• Title: Cousins In Love
  • Author: Lisa Lang Blakeney
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cousins In Love They all think that I m a phase A fetish A temporary fixture But I love my cousin Elizabeth and there isn t sh t anyone can do to change or destroy that even her Being hopelessly in love with tatted
    They all think that I m a phase A fetish A temporary fixture But I love my cousin Elizabeth, and there isn t sh t anyone can do to change or destroy that even her Being hopelessly in love with tatted, sexy, bad boy, Roman Masterson can be exactly what one would imagine Intense Passionate Consuming Dangerous After fighting so hard to be together, there still contThey all think that I m a phase A fetish A temporary fixture But I love my cousin Elizabeth, and there isn t sh t anyone can do to change or destroy that even her Being hopelessly in love with tatted, sexy, bad boy, Roman Masterson can be exactly what one would imagine Intense Passionate Consuming Dangerous After fighting so hard to be together, there still continues to be forces working against them Yet the most difficult obstacles seem to be the ones that come from within Author s Note Cousins In Love is a reader requested continuation of Roman Elizabeth s story It would be best enjoyed after reading both Cousins 1 and 2 of the Cousins Series HEA No cliffhanger Available exclusively on and Kindle Unlimited Genre New Adult Contemporary Romance Book 3 Series POV Dual Point Of View Content Warning Contains adult themes, explicit love scenes, and harsh language It is only appropriate for adult readers age 18 Disclaimer All characters in the book are 18 years of age, non blood related, and all sexual acts are consensual.

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    1. Review for Cousins in Love by Lisa Lang BlakeneyYes. Yes. Yes.Masterson is back and he's ready to dominate his Elizabeth until she submits to his every whimo bad she's headstrong and really good at making bad choices. This one has so much push and pull, the first two were filled with angsty romance and the push and pull was the if we should be together or not this is more about if they can stay together long-term. They love each other like crazy, but at the same time they are both hardheaded an [...]

    2. All I can say is wow, Lisa has pulled me in once again with her writing and this story.The chemistry between Elizabeth and Roman continues to be off the charts hot. The dominance that Roman has is very exciting. Sex is a very powerful weapon. The story pulls you in right from the start. There are lots of tests for these two, Family not supporting their relationship, a flirty employee (Blake), Romans intense jealousy, secrets, and twists (oh my). You can't ask for much more in this great read. Th [...]

    3. I just can't stand to read a book and the characters do no know how to communicate. And caused just unnecessary drama Roman needed some type of help and even with that being said I liked him a whole lot more than Elizabeth. I didn't like her, Jade and Sloan not even a little bit.

    4. Loved this seriesLoved all three of these books. The ending was perfect for Roman and Elizabeth. I'm so glad the King brothers are getting books. Hoping Sloan ends up with Cutter :)

    5. Awesome series!Romantic, funny and hot. Lisa is a genius with dialogue. This book will have you laughing and panting simultaneously. Well written and without distracting and annoying editing errors.

    6. Beautiful epic love story Oh the twisty hotness that this author provides is amazing! I have a special place for Roman Masterson in my book boyfriend heart.

    7. This was one pretty dang hot and erotically kinky book! Also, totally worth reading every juicy page.I read right on through this series to the very end and was craving more, more, more! Roman is a pretty damn hot and naughty, dominating male. Even though Roman and Elizabeth have and deep attraction to one another,  they unfortunately find out they and noreferrer Steps Cousins. If gets to the point wear they start to not care one bit because their souls scream for each other.There are some ext [...]

    8. The more I craved the more into the story I became I just couldn't help myself. I F'loved it!!! I'm mostly excited to see if more is to come out of this series. This is a MUST READ 2 person POV, get ready to hold on and not let go till the end; it's just that damn great!!! This is so worth 5 stars and then some. Wow, every single time I'm amazed. Just when I didn't think Lisa was going to blow my mind she did and very well over and over again, her writing is one of the most amazing things I've e [...]

    9. MmmmmmmMs. Lisa Lang Blakeney ~ you make me want to look up my "cousins"! You are a gifted writer considering that this is your first series and technically Cousins-Book 1 was your first book. Roman and Elizabeth are cousins by marriage, but they don't know that in the beginning. When the chemistry is HOT, IT'S HOT!!! Sometimes when there are three books in a continuous storyline you can skip book 2DON'T. This entire series was well worth breaking my .99¢ rule on my limit to spend on e-books. G [...]

    10. I’m so excited with what else to come from this amazing author. The writing is rich and intelligent, and the characters are well developed without being overdone. I have been waiting and waiting for this one! Oh my God!! I fell in love with Roman and Elizabeth in book 1 and 2 but this one takes the relationship to another height with outsiders sticking their noses in the couple business. The author reveal so much jealous from friends and a slight obsession from an employee (Blake). This couple [...]

    11. Oh wow what strong emotions Roman and Elizabeth even when her new employee Blake you can see is WANTING her and is doing that underlying chipping by encouraging Elizabeth to meet up with her abusive ex Ethan who messages her AFTER she heard her attacker's voice even she was out with Sloan but what Elizabeth does is keep it to herself WITHOUT telling Roman about it as she knows what he'll do & she didn't want to be responsible but oh what a bad mistake ESPECIALLY when it comes down to them NO [...]

    12. Oh man, I just found out there was a book 3! I snatched this bad boy up and got on it immediately! I loved this conclusion and I absolutely love Roman. He's an alpha bad-boy you just have to love ;) He knows just the right way to put Elizabeth in her place ;)~

    13. I think maybe this was my favorite book of this series. There was a lot of underlying tension between these two that seemed to bubble up and over like a volcano. The hot sex, the emotions, their physical and emotional pull they have to each other was phenomenal. So much happens in this book that you wonder how their relationship will fair in the end. It seems as if more issues arise that try to pull them apart and I was glued to the pages waiting to see what happens next. I can't wait to see wha [...]

    14. Love ever afterWhat happens after? After one falls in love? After they can admit to themselves love is what it is they are experiencing. Cousin Book 3 answers that question. The danger lurking in the background finally comes to the forefront. But watch how Roman and Elizabeth face their challenges. More alpha sex and Roman trying romance out. Loved this trilogy and am looking forward to more of the gang and their stories.

    15. Hot, Hot, Hot!I love this series. I love reading about these two cousins. They are perfect together and Bitsy gets herself into more trouble this time around. I laughed so hard and then my heart also beat fast for these two. Give it a try and see what you think. You won't be sorry that you did.

    16. book one was free and I enjoyed it so much I went on and bought 2 and 3. Two characters that are cousins thru marriage only feel like they should hide their relationship because of family issues between their dads. They finally come clean and work their way thru the backlash and find their happiness outweighs the possiblily of not having each other. Enjoyed all three books.

    17. Cousins in loveWell Roman mastermind is no joke I loovvee him miss Elizabeth though was very disappointing keeping secrets and listening to glamzon and getting friendly with her employee Tele him what she won't tell Roman she mastermind made. Everyone should read that bookank you Mrs.blakeney you never disappointing us

    18. This was awesome. I was a little freaked out at first. But it worked. They fell in love. He is a little over the top with his Dominance and she just got on my nerves some of the time. The writing was great. I laughed at lot and said aww with the book. I will definitely read something else by Blakeney.

    19. Loved itI have read all three books by Ms. Blakeney. She is a very talented writer. The plots are well developed paced with just the right amount of angst, sexual tension and the characters have a strong chemistry that keeps the book interesting through out. I will read this series over and over again. Highly recommend!!!

    20. BrilliantI'm so gutted I have finished these books they were amazing I love all of them I loved the characters and their life's I so hope you will follow them with more books please please write more x

    21. Loved another book with this coupleElizabeth got on my nerves a little bit and I wish we could of had a little more conversation at the end with them to maybe help with their issues but overall I loved this one

    22. excellent dam read babe. I loved every minute of it. I started it today and finished it today lol. you write excellent books love keep up the Dam great work can't wait for more

    23. I loved this series, I couldn't put it down. OMG the chemistry between Elizabeth and Roman was HOT!!!!!

    24. Loved itCouldn't put it down.Great storyline and loved the characters. If you are looking for a light fun story I would recommend.

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