be effective in drawing readersThis is a book that has many distinct facets and though unrequited love might be the primary underlying theme of the story is by no means the only one. Set in turn of the century Victorian England, it explores the relationship between aspiring poet Robert Wallis and two very different women who [...]

    20. Decidi ler este livro pois precisava de um leitura leve para sair da reading slump em que me encontrava. E acertei.Esta história tem como cenário Londres, em 1896. O autor, Anthony Capella conta-nos a história de Robert Wallis, um boémio e aspirante a poeta, que aceita a proposta de um comerciante de café para compor "vocabulário de cafés" que capte os mais variados sabores. Robert apaixona-se pela filha do mercador, Emily. No entanto, contra a sua vontade, Robert é enviado para África [...]

    21. I had read another book by Capella, The Food of Love, and I loved that book, which was why I bought this one. I had high hopes for this, considering it has the word "coffee" in its title :). And it wasn't disappointing, but it definitely was a lot different from The Food of Love. It had an overall darker tone to the plot and the main character, Robert, fell victim to a series of unfortunate events. So, in that respect, it was a much sadder book, but it was also very interesting. Robert lived in [...]

    22. This is an entertaining book; it is a quick read despite its length. The main character is not immediately sympathetic, but as he learns about himself and those around him, we watch him grow. Much of this book takes place toward the end of the Victorian era in London, and the book -- descriptions, quotes, and lore -- are steeped in coffee. The book is shot through with politics: of gender, of commerce, or economics, and theology. The author has a healthy appreciation of what it means to engage a [...]

    23. If I could have given this book 3 and a half stars I would have. Not sure it deserved four but I feel generous. It was beautifully written and interesting. I didn't like the main character, but I think that was the point, he was supposed to be flawed. I enjoyed the suffergette information and particularly the economy of the coffee trade. Actually, I suppose based on that it did deserve 4 stars, despite the weak African adventure and convenient love match at the end. I am glad I read it as I woul [...]

    24. Wow. Diese Mischung aus Dandy-Roman, Abenteuergeschichte, Sufragettenhistorie, Wirtschaftskrimi mit erotischen und humorvollen Elementen ist genau das, was ich mir unter einer richtig gut erzählten richtig guten Geschichte vorstelle. Immer wieder überrascht der Autor mit interessanten Wendungen, stets begleitet von sinnlichen Kaffee-Beschreibungen und serviert uns somit mit diesem Roman einen ganz besonderen "Blend".

    25. I've read this book during the summer 2009 and loved it!A. Capella it's a master in writting about the five senses. We can really taste and smell the coffee while we are reading his words on white paper.I recomend this book to every one.Even if you don't like coffee, you surely will love A. Capella.

    26. One of the most enjoyable books I've read, but that may be because so many issues and topics in this amazing turn-of-the-20th-century novel are totally in alignment with my personal interests: coffee, colonialism, feminism.

    27. Liked it more than I thought I would by the end, but I can't grade higher than 3.5/5 given how objectionable the main character was.

    28. This is another of those books that is probably unfair of me to rate because I would not have picked it up for myself. A friend of my mom's bought it for her because my mom likes coffee, and my mom passed it on to me because I also like coffee.On the surface, this is a work of historical fiction about a man who finds himself employed in the coffee distribution business, and it addresses British colonialism and the free market, touches briefly on slavery, and ends by focusing on the women's movem [...]

    29. Di questo libro ho apprezzato soprattutto l'evoluzione. Evoluzione degli eventi, dei personaggi. È palese, ma anche credibile e gradevole, il modo in cui Robert ed Emily evolvono: lo fanno riuscendo a tirarsi via di dosso l'uno lo stereotipo del dandy dagli scarsi contenuti, l'altra quello della ragazza perbene moderatamente idealista. Robert cresce, ma lo fa mantenendo alcune debolezze e la conclusione non fa che confermare quanto poco scontata sia stata la scelta dell'autore; il personaggio e [...]

    30. THE VARIOUS FLAVOURS OF COFFEE by Anthony Capella reviewed by Sergiu Pobereznic (author) amazon/author/sergiupobereznicExcerpt:"A well made cup of coffee is the proper beginning to an idle day. Its aroma is beguiling, its taste is sweet; yet it leaves behind only bitterness and regret. In that it resembles, surely, the pleasures of love Although in this case, it seems to taste of nothing much except mud. With, perhaps, a faint after-taste of rotten apricots."The above statement was the point in [...]

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