• Title: The Archbishop's Amulet
  • Author: Watson Davis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Archbishop s Amulet Caldane was once in training to be a shaman for his clan but now he s a slave of the Nayen empire trapped in a monastery his magic being drained away by horrific human sacrifices With the rest of hi
    Caldane was once in training to be a shaman for his clan but now he s a slave of the Nayen empire, trapped in a monastery, his magic being drained away by horrific human sacrifices With the rest of his clan murdered by the giantess, General Silverhewer, and her army of orcs and humans, Caldane dreams of freedom and the return to the northern wastes of his childhood.When aCaldane was once in training to be a shaman for his clan but now he s a slave of the Nayen empire, trapped in a monastery, his magic being drained away by horrific human sacrifices With the rest of his clan murdered by the giantess, General Silverhewer, and her army of orcs and humans, Caldane dreams of freedom and the return to the northern wastes of his childhood.When a new batch of sacrifices are brought in, he seizes his chance for escape but during his recapture, he learns one of his clan still lives His mother is a slave in Silverhewer s fortress in Windhaven.Nothing will stop him from saving her, not even if he has to release Hell and all its devils and demons.

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    1. I loved this book. Ostensibly, it is about the journey of Caldane--the last of his kind, and a magi whose life as a slave has been spared because of his ability to endure brutal sacrifices while unwittingly lending his magical abilities to the ruling power's sinister rituals. His well-planned escape is complicated by his compassion. Instead of escaping to safety alone (an outcome that is well within his reach), he burdens himself with helping a small group of other slaves as eager as he is to su [...]

    2. So this was a struggle of joy for me. Boiled down dramatically, the story basically follows Caldane and a few others as they escape slavery and flee.The world we’re introduced to is a dark one. The book starts out with Caldane cleaning up the gore left behind from one of the human sacrifice rituals performed at the monastery where he’s enslaved. There’s some wicked magic happening in this world. Matter of fact, there’s all kinds of magic, some dark, some not. I loved it all. I rather lik [...]

    3. The book follows the adventure story of Caldane. An amazingly vivid and somewhat frightening, fantasy story that sucked me right into the narrative. Davis creates fantastically gory, visual worlds which make you almost believe that you are right there with Caldane as he battles to save himself. The world is seen through Caldane's eyes, which makes it all the more poignant and I really invested in the characters. Wonderfully written story that I enjoyed right up until the end.Davis has made me a [...]

    4. The Archbishop's Amulet (The Windhaven Chronicles) is an ok book to read. I found the first 50% of the book enjoyable and at a moderate pace. After that, the pace kinda slowed down even more for my own tastes. The storyline is good but it could have been better.

    5. Dark Fantasy has been a long time favorite genre of mine to read. I actually started reading this genre around 2000. I had picked up Daughter of The Blood by Anne Bishop at Barnes and Nobles, thinking it was regular fantasy and ended up getting hooked. While I have expanded my view, greatly, on reading different genres, dark fantasy is and always will be one of my favorites to read.The Archbishop’s Amulet is another great book written by Watson Davis. Told several generations after The Devil [...]

    6. The Archbishop’s Amulet is an epic adventure tale in the genre of dark fantasy, filled with strange beings and replete with all nature of spells, counter-spells and magic in e-book format by Watson Davis.Plot: The world consists of numerous tribes all gradually being brought under the aegis of the Nayen Empire. The Empress is an all-powerful, suppressive, cruel and ruthless ruler whose underlings are of the same ilk. The protagonist, Caldane, a former student of Eddard the Shaman of the Bright [...]

    7. This is a tale of escaped slaves, magic, soldier, orcs, shamans, and demons. It started off strongly, creatively introducing many of the main players and their initial relationships by progressing through the pecking order from the lowliest slave, through their overseers, their masters, generals, and archbishop, and then taking the story slowly back down to the slave, Caldane. Our understanding of the world gradually evolved as the book progressed, and we learnt more of the magic system. There w [...]

    8. It took me a little while to get into his book, but I'm glad that I persevered. It is a strange mixture of both western and eastern influences. Windhaven is under the thrall of an evil empire that has come from another dimension. All are slaves of the Empress. Caldane is an Onei of the Brightfox tribe, of northern nomads. His tribe has been decimated and he is now a captive slave. Mercenary orcs and other creatures are fighting the original inhabitants of the world for dominance. He is being use [...]

    9. I recently read a novella by Watson Davis and loved it. So when I got a chance to review a full novel of his I was really excited. At first I loved it, super fast paced with a battle right off. I was thinking of being thrown into a full throated action novel, like how I was in his novella. I was and stayed that way for a long time. Too long.A lot of things that work nicely in novellas don't work so well in the much longer novel form. Davis weaves the description and action together in long compl [...]

    10. I received a free copy of The Archbishop's Amulet and this is my honest review.The Archbishop's Amulet was an interesting read. I didn’t know what to expect when I began reading this book. Although I’m a lover of fantasy, I’ve always been a huge fan of light fantasy novels and never ventured to the darker side of this genre. Until now. I’m pleased I read outside of my usual genre because I enjoyed it. The Archbishop's Amulet follows an epic adventure of Caldane as he flees slavery. The f [...]

    11. 3.5 StarsI gotta say that I struggled to get into the book, but I am glad that I kept on reading. Following the adventures of Caldane and his fellow slaves that escape, we watch as they battle for the freedom and encounter issues with an open mind and ready to fight heart. The characters were fairly developed, and I had a good picture in mind as to who they were and the setting they were in. I’d love to have seen a little more development into why they did what they were doing, but for the mos [...]

    12. If you're looking for a YA fantasy that softens the blows, look elsewhere. While this never dips it horror or outright adult themes it doesn't shy away from the bad things that would happen in a world where dark magic rules everything. This is a fast paced run through a well defined fantasy universe where whole cultures are subverted by the power of the Empress who rules under the control of dark magic. A secret not well known outside of her power base, but those that fight against that power kn [...]

    13. Complicated but completely engrossing, The Archbishop's Amulet has the spark of originality to make it a true page turner. I loved the individuality of the characters - whether good or evil, major or minor they landed within scenes with a splash. I can't say enough about how this skill turns characters into memorable, flesh and blood people. This factor pulled me into the story and held me there when the gorefest would have otherwise given me pause. I could never resist interesting, well-crafted [...]

    14. What a good fantasy book. It starts out a bit gory and just gets better after every chapter. Not nasty just gory due to sacrifices and war. There were good battle scenes. Although set in the authors world, it could be read as a stand alone. I found myself rooting for Caldane and wanting to slap his fellow prisoners/escapees. Considered a dark story, I found a few spots did make me laugh and groan. Well written and good character development for some in the story. My honest review is - I thought [...]

    15. Perhaps The Worst Book I've Read least recently. It didn't have to be that way. It was more of a pornography thriller than a mystery thriller. It should carry a warning to keep it out of the hands of children. Did the author miss any vulgar or filthy language? None that I know of.

    16. WOW this book is absolutely amazing it is fast paced and full of action with some gore it definitely took me by surprise, The characters were well written and the story just flowed over the pages I can see myself re-reading this again as it is well worth the time I would highly recommend this book.

    17. Watson Davis starts this enchanting novel with Caldane helping his father conduct business with traders for basic supplies. Months, or years, later Caldane is a slave in the monastery. He job is cleaning up body parts of those whose lives were ripped apart for their essences, or bits of magic they may possess.It is best not to know the other slaves, or even look at them. Young Rucker was given to the priests to train by an abbess who did not know most of the children were used as sacrifices. Thr [...]

    18. I enjoy epic fantasy when it is well-told. This novel has characters you care about, magic, giants, it's about growing up and being different, it's about oppression and overcoming the limits you are born into or are trapped in such as slavery. I loved the short stories of Loathsome Tales that was released before this story. I wanted more of the same and I was not disappointed with this story. Epic Adventure against great odds, definitely recommend and waiting for the next adventure in this world [...]

    19. The Archbishop’s Amulet by imaginative author, Watson Davis, is a riveting adventure in the dark fantasy genre, somewhat reminiscent of the television fantasy drama, The Game of Thrones.Caldane, an Onei from the tribe Brightfoxes, is a slave at the monastery headed by the maniacal Archbishop Diyune. Thanks to his former role as pupil of Shaman Eddard of his tribe, Caldane has managed to survive the horrific ritualistic sacrificing that has befallen slaves, magic users and enemies of the empire [...]

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