• Title: Breathing Under Water
  • Author: Sophie Hardcastle
  • ISBN: 9780733634857
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback
  • Breathing Under Water Nineteen minutes and eleven seconds separated us at birth On the official documentation he is older Although it really has nothing to do with age What it really means is that I am and have always be
    Nineteen minutes and eleven seconds separated us at birth On the official documentation, he is older Although it really has nothing to do with age What it really means is that I am, and have always been, second.Ben and Grace Walker are twins Growing up in a sleepy coastal town it was inevitable they d surf Always close, they hung out than most brothers and Nineteen minutes and eleven seconds separated us at birth On the official documentation, he is older Although it really has nothing to do with age What it really means is that I am, and have always been, second.Ben and Grace Walker are twins Growing up in a sleepy coastal town it was inevitable they d surf Always close, they hung out than most brothers and sisters, surfing together for hours as the sun melted into the sea At seventeen, Ben is a rising surf star, the golden son and the boy all the girls fall in love with Beside him, Grace feels like she is a mere reflection of his light In their last year of school, the world beckons, full of possibility For Grace, finishing exams and kissing Harley Matthews is just the beginning.Then, one day, the unthinkable The sun sets at noon and suddenly everything that was safe and predictable is lost And everything unravels.Breathing Under Water is a lyrical and emotionally powerful novel about life, death and learning to breathe in between.

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    1. This was a conglomeration of confusion for me. Which is saaaaad because I generally look forward to Aussie YA. It feels homey! What with all the Aussie slang, beaches, lazy weather, and general Australian attitudes. But this?? Wut even was this, mate.I shall list my main problems, BECAUSE LISTS MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND.• It ticked me off right at the beginning when Gracie is whinging about her lack of boobs and butt and twice she makes reference to boys grabbing girls buts and wolf-whistling at [...]

    2. Breathing Under Water was immaculate. An emotional journey of teen grief, familial despair and those left behind. Grace has always lived within twin Ben's shadow, content in the role of Ben's sister, while Ben is on the verge of a professional surfing career. Ben and Grace share a tender and loving sibling connection and although Ben is popular and free spirited, he ensures Grace is never left behind. But the time has come for Grace to forge her own path into the world and when Harley Matthews r [...]

    3. Sophie Hardcastle is a young author to watch. In this, her debut novel, she has been compared to John Green and other YA heavy-hitters, but I think she has written this novel with a level of authenticity that completely outshines them. Her characters talk, think and act like the 17/18 year olds that they are meant to be. It's very refreshing. She also writes beautifully. And although this is an Australian story it has an international feel, which I think should successfully translate to other ma [...]

    4. Ben and Grace are close, they share everything, a love of surfing, their friends with most of their time being spent together. Ben is the sun and Grace is the moon, Ben is the light and Grace the shadow. Through the book you meet their parents and close friends, another major character for me is the surf itself, it is a beautiful, intense and looming character through the book.From the blurb you know something is going to happen that there will be some trauma, I got to about 30% of the way throu [...]

    5. actual rating: 4.5this book was another surprise for me it was sad, beautiful and emotionally powerful i have a found new love for this book and its becoming one of my best books of 2016. I feel broken and sadden after reading this book but the author did her job very well. Things at the beginning of the story are peaceful and a picture perfect life for the walker family and those around them until a tragic events strikes them and all of there lives are changed forever. Grace becomes lost, her d [...]

    6. This book is beautifully written, the surfing scenes give the great Tim Winton a run for his money, gorgeous and evocative. The grief is so exquisitely written, Ben and Gracie had become important to me, and then, the disaster happened. This author has nailed the way that teenagers behave after a terrible death, the risk taking, the loneliness, the isolation. This is beautiful and lovely book. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author.I'm imagining that some people will have real issu [...]

    7. What an emotional roller coaster!I feel a little bit broken after reading Breathing Under Water. It was so gut wrenching, so heart wrenching. I found it a hard to breathe while reading this book, so intertwined had I become with the main characters Grace and Ben and the huge life changing event they have to go through. From the first pages I was drawn in and could hardly put this one down. All the characters leapt off the page and sunk under my skin, making me care deeply for them. And although [...]

    8. This review appears on Happy Indulgence. Check it out for more reviews.Thanks to Hachette Australia for providing a review copy of the book.Breathing Under Water is an Aussie debut YA novel about tragedy and dealing with grief. I really enjoyed the first third of the book and the ending but the middle section left me feeling cold and I was unable to connect with the story or the main character.The novel begins with a glimpse into our main character, Grace’s, life with her twin brother and thei [...]

    9. Breathing Under Water is Sophie Hardcastle's debut novel, set in the fictional coastal town of Marlow. Seventeen year old twins, Grace and Ben live with their parents, a high school teacher and a surfboard maker. Both love to surf and while there's no doubt that Ben will go pro, Grace always feels stuck in his shadow, always second best.This is a beautifully written book, but it did take me a while to warm to it. Grace is quite a passive character. She allows events to happen around her, she con [...]

    10. Breathing underwaterGrace the protagonist of this book is a teenage girl living in a very ‘sleepy’ coastal area. The sea is very inviting to her and she has always loved the ocean and surfing. Her twin brother Ben is a professional surfer and is known around the area. Surfed together till the sun had set under the sea and the moon had risen. The twins are in their last year of school and the possibilities are endless.Grace and her family have a street named after them. Their dad is a surf co [...]

    11. this just didn’t hit the mark for me. while i enjoyed the writing style, i didn’t like the characters and, due to the lack of plot, didn’t enjoy the book. it felt messy and confusing at times, and i didn’t always agree with the characters’ actions.

    12. I received a lovely ARC of this book from Hachette Australia, and got stuck into it this week.Grace and Ben Walker are twins. They live on the coast and are very close. The twins also love the ocean. Both of them are great surfers, but Ben is so good he's got sponsors and wins competitions. Grace has always lived in his shadow, coasted while he shone like a star.When the new boy in school catches her eye, she can't believe someone isn't blinded by Ben's charisma and sees more in her than a small [...]

    13. "Breathing Under Water" is a beautifully written, lyrically told tale that takes a tragic and heartbreaking turn. The language is rich and poetic, immersing the reader until they too, drown in the story. I was with Grace as she began her dark, downward spiral, dealing with her grief in a manner that was both destructive to her and the relationships and lives of those she cared for. I was her conscience, wishing she would see what she was doing to herself, wishing that someone would step in and s [...]

    14. Sophie Hardcastle’s debut YA contemporary novel is both beautifully written and compelling. It’s definitely one of my top picks for the year!“I stroke up to the line-up, weak with jelly limbs, sit up on my board and wipe matted hair from my skin. My feet dangle from my board, swaying with the gentle currents. Tonight a crescent moon rests on dark water.”The story begins centred on Grace and Ben, twins who love to surf; though Grace seems to be obscured by her brother’s success. Their r [...]

    15. Seriously, this book made me feel. I've been so busy over the last week that I haven't really had a chance to properly sit down and read this in one go, which is what I think you should do. I made the mistake of reading it slowly, mostly over the last three nights, and have gone to bed each night with tears seeping out of my closed eyelids. I was an emotional wreck through that whole second half basically. I almost dreaded picking it up each evening because I knew I was going to start crying at [...]

    16. This book hit me right in the feels! I don't know if it's because I have a twin, or because I've been so focussed on uni work that I found it really easy to get completely absorbed by the story, or because I haven't got super emotional about a book in a while, but I was a wreck for at least the last quarter of this book. Even though some plot points or characters annoyed me, and sometimes the writing was a bit flowery, I still really enjoyed this story because it felt so authentic. I read Sophie [...]

    17. I absolutely fell under the spell of this Australian book, about a set of twins who live in a small coastal town. The author weaves a spell of the Australian summer on the beach, coupled with family and tragedy that you get slowly immersed in, like sliding beneath a wave on a hot summers day. I could smell the saltwater, frangipani and coconut oil. Feel the sun and that coastal wind, the kind that flicks sand into your face as you lay in the shade listening to the waves pound on the sand. Then i [...]

    18. I received a copy of Breathing Under Water from Hachette New Zealand in exchange for an honest review.When I read the publicity release of this book it said that fans of John Green and Rainbow Rowell would love this book. That’s not the only reason I requested it because I’ve only really liked The Fault in Our Stars and two of Rainbow Rowell’s books. I haven’t read all of their books though. But it did give me an idea if I’d like this book and I did.Grace’s world is torn apart when s [...]

    19. 5 beautiful starsNothing I will write can do this book justice. Immediately after finishing this book there were tears streaming down my face. Amazing Ben! A true beacon of light. A caring and protective brother. A character you wish existed in real life for he would be a pleasure to meet. Always having fun and not letting anything define him.Grace Walker. I connected with her from the first page. I felt like she was a real person and not fictional. Grace’s grief was painful and raw. Hard to i [...]

    20. 4.5/5My heart! I don't think I have the right words to express all that I feel for this book. It was beautiful, unsurprisingly, written by such a gorgeous soul. I absolutely loved listening to her speak at the Hachette YA Book Event in ?2015, adored her honesty and writing style in her memoir 'Running Like China' and therefore had no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't also fall for this, her debut novel. I felt so connected to the characters. My opinion and relationship with Grace was tumultuous-- [...]

    21. I listened to this on audio book.Breathing Under Water is such a hard book for me to rate at the moment. It was definitely an emotional rollercoaster. It is beautifully written and had some really great scenes. I'm not sure how much of this I can write without spoilers mmm I put in a spoiler just in case. (view spoiler)[ I didn't realise that I was signing in for book that dealt with so much grief. It would have been okay except that the grief was dealt with through drugs, alcohol and parties. Q [...]

    22. 10pm - 'I'll just kick start by reading a few chapters then sleep'11pm - 'I'm almost at the 100 pages mark, just a few more'1:45am - FINISHED!!6:30am - 'Wake up, Mummy!!'Wow, I just couldn't decide what I feel about Ben! Sad that he died, of course, and I felt all the pain his loved ones felt but since I've expected it (see book blurb) and the way Grace seems nearly invisible in his brightness; I felt conflicted in that it's better for her to stand on her own and learn to show others how bright [...]

    23. Breathing under water was absoloutely incredible. From it's breath taking cover to it's final page, it tore at my heart and refused to let go. From page one I knew that this novel was going to be brilliant. It's about Grace and Ben Walker, two twins who are joined together not just by the date of their birth but also by their emotions and love for all things in the ocean. Tragedy strikes Grace's family, which throws her into a downward spiral that causes her to lose her own sense of self and she [...]

    24. Breathing Under Water is a complex, dark read that offers powerful emotions. Its use of the surf to symbolise all that's both right and wrong in Grace's world is astonishing. It's clear that Sophie Hardcastle is herself a very good surfer. It all felt very real.The sadness that grips this story and sends Grace on a dark and deep downwards trajectory is very powerful. I felt every minute of Grace's despair. I doubted she would be able to pull herself out. It all felt very real.The ending was also [...]

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